The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


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Chelsea is home to a plethora of stunning restaurants that combine elegant and sophisticated design with some of the finest and most diverse cuisine in London. Capital A List will outline ten of the best restaurants in Chelsea with each delivering unique and inspiring dining experiences.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Winner of the 2018 Kensington and Chelsea business awards, this still criminally underrated bolthole is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — and has the plaque to prove it.
An unpresuming title doesn’t indicate the breadth and depth of the possibilities available at The Chelsea cellar. they offer delicatessen dishes and and bolstered wine menu right underfoot. Maybe next time you take the park walk, keep an eye for a slip of a entryway.

With a welcome befitting a Lewis Carroll wonderland — this petite eatery invited guests to take a whimsical trip down a white- washed staircase into the chic enclave. The Cellar celebrates its all-encompassing wine list (with over over 250 Italian names to their selection) by mounting bottles in luminescent panels that light up the pretty marble-top tables. You’re certainly not in the dark — the Cellar’s food and drink is typical of one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — it lights up the world its own little corner. Chefs Gilberto and Clea have truly outdone themselves. its all about making the biggest flourishes from the smallest packages, at the Cellar the food is pettily styled and marvellously executed as the interior: we recommend the small sharing plates for a truly intimate evening — the smashed pea brushetta and the ‘Italian Kiss’ brownie ball were just two of the morsels we enjoyed throughout our visit, their sweetness the perfect light white we sampled by the glass.

As the Chelsea Cellar delivers bottles door to door through Chelsea, we implore locals to not just visit this fantastic hidden gem, but also take advantage of this high-end service from a top-notch London bar.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


True to form, Bluebird soars high above the rest as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Not content to simply seat guests and treat them to some of the finest food the borough – Bluebird offers three equally delightful paradigm, guests can either stick to one section or manoeuvre between all three, as we did, as the day progress. For a start, what could be more idyllic in the heart of Chelsea than Bluebird’s Courtyard Cafe. A Parisian Suntrap hedged in one side by the beatific King’s Road townhouses, and the ornate awning of the main restaurant, this cafe on-the-side serves up nutritious breakfasts. The most wholesome ingredients are served with an artisan attention to detail — from the avocado ‘big plate’ (served with chilli and toasted sourdough) to the iconic Bluebird breakfast bowl (with goji berries and bee pollen turning this yogurt into a rival sunburst of colour and sweetness — good morning indeed.)

Al fresco dining and drinks continues all day at Bluebird: their main body restaurant transforms King’s Road into the meditative depths of a fantastical woodland: the centre of the lounge opens up into a chasm of pure sky-light, with rustic beams cheerfully overgrown with fetching dressings of vine, leave foliage and roots The result is ravishing, and we’re more than glad we had all the light we can get to properly take in the lunch plates: a golden molasses of rich truffle Tagliatelle was made to savour in the sun. Not only is this one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, but the bar is nothing to ruffle your feathers at.

The Last Tyme we met Cocktail will ensure this is anything but: sipping a resplendent mix of yellow chartreuse, raspberry, honey and lemonade whilst sitting at the marble-top lounge-bar in the last dregs of a Chelsea evening is high-end wine and dining on the level of dreams. With bookings available and seasonal party events held in all weather, this heavenly restaurant will give you wings.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


“fiercely kind food” is the motto of this plant-based provocateur; Wulf and Lamb, one of the best restaurants in Chelsea — doesn’t even rely on the toxicity of the meat industry or anything but pure, plant, recipes and dedication to the craft of gourmet food to be so.

Hunt this fantastic, upscale venue down on Pavilion road before all tables are taken. Recommended by vogue, and hailed by conscientious foodies world-round, Franco Casolin made good from his experience at vegetarian staple Vanilla Black to further the art of making sheer, indulgent comfort food from guiltless ingredients at his own Wulf and Lamb.

The fact that the Menu is crafted with technical wit as well as experience is clear — the colours dazzle, with natural technicolor of beans and fruit popping off the pure white marble finish of the tables or even the delicate bases of tortilla and rice. One could argue the visit is replete without sampling the famed, ingenious Wulf Burger. This sizzling seaman patty and castle aioli creation is a stylish treat you wont find anything close to through the rest of Sloane square ‘veggie’ options.

The real deal is here. The stunning, fun-house range of Burritos, salads and curries show off just what happens when true artists get their hands on tofu, Thai roots and jack fruit among others. The Isle of Harris Gin and fever Tree Tonic, as well as white wine and Aperol Spritz’as to order among others, this fantastic restaurant proves wellness eating can, and will be synonymous with the upmost decadence — fine and fun eating too.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Whatever Oxford can do, Mayfair does better. It’s a tale as old as time: following the block-buster success of an artisan restaurant in one high-end location, it is only a matter of when — not if — they will turn their sights to the glorious streets of South-west London town. Zheng, once a treasure only known to the University capitol, is now one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We’re obsessed with this cosy Malaysian restaurants it’s fine attention to detail. At Zheng, the arrangement of colours, flavours and textures from across an ever-expansive inter-continental array of Asian influences is as important as the taste.

This matt black interior pops with a lime finish, if you are there for lunch take a chic table, but if you are celebrating the long evening take up the velveteen sofa space. On the plates, classic Malaysian street-food samples are re-oriented into delicate structures, enthused with sharp signatures of flavoursome seasoning. The satay skewers are a safe bet, sure to please anyone looking for substance (a selection of cucumber and meat) and spice (the peanut sauce works wonderfully to sweeten the spicy overlay).

But what makes Zheng one of the best restaurants in Chelsea is its fascination with the new. Mayfair holds nothing that stagnates, only all that flourishes on and on. Restaurant Zheng is names after a famed Chinese admiral, and invokes its guests to step into his spirit of exploration with the Chef’s choice option — simply ask your waiter to be surprised by a personalised dish and sit back, prepare to discover a course you never would have known you could enjoy so much. With lighter options of the steamed sea bass with soya sauce drizzle, or the stir fried Chinese leaves — Zheng thrives during the busy inner-city lunch hours, with spices to pick you up and carry you through the rest of your day.

If you really want to uncover something — we recommend the spicy cocktails, as masterfully created as the dinners. The Chilli Martini (with pineapple to balance out the spiced vodka kick) or the fabulous Zheng special cocktail (Rose syrup and Longan stirrup up palpable eastern mystique within a lemonade pop), are sure to make any dinner at Zheng Chelsea an adventure you won’t regret.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


There’s nowhere to run but Rabbit. At least, if you’re talking about the Gladwin brother’s Rabbit — one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Inspired by the Chef-Owner’s own agricultural roots, this staple of Kings Street metamorphoses of the urban trappings; for a brief moment in time, guests are in the glen and glades of the refined British countryside. It’s all the hearty, organic excellence of country food, with the dazzling city-escape and packed energy of London right outside the door.

If It’s the soothing balm of a top-quality Special Sunday Roast you’re after (because sometimes spoons just doesn’t cut it, not in your finery) then Rabbit is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. With a typical kings Street flourish, Rabbit breaks the mundane boundaries of a roast and instead offer bursts of flavour and fresh procure with their Tapas-esque Sunday on the Farm ‘Mouthfuls’, made to share and mix in a manner that really brings loved ones together for a fine dining experience this, and every weekend. We recommend the Build your own Bloody Mary to start you off — it will make your choices more adventurous (Horseradish and Chilli infused Vodka choices will light up the afternoon) and you’ll be glad for it, when it means encountering extraordinary renderings of farm greens (the burnt butter Radish is a sweet treat) or the Nutbourne Wood pigeon served smoky and quaint with ‘trimmings’ of white carrots and Yorkshires.

With a Vegan menu that means everyone is included, this Fine-bred Chelsea Rabbit is a rare breed, one of the best restaurants in Chelsea to find both the wild — (the vodka apple pie is dangerously good) and the comfort of something wistfully, universally ‘local’ (the mustard-honey hue brickwork and rustic wood cottage flooring and tables makes the whole fine dining moment feel like a lucky chance in your local farmer’s good graces). Rabbit invokes treasured, peaceful memories in the heart of the busy capitol. This is a neighbour that cares for you and feeds you up well, for all.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


For a secret escape to the French Riviera, look no further than one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, Bandol. It is ideally located on Hollywood Road and is the second French restaurant opened by the founders of Margaux in South Kensington. Bandol is reminiscent of a tasteful French villa with its classic brasserie style. It breathes calmness and grandeur into its design with its bare-brick walls clad in vines and ivy. The interior is simple elegance with a skylight bringing in natural lighting, and wooden chairs furnished with soft blue cushions. The menu contributes to the sense of rejuvenation introduced through the décor with its fresh and simple ingredients inspired by the flavours of Southern French cuisine.

Executive Chef, Zsolt Ferencz, previously of Scott’s in Mayfair, primarily showcases luxurious seafood and fish dishes that can be paired perfectly with selected wines from the Mediterranean coast. Guests should try their sharing plates of tuna sashimi with mango, pomegranate and ponzu dressing or their £12 seared tiger prawns with chili garlic. Meat dishes are also something special and include the £21 crispy duck leg complemented with an Asian salad, pink grapefruit and roasted hazelnut and the rich and decadent £18 rabbit ragu with fennel pollen. Bandol delivers as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea with its two private wine rooms. The private dining is complemented with bespoke menus, and both rooms capture the simplistic luxury of Bandol. They are the perfect setting for guests to entertain friends, family and clients.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Elystan Street is the latest venue to occupy Tom Aiken’s Flagship restaurant in Chelsea. Nelson Design, behind both Ledbury and Kitchen W8 have transformed the space to create a neighbourhood favourite that seamlessly mixes informality and elegance. Elystan Street represents a new wave of restaurants that are abandoning the rigour of fine dining in favour of easy-going luxury. They have done away with tablecloths and instead inject modernity into their design with concrete tabletops, wooden furnishing and colourful pink and blue décor. Their menu also steers away from typical fine-dining traditions by replacing tasting menus with seasonal and ingredient-led menus. Elystan Street sets a new precedent for the meaning of luxury dining, making it one of our top choices for the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Two Michelin star Executive Chef, Phil Howard, balances earthiness and elegance in his contemporary British and European dishes. His innovative food makes Elystan Street the ideal choice for one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We recommend starting with a salad of spring vegetables with a light truffle cream, followed by their new season’s lamb, fillet of Cornish turbot or the rump of Cumbrian beef. To top it off, a Crème brulee with smashed raspberries and vanilla is a delightful choice. A dining experience is simply not complete without a glass of wine, and Elystan Street understands this with their vast selection from some of the world’s finest wine makers. Guests can also choose from their list of sherries, ports, champagne and cocktails. Our favourite cocktails included the £12 marmalade martini and pomegranate bellini with E-street rhubarb sour.

The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Chakra in Chelsea is an oasis of calm and this is embodied in its soothing teal colour palettes and abundance of vegetation throughout the restaurant. The interior is comfortable and intimate offering an uplifting experience for guests to enjoy Indian cuisine based on the traditions of the Royal Maharaja Kitchen. Chakra is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, as their ethos of harnessing positive energy in their design is also carried into their food preparation. The Chefs have adopted classic Indian recipes, and honour high-quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that positively impact their guests’ sense of well-being without compromising on flavour.

Chakra offers an extensive drinks menu, including wines, spirits and cocktails. Their Chakra Spice cocktail made with tequila, chili and lemonade is the perfect complement to one of their many starters and main meals. We suggest beginning with their summer salad with grilled chicken, pumpkin seeds and chilling dressing. Their Chota small plates are also delicious for a quick bite or as a tapas-style sharing meal. The £4.95 char-grilled mince lamb stuffed naan served with roasted garlic raita or the pan tossed, southern spiced chicken fillets for £7.95 are simply delicious. Chakra also has an Indian Grill section where their modern twist on traditional recipes truly shine. We recommend trying their chargrilled, sweet basil and spiced yoghurt marinated king prawns, or their signature lamb chops marinated in sun-dried ginger and pounded chili. Their Desi curry classics make Chakra one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Be transported to the bustling city of New Delhi with their classic butter chicken tikka masala and their £14.95 slow cooked texel lamb with browned onion, Kashmiri chili and plum tomatoes.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Chicama on King’s Road terrace takes its guests on a journey of the tranquil beaches of Northern Peru with its interior comprised of salvaged wood, vintage mirrors and shell pink tiles, as well as with its menu inspired by the coastal food of Peru. The cuisine is prepared from an open kitchen and with muted lighting and Latin beats echoing throughout, Chicama is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea offering its guests a vibrant and stylish sanctuary to escape the London hustle and bustle.

Chef Tiago Duarte and his team have accumulatively worked at the Chiltern Firehouse, Roka, Zuma and Sushi Samba. With their expertise, they have crafted a totally meat-free menu devoted to the seafood recipes that have shaped Peru’s national cuisine. Fish and seafood is delivered daily from Cornwall and each dish uses seasonal British produce to ensure that they are prepared with the freshest ingredients. There fresh ingredient-led ethos makes Chicama one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. For a light bite, their padron peppers and £9 popped corn monkfish cheeks with aji Amarillo may are delicious. A Larger main meal of scallop ceviche with Jerusalem artichokes and truffle milk or their salmon ceviche for £13 with smoked aji limo tiger’s milk, avocado, tomato and puffed rice are sublime. Another choice option is their trout cooked in banana leaf with a side of red quina, mango and aji limo sauce or venture their signature fish of the day grilled over a charcoal with a trio of sources including avocado, sweet pineapple and smoky aji panca chili. A plethora of cocktails, wines and whiskey are also available to accompany the vibrantly-flavoured food. An experience at Chicama would not be complete without trying one of their contemporary twists on Peru’s national drink, Pisco, whilst enjoying the open-air and foliage covered outside terrace space.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


What makes The Five Fields one of the best restaurants in Chelsea is its farm-to-table ethos encompassing artisanal British produce from their own garden kitchen. It is tucked just off Sloane Square and provides an intimate setting with its soothing muted tones, pale lime-washed floors, glass panels, touches of gold and sophisticated sculptures by Sophie Dickens.

In the idyllic Sussex countryside, their Kitchen Garden supplies their seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables which are then incorporated into their seasonal dishes inspired by British cuisine as well as London’s broad cultural background. The Kitchen is headed by Taylor Bonnyman, previously from the two Michelin-starred Corton in Tribeca, New York, as well as Marguerite Keogh, whose culinary expertise includes working with the acclaimed Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley. With the top echelon of Chefs helming the kitchen, The Five Fields typifies what it means to be one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. We suggest beginning with the luxurious foie gras with Shimeji mushrooms and beetroot or the silky sea bass with rhubarb, curry and onion. The mains comprise a variety of sumptuous meat and fish dishes. Our favourites included the short rib garnished with turnip and nasturtium, the succulent pork with celeric and yeast and the fresh cod with mussels and sprouting broccoli.

The Five Fields also has an elegant private room accessible to guests for private lunches and dinners. The room has a charming view overlooking the streets of Chelsea and is decorated with warm tones illuminated by a feature fire place. Guests also have views of their extensive wine cellar, access to a cosy adjoining lounge; and have the Head Sommelier, Solene Bonhumeau, on hand to recommend the perfect wine pairings.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Dinings SW3 is discreetly located on a cobbled mews in Knightsbridge and is housed within a former artist’s studio with beautiful light-filled interiors, double-height ceilings and industrial concrete walls. Its modern edge is not only typified in its design but also in its cuisine. Dinings SW3 has created its own contemporary style of Izakaya Japanese tapas by combining heritage Japanese cuisine with modern European cooking techniques. Its innovative world-class dining coupled with its unique cultural experience make it one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Executive Chef Masaki Sugisaki works alongside another three former Nobu colleagues and with their accumulated Japanese fine-dining experience, the cuisine does not disappoint especially with its seasonal seafood coming daily from Cornish day boats. Their exquisite approach to traditional yet modern Japanese food make it one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Start with nibbles of wagyu beef with avocado and chili miso or £4 yellowtail with avocado and jalapeno mayonnaise. Guests can also choose from an array of Caviar and miso soups as either a starter or a light bite. Sharing plates of Shuko are some of the best for groups; and the Chef’s selection of sashimi and caviar or the assorted charcoal grilled seafood platter are simply delicious. Classic mains include the Japanese hay seared wagyu beef with porcini ponzu, as well as a wide selection of sushi and sashimi dishes prepared by expert Chefs at the elegant sushi counter. Chargrilled Sumiyaki dishes are as delicious as the rest; and include hand-dived Scottish scallops with wasabi salsa and yuzu, lobster, Spanish red prawns and a £19.5 pork shoulder. Dinings SW3 also has a vast array of classic Japanese cocktails fused with a modern twist; and include its Yu-Yake made with yuzu vodka and vanilla and their signature twist on a classic Martini. Sake is a classic Japanese delicacy and Dinings SW3 has a broad selection especially curated from Konotomo brewery. Each comes with their own subtle yet complex notes of flavour and can be paired perfectly with sushi and seafood dishes.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


On King’s Road and owned by Chef Joe Mercer is the sleek and sophisticated Medlar restaurant. It is one of our top choices for the best restaurants in Chelsea as its understated chic design creates the perfect backdrop for the artistry of its French cuisine. Its interior is designed by Turner and Pocock and encompasses a peaceful grey-green colour scheme with its plush green banquettes, grey raffia wall-coverings, artfully distressed mirrors and antique green lamps. Elegant and subtle artwork by Tanya Baxter Contemporary adorn the walls and enhances the feeling of easy-going luxury.

Medlar’s French cuisine classify it as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. The food is inspired by techniques and seasonal ingredients from the British Isles and the rest of Europe. Its menu items come with fixed prices, including £53 for three courses, £45 for two courses and £32 for one course. With this is mind, begin with one of their many superb starters, including the crab ravioli with samphire, brown shrimps, fondue of leeks and bisque sauce. Mains include a variety of meat and fish dishes, we suggest trying the juicy rump of Belted Galloway with snails, stiffed Portobello, shallot puree and béarnaise or a roasted hake with datterini sauce vierge, fresh borlotti beans, sea aster and salsa verde. A decadent meal would not be complete without a desert and a glass of wine or champagne. The wine list is compiled by head sommelier, Didier Catleo with experiences at The Ledbury and Le Bistrot du Sommelier in Paris. Select from an array of wines, and vintage champagnes including a £499 1996 Dom Perignon. End with one of their finest desserts, including their Apricot financier with roast apricot, honey, olive oil dressing and ice cream.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


The Ivy Chelsea Garden on King’s Road mixes the elegance of a French brasserie with the homely feeling of an English country garden. It is designed by the acclaimed designer, Cecil Beaton and reflects the familiar luxury of The Ivy on West Street. It is comprised of a main restaurant, terrace and garden, and a beautiful dining room. Inside the brasserie restaurant, guests are welcomed into an indoor sanctuary of burnt orange furnishings, lively botanical prints and chic marble floors. Designed by Cameron Landscapes and Gardens, The Ivy’s terrace and garden is one of their most popular dining destinations. It offers al fresco dining all year round and is a serene enclave of greenery with its leafy trellises and antique pots home to magnolias and hydrangeas. The terrace and garden with its breathtaking foliage, arched antique mirrors, velvet chairs, and central fire pit create the perfect setting for any occasion, making the Ivy Chelsea Garden one of the best restaurants in Chelsea.

Sean Burbidge, the Executive Chef of the Ivy Collection has created a menu that combines modern British favourites with international dishes. Start with one of their many salads made to perfection with some of the freshest ingredients, or their £9.75 hand-chopped steak tartare with tabasco mustard dressing, shallot, parsley, egg yolk and toasted granary. Their mains encompass delicious fish and seafood dishes including their £19.95 seared yellowfin tuna with match noodle salad, toasted sesame seeds, wasabi sauce and a citrus ponzu dressing. Another luxurious choice is their 21-day Himalayan salt wall dry-aged, grass fed rib-eye on the bone with your choice of green peppercorn, red wine and rosemary and roasted mushroom sauce. The Ivy’s all-encompassing menu makes them an easy choice as one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. For drinks in their al fresco dining space, or as a complement to dining in the brasserie, The Ivy has a great selection of wines as well as eleven bespoke cocktails unique to its Chelsea site. Their signature Garden Royale brings an Ivy twist to a classic Espresso Martini and their Sloane Ranger is inspired by a classic vodka-based Collins.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


Founded by Silvio Ursini, Obica is the world’s first Mozzarella Bar that has been pioneering modern Italian fine-dining since its inception in 2004. Ten sites are located in Italy and its Chelsea site is the original London outpost located on Draycott Avenue. Since its arrival in London, three more sites have opened in Canary Wharf, Poland Street and St Paul’s. Every Obica Mozzarella Bar shares the same philosophy of food to share which is the pleasure of sharing good food with family and friends. The Chelsea Obica Mozzarella Bar site is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea, as its warm and convivial setting sets the scene to enjoy the best of Mozzarellas di Bufala, alongside high-quality Italian home-made dishes made with traditional Italian recipes. What’s more is that the dishes are prepared in-sight of guests by drawing inspiration from traditional sushi bars creating a vibrant and interactive environment for guests.

Chef Alessandro Borghese has joined Obica as creative Chef to develop a new menu that celebrates both his and Obica’s mutual passion for the best of Italian cuisine. The iconic Mozzarella Bar makes Obica one of the best restaurants in Chelsea. Guests should definitely try the bufala classica and plates of degustazione made with bufala classica, smoked bufala, burrata and ricotta di bufala. Guests can also select small plates as a starter or mains with the choice of cheese from the Mozzarella Bar. The premium cured pork salami and Scottish smoked salmon are two excellent choices. Pizza is something that Obica not surprisingly does incredibly well. Each pizza is garnished with traditional Italian ingredients, like prosciutto, organic tomato, anchovies and vegetables. One of our favourites was the prosciutto cotto with mozzarella di bufala, casatica di bufala, olives and oregano. Wine is embedded in Italian culture and at Obica every brand of wine tells a unique story with representation from renowned wineries and emerging local producers from North to South Italy.


The Best Restaurants in Chelsea


No. Fifty Cheyne is located in an idyllic cluster of quaint and leafy streets overlooking the River Thames in the heart of Old Chelsea. It is one of the best restaurants in Chelsea with its intimate dining space complete with a cosy upstairs drawing room and cocktail bar. Designed by Lambert and Brown, it offers comfort, privacy and intimacy all in one with its golden-lit interiors, glass chandeliers, sleek marble tables and colour palette of burnt sienna. The ruby-red cocktail bar and drawing room are two home-away-from-homes with picturesque views of Cheyne Gardens and the River Thames. They are the perfect sanctuaries to nestle down in an intimate setting to enjoy a drink from their carefully curated list of vintages, as well as a light bite from their upstairs menu.

In the centre of the main dining space stands a huge open grill from which Head Chef, Iain Smith, and his team prepare the finest British cuisine using the best seasonal ingredients supplied by Lake District Farmers and Pesky Fish. The A La Carte menu offers a selection of lighter salads and seafood starters followed by classic grill dishes. Begin with a salad of beetroot, heritage carrots, pickled apple and pears for £9.50. Then indulge in sumptuous dishes of native lobster and aged beef fillet with creamed spinach and smoked bone marrow. Robust grilled dishes are choice options and include pork cutlets, Sirloin, veal, rib-eye and grilled fish of the day. A Sommelier is also available to select the perfect white wine for a light and fish dish or a red for the richer meat dishes.

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