Nobu Restaurant London


Nobu Restaurant London


The Nobu brand, inspired by the trailblazing Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, has become something of an icon in of itself. Long before Japanese cuisine was rendered chic by the masses, Matsuhisa was manifesting signature wonders from the bounties of each season — combining mature flavours and unprocessed ingredients to make unforgettable recipes. And here we are — long since the resultant restaurant chain has become a playground for the A-listers and VIP diners in glamorous LA and Vegas spots overseas, Nobu Restaurant London has arrived — bringing its mystical exclusivity to Mayfair.

Stationed on the eatery haven of Berkeley Street — Nobu Restaurant London’s lunch menu made the perfect closing flourish to a day of exploring the gardens and iconic square of it’s relatively verdant inner-city surroundings. We recommend finishing off a central-side walk with the brisk, invigorating spices of Nobu. Wholesome, but light servings of hot and cold dishes left a powerful mark on our taste buds while settling delicately — and we’re delighted to say this means you can, and should, try plenty.

Nobu classics like the shiitake mushroom salad (with a power-house after-kick of spiced lemon dressing that should electrify you where you sit) and the Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura (with a Jalapeno option for those who didn’t come to play) are thankfully available. However, what really rendered this high-end eatery as worth a visit was the excitement of the Nobu Now section: new takes on the iconic options. Stand outs included the succulent Lobster Quinoa, and the Pan Fried Scallops enriched with funky Yuzu Truffle .
Nobu Restaurant London is made for this city; reverence to the past is all there — with beautifully prepared dishes that with that rare enjoyment and rarer kind of sophistication that comes from inter-generation prep. But new flavours are abundant — perfect for guests or locals of Mayfair –an area constantly unfolding and gaining from diverse influences.

If it’s the full, unrivalled exclusive experience you are after- simply go for the Multi-course Chef’s Omaska Menu, available in Classic or Vegetarian form. But don’t skimp on the miso soup.

The finishing dessert options are as immaculate as the gold-silver ornate finish of Nobu’s expansive restaurant interior (the smatterings of smaller tables make the space feel airy and yet bristling with pockets of chatter). Pearls of Mochi Ice cream melts in the mouth, but the real decadence comes from signature cocktails like the speciality Japanese Pond Martini — a Vodka spliced with the Hokesetsu Sake exclusive to Nobu, served — perhaps not surprisingly but still enchantingly — with a fully fitted pond and koi arrangement at the bottom of our glasses. Much like Nobu Restaurant London as a whole, this last impression has us feeling — as we headed, fully satisfied, home — close to speechless by something equal parts meticulous and fanciful. Nobu is a treat to savour and ruminate on for days — until the next visit.

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Nobu Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Japanese, Seafood, Sushi

Dress Code: Smart Casual 

Area: Mayfair

Address: 15 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, W1J 8DY


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