The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

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There is no shortage of Cocktail Bars across London, each individually bringing something unique to the London Cocktail scene. Some of the best can be found in Mayfair; below is our guide to The Best Cocktail Bars.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

The Bar at the Athenaeum is one of Mayfair’s exclusive, intimate Cocktail bars. A sophisticated, comfortable Bar serving exceptional cocktails creations to guests, The Bar at the Athenaeum is certainly one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair.

The Bar At The Athenaeum promotes a relaxed ambiance for guests to unwind with one of The Bar’s unique cocktails, created by Giovanni Castorina and his team. The cocktails at The Bar At The Athenaeum are like no other found in London; their Menu currently has 15 ‘Signature’ alcoholic cocktails and five ‘Signature’ non-alcoholic Cocktails, providing something for each individual taste and preference. Without a doubt, our favourite Cocktail from the menu was named ‘Only my name’, a divine combination of Fair Vodka, Creme de Cacao, Cherry Puree, Maraschino, Lemon Juice, and Chocolate Bitters, and there wasn’t a single complaint to be made. The Bar also features a Food menu for those wanting more than a drink. Various dishes, from nibbles to large plates, can be ordered, and the delights behind the bar complement these dishes. To compliment our second order from the Bar, we ordered a handful of items from The Bar Menu, one of those being The Crab Linguine with Corriander and Chilli, a light, delicious pasta dish which complimented our drinks perfectly.

The interior is decorated with plush, soft yellow, and grey-toned seating, surrounded by display cabinets of The Bar At The Athenaeum prized collection of Whiskey’s bought in from across the world and other collectables. The interior of the Bar is beautiful, the soft tones are enhanced by the bright corner-lighting, creating the perfect, relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy their visit to one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

The restaurant Street XO, known for re-defining the term ‘fine dining’ is home to one of The most unique, and most definitely one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair. Street XO, opened by Chef Dabiz Munoz who has incorporated European, Asian and South American influences to devise his menu, has bought a new take on ‘Infusion’ cuisine to London. Located at 15 Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London W1S 2JR, Street XO has been a huge success with diners ever since it opened in 2016.

Dabiz Munoz introduced a new, unique aspect to the restaurant, bringing an exceptional Cocktail Bar to the restaurant called Circus XO. Circus XO is where Munoz has experimented with ‘liquid cuisine’ and has produced some of the best tasting cocktails in London. Introducing ingredients such as ‘worm salt’ into their cocktails, Circus XO is a completely different cocktail bar to those commonly found in London. The Cocktail Bar is lit with a dim-blue lighting, creating a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience for guests. At a first glance, the display of countless bottles is certainly impressive and the menu is certainly one-of-a-kind to be found in London. Initially, the combinations of flavours seem Bizarre – for example the ‘Drinking Peking Duck’ (minus the duck) Cocktail, can only be described as weird but wonderful! 

Chef Dabiz Munoz has experimented with liquid Cuisine to produce some of London’s most unique Cocktail Creations in one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair that is certainly worth a visit.

Found at 28 Upper Grosvenor St, Mayfair, London W1K 7EH, Dickies Bar. Dickies Bar can be found within one of The Best Restaurants in Mayfair. Corrigan’s Mayfair, opened in 2008 by Chef Richard Corrigan, redefining the concept of quintessentially British and Irish Cuisine.

Within the Restaurant, Dickies Bar is the aspect bringing the restaurant and drinks to life, providing guests with exceptional cocktails, and delicious bar snacks. The first thing to note was Dickies Cocktail Menu, presented as ‘Dickies Game Book’, each cocktail is carefully described alongside a unique illustration, a very different and exciting aspect for guests to enjoy whilst browsing The Bar’s Menu. Our favourite cocktail was named ‘Stage-Door Johnny’, a delicious blend of Jameson’s Black Barrel Irish Whiskey, Peach, Bergamont, Vanilla and Lemon, a soft, delicious Cocktail bursting with flavours. Other options included ‘SYD 782’, full of fruity flavours, incorperating Chateau Le Blanche Armangnac, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Strawberry, Rosehip, Grapefruit, Lime, Bittermans Burleseque Bitters and Chapel Down English Sparkling Wine, which was another Cocktail which incorperated a unique blend of excellent flavours!

As well as serving guests excellent Cocktails, Dickies Bar also has a Food Menu, serving both Meat and Fish plates and other delights such as Lake District Venison Tartare and Salted Cod Croquettes. This Food menu can be found on a larger menu featuring Dickies selection of fine Wines and Spirits.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

Manetta’s Mayfair Bar is a beautiful Cocktail Bar found in the heart of Mayfair. With a 1930s setting, Manetta’s serves guests some of The Best Cocktails found in Mayfair. To be one of the best Cocktail bars in London you must have a great sense of style, and thankfully Manetta’s style is truly iconic. By incorperating velvet textures the Bar is very plush, many London Cocktail Bars follow Modern Trends, which is what differentiates Manetta’s from the others.  The ambience created before ordering one of the Cocktail’s is delightful, with the comfortable, yet stylish chairs, black and gold colour-theme, and cosy bar area, it is impossible not to feel relaxed.

The menu at Manetta’s Mayfair features two signature cocktail sections inspired by  two of Agatha Christie books, the first being The Fantasist, which contains ‘They do it with Mirrors’ made from ocho blanco tequila, creme de peche, lavender and chamomile syrup, egg white, lemon, and fleurie red wine, a drink which is tantalising for the taste buds in every way. Then there is The Realist section, the highlight being ‘Three Lives’ a perfect mixture of dark plantation rum, Napoleon mandarin liqueur, lemon juice, orange juice, strawberry jam, and orange jam. These are just a taste of what this fantastic cocktail bar has to offer, which also includes classic cocktails with a twist. This includes ‘The Mysterious Affair’ a cocktail that contains chase England vodka, creme de mure, absinthe, lime juice sugar syrup, and fresh blackberries. Each of these classics contains tastes which are equally as wondrous as the one found here. At Manetta’s the options are endless, with a wide variety of rums, vodkas, gins, brandys, whiskeys, tequilas, lequeirs, and wines. Each of these options is home to many of the best drinks that you could ever ask for and more. 

 Menetta’s Mayfair Bar is one of The Best Cocktail Bar’s in Mayfair, certainly one not to be missed.

Pronounced ‘Quaint’, Kwant, found below one of Mayfair’s Best and most popular Meditteranian Restaurants ‘Momo’s’, is certainly one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair. Serving diners exceptional creations underneath one of Mayfairs much loved restaurants. 

Kwant was once a vision brought to life by Erik Lorincz, who was previously worked as Head Bartender at London’s Savoy Hotel. Lorincz knows what makes a Bar a success, and has most definitely trasnfered his experience to Kwant, making it one of The most sucessful Cocktail Bars in London. The Bar’s interior was designed by French Artist Alain Grandne, who has incorporated both green and tropical themes with elements of class and sophistication which is evident throughout the bar, including intricate lighting, Bamboo Leaves and plush seating for their guests. 

The Cocktail menu at Kwant includes 24 alcoholic drinks and 5 non-alcoholic, many of which incorporate the in-house grown herbs, each carefully monitored to ensure the flavours of each individual herb are heightened to enhance the flavour of each cocktail that they’re a part of. We couldn’t go without mentioning our favourite cocktail which is ‘Santiago’, which is priced at £15, the combination of Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum, mixed with Muyu Chinotto Nero, Coffee Aroma and Coconut Water was just perfect!

If their Cocktail Menu isn’t enough, Kwant, who shares a kitchen with the restaurant upstairs Momo’s, recognised for their Meditteranian Cuisine, guests can dine from delights such as Oysters, Hummus, Beef Tartare etc. In Regards to finding one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair, Kwant certainly comes into that list.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

In one of London’s Best Hotels lies one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair. The Ritz, being one of the Best Hotels in the world, is full of delights one of those being Rivoli. The Rivoli Bar is an intimate, exclusive Cocktail Bar treating guests to some of the best cocktails in London. 

In Regards to the interior, it is in keeping with the beautiful classic British design of the Ritz Hotel, the gold, brown and soft copper tones are enhanced by the crystal lighting and the array of bottles behind the bar. The seating designs differ across each table, some have leopard print designs whilst others have a simpler design, creating a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere.

The Cocktails at The Rivoli Bar include both Classic favourites and original creations from the bartenders at The Rivoli Bar . The Bar also provides guests with a wide selection of wines and champagnes. The Cocktails and other beverages can be served alongside selections from the Bar Menu, featuring both small and large plates and aslo and extensive Caviar list, each indvidually priced, varying in both rareity and place of origin. Both our cocktails and the service was impeccable, a beautiful venue in one of the words most exclusive hotels.

Sexy Fish is an extraordinary cocktail bar located in the heart of Mayfair. Opening its doors in 2015, it quickly gained a reputation for its vibrant atmosphere, exquisite cocktails, and stunning design. The visionaries behind this establishment are the renowned Caprice Holdings, a group known for its portfolio of iconic London restaurants.

The interior design of Sexy Fish is a masterpiece in itself. The bar boasts an opulent and theatrical ambiance inspired by Japanese art and culture. The space showcases a mesmerizing collection of contemporary artwork, including an impressive coral reef-inspired ceiling installation. Luxurious leather banquettes, striking blue hues, and a central sushi bar contribute to the chic and energetic atmosphere.

When it comes to the cocktail menu, Sexy Fish does not disappoint. The skilled mixologists behind the bar craft an array of creative libations that perfectly complement the Asian-inspired cuisine. For example, the “Wasabi Martini” delivers a delightful kick with its combination of vodka, wasabi-infused sake, and citrus. The “Tokyo Collins” combines gin, yuzu sake, and matcha tea syrup for a refreshing twist on a classic.

Being one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair, Sexy Fish offers an experience that combines excellent mixology, a vibrant atmosphere, and stunning design. It attracts a fashionable and sophisticated crowd seeking a lively night out. Whether you’re looking to enjoy exceptional cocktails, indulge in delicious Asian cuisine, or simply soak up the glamorous ambiance, Sexy Fish is the place to be in Mayfair.

Trader Vics, found inside London’s Hilton Park Lane is certainly one of The Best Cocktail Bars in London. With over 200 signature cocktails, including The Original Mai Tai in 1944, Trader Vics uses the finest ingredients to create their delicious cocktail creations using unique glassware to present their exceptional creations. 

Open since 1963, Trader Vics, Mayfair is London’s Tropical paradise for both food and Beverages. Since 1963, guests have been provided with some of the very best Cocktails in London. Following Trader Vic’s infamous creation of the ‘Mai Tai’ in 1944, he has created over 200 unique, delicious cocktails throughout his career, the very best of these are avaliable for customers to purchase! Served in oversized Vessels, Mugs and Glassware, these Cocktails certainly don’t disappoint. One we couldn’t go without mentioning was the Siboney, found under the ‘Tikinis’ section, the combinations of Dark Rum, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Lemon created a light, refreshing tropical flavour served up in one of London’s very best Cocktail Bars. 

As well as providing guests with delicious Cocktails. Trader Vics also allows guests to ‘Taste the World’ with their ever-evolving menu featuring Cusisines from across the world. By featuring both a Bar and Restaurant Menu, Trader Vics caters to each guests individual requirements. Within the Bar Menu, smaller plates are found such as Dim Sum and Fish and Chips, an ideal menu for those attending the venue for Tarder Vics Cocktails. The Restaurant menu features an array of delicious courses, each individually incorperating delicious combinations of flavours, that can each be complimented by one of Trader Vics signature Cocktails.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

Tucked away within one of Mayfair’s many hidden Courtyards is one of The Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair. Hush is a cosy Brasserie, serving some of the best Cocktails and best food to be found in Mayfair 

Whilst being one of London’s hidden gems, Hush certainly stands out in regards to exclusivity and elegance. The 60s inspired Cocktail Lounge called ‘The Aviator Bar’, provides guests with excellent, carefully-crafted Cocktails. As well as being a Cocktail Lounge and having a wonderful, relxaed ambience for guests to enjoy, Hush also provide Cocktail Masterclasses, avaliable six days a week between 1pm-4pm. Within these Masterclasses, guests will learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to crafting the perfect Cocktail. The classes will teach guests to make two premium Cocktails each, guests will then be handed their ‘passport’, so on return to their second class they can create other cocktails from around the world. Within the Aviator Bar, guests are able to reserve private areas for up to 40 guests, as well as hiring ‘The Concorde Room, a discreet room set aside from the main bar, where groups of up to 18 can enjoy some of The Best Cocktails, and some of the best service that we had ever experienced in Mayfair.

Aside from providing a beautiful venue for Cocktail Bar, Hush also has a restaurant attached to it, with seating both indoors and outdoors on the Courtyard. Serving Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner, Hush cater for each individual taste and preferance. Prior to our dinner reservation we attended The Aviator Bar, a relaxed, formal yet comfertable atmosphere, with excellent service. We were advised which Cocktail would suit our personal preferances and were able to enjoy the overall ambience before being seated for dinner. In regards to the food at Hush, there were no faults, each course was presented beautifully, the service was excellent and the food was delicious. The Lobster Taglierini was excellent, the rich tomato sauced, complimented by the perfectly exceuted Lobster left us only wanting to try the other items on the menu.  

Many of The Cocktail Bars in Mayfair provide guests with excellent drinks, and as well as doing son, Hush provides guests with excellent service and a beautiful venue.       


Step into the whimsical world of Mr. Fogg’s Residence, a captivating cocktail bar nestled in the heart of Mayfair. Inspired by Jules Verne’s famous character, Phileas Fogg, this bar takes guests on a nostalgic journey back to the Victorian era. Mr. Fogg’s Residence opened its doors in 2013 and has become an iconic destination for those seeking a truly unique and immersive experience.

The masterminds behind this imaginative establishment are Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling, founders of the Inception Group. Their attention to detail and commitment to storytelling shine through every aspect of Mr. Fogg’s Residence, creating an atmosphere that transports visitors to the Victorian era. The bar is adorned with vintage artifacts, antique furniture, and curiosities collected by Mr. Fogg during his fictional travels.

The cocktail menu at Mr. Fogg’s Residence is an adventure in itself. Crafted with precision and creativity, the libations showcase classic concoctions and innovative blends. Guests can enjoy signature cocktails such as the “Around the World in 80 Days,” a delightful mix of gin, elderflower, fresh cucumber, and mint, or the “Phileas Fizz,” a refreshing combination of vodka, fresh lime juice, sugar, and champagne.

Mr. Fogg’s Residence stands out as one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair due to its exceptional attention to detail, immersive atmosphere, and imaginative cocktails. Visitors are transported to a bygone era, where they can embrace the spirit of adventure and lose themselves in the charm of Victorian London. Whether you’re a fan of Jules Verne’s novels or simply seeking a truly unique experience, visiting Mr. Fogg’s Residence will surely leave you with memories to cherish.

Nestled within the iconic Connaught Hotel, Connaught Bar is a timeless and sophisticated cocktail haven in Mayfair. Since its opening in 2008, it has garnered a reputation as one of the most esteemed bars in London. The driving force behind this exceptional establishment is the talented mixologist Agostino Perrone, who has led the bar to win numerous accolades and awards.

Stepping into Connaught Bar feels like entering an art deco masterpiece. The interior design, meticulously crafted by the renowned designer David Collins, exudes elegance and glamour. The bar showcases a striking combination of dark woods, mirrored surfaces, and luxurious leather seating, creating an intimate and refined atmosphere that transports guests to a bygone era of luxury.

The cocktail menu at Connaught Bar reflects the impeccable attention to detail and creativity that defines this establishment. Each drink is a masterpiece, expertly crafted with precision and innovation. For example, the “Mulata Daisy” combines rum, lime, and chocolate for a tantalizing twist, while the “Connaught Martini” is a classic martini elevated with the addition of sherry and bitters.

Connaught Bar is widely recognized as one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair due to its flawless execution, impeccable service, and refined ambiance. It offers a luxurious and intimate setting for those seeking a sophisticated and memorable drinking experience. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur or simply looking to indulge in the finest libations, Connaught Bar is a must-visit destination that guarantees an unforgettable night out in Mayfair.

Sketch is an avant-garde and eclectic cocktail bar that has become a true icon in Mayfair since its opening in 2002. Situated in a stunning 18th-century building, Sketch is not just a bar but a multi-concept space that houses various bars, restaurants, and artistic installations. The visionary behind Sketch is restaurateur Mourad Mazouz, known for his passion for art, design, and gastronomy.

Sketch is a whimsical and artistic wonderland. Each room within the establishment is a unique sensory experience. Sketch pushes boundaries from the dream-like pastel hues and plush velvet seating in the Gallery to the futuristic and space-age design of the East Bar. It immerses guests in a world of imagination and creativity.

Sketch’s cocktail menu caters to all tastes. The mixologists are true artists, creating cocktails as visually stunning as delicious. For instance, the “Bitter Sweet Symphony” combines gin, Aperol, grapefruit, and pink peppercorn for a refreshing and tangy sip. The “Oolong Fizz” surprises with its blend of vodka, oolong tea, lemon, and sugar, served with a theatrical flourish.

Sketch stands out as one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair due to its boundary-pushing design, innovative cocktails, and immersive experience. It appeals to artistic and adventurous souls who seek an unconventional and captivating night out. Whether you’re visiting for the artistic ambiance, the delectable drinks, or the unforgettable atmosphere, Sketch is a must-visit destination that will leave you mesmerized and inspired.

Artesian at The Langham is an iconic and award-winning cocktail bar within the prestigious Langham Hotel. Since its opening in 2007, Artesian has consistently been regarded as one of the best cocktail bars in London and has earned numerous accolades under legendary mixologists Alex Kratena and Simone Caporale, who have left a lasting legacy at the bar.

The interior design of Artesian is a blend of contemporary elegance and luxury. The bar exudes a sense of luxury with its plush seating, mesmerizing lighting installations, and stunning central bar that serves as the room’s focal point. The attention to detail in the design reflects the bar’s commitment to providing a truly exceptional and immersive drinking experience.

The cocktail menu at Artesian is a testament to the bar’s dedication to innovation and creativity. The mixologists here are known for their ability to surprise and delight guests with imaginative concoctions. For example, “Beneath the Flowers” combines gin, sake, elderflower, and umeshu for a floral and refreshing blend. At the same time, the “Magic Mojito” elevates the classic with mint-infused rum and absinthe.

Artesian’s reputation as one of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair is well-deserved, thanks to its consistent delivery of exceptional mixology, luxurious ambiance, and unparalleled service. It attracts a sophisticated and diverse crowd, from locals to international visitors seeking a truly memorable and refined drinking experience. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply wanting to indulge in the finest libations, Artesian at The Langham is a must-visit destination for cocktail enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

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