Best Pubs in Mayfair

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London is a shy distance from Ireland, the land of beer and pubs. Because of that, it is no surprise that even the most luxurious neighborhoods of London would adopt the pub tradition. The best pubs in Mayfair maintain the high quality of everything served around them, pulling from Irish traditions and blending them with local flavours and techniques.

The result is a unique experience with flavourful and refreshing beer, lots of snack and finger foods, and environments that will make you travel to other nations.

The Punchbowl

Best Pubs in Mayfair

The Punchbowl is one of the oldest and best pubs in Mayfair. The place is hidden in a quiet street, serving fantastic food and drinks in a cosy environment. This is where people come to dine, meet, and unwind, all over a bottle of wine or pint of beer. The Punchbowl is perfectly suitable for those who want to sit on a stool and sip on premium beer with a small snack. That’s fine. And for those who want a complete dining experience, there is only some of the finest British food in the neighbourhood. 

The a la carte menu presents you with small plates like spiced parsnip soup with chestnut pesto. Order pub classics like a British brisket burger on a brioche bun served with Koffman chips and tomato relish. A steak and dark ale pie is perfect for those who want to taste their culinary culture’s roots. 

On the first floor is Judy’s on One, a dining and whisky room that plays with the most unique whisky mixest. Dwell on the theatrical menu and rich interior design. Celebrate, indulge, and explore a blend of drinks and good food.

The Windmill

Best Pubs in Mayfair

The Windmill is strategically located just off Regent Street. Walk a few steps and arrive at Oxford Circus Station— This is a small reason why this venue features on our list of best pubs in Mayfair. Their award-winning pies and seasonal classics are another. Now, mention the rich selection of cask ales straight from some of the best local breweries around London, and you have reasons enough to pay a visit to the Windmill. 

The Windmill is divided into three spaces, each offering a different experience. The pub is where you taste the best pie and sip some craft beer to freshen up. Crafts beers, gin and cocktails also decorate the drinks menu, which tastes perfectly when paired with fresh British food. Scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and fish & chips are also present for the delight of the traditionalists. 

The upstairs room hosts a private hire space where you can enjoy intimacy and share experiences with friends and family. Finally, take advantage of the roof terrace. But make sure you make reservations ahead of time because the place tends to fill up fast. Sip on mulled wine under a heater and some blankets, and relax.

The Market Tavern

Best Pubs in Mayfair

When we imagine a traditional pub, a dimly lit space, usually with beer pints flying around and lots of stools around a bar, comes to mind. The Market Tavern doesn’t quite work like that — that’s probably why it has become one of the best pubs in Mayfair. 

Here’s the best part: The place combines that classic English pub hospitality with innovative character and charm. Built-in 1808, The Market Tavern exudes a Victorian design, tucked away between the boutique shops and London cafés. It is the perfect place for a laid-back and memorable experience. Fine drinking and dining await you, and a lazy lunch never belonged so perfectly anywhere else. 

The menus are explorative and authentic, served inside a home-like, bright environment. The wood-panelled interiors and Victorian features turn this into an aesthetic paradise. The upstairs room is available for private hiring if you want to host a cosy and memorable dinner party. 

The seasonal dishes carry the best ingredients of British cuisine, like a sharing platter of rosemary and garlic camembert baked in sourdough. The main dishes are all creative and fresh, where meat and vegetables dance on the plate to create unique and mouthwatering flavours.

The Footman

Best Pubs in Mayfair

The Footman brings elegance and modernism into the world of classic British pubs. While doing so, it still manages to keep its original charm, all embedded into the fact that it is one of the oldest pubs in London. Since 1749, the place has stood as a boozy shelter for the footmen in service of Myafair households. It used to be called The Running House until it rebranded into something that carries the true luxury of Mayfair to the fullest. 

The Footman spreads over three floors, hosting a pub and dining room perfect for private events. The food here is traditional but presented with flair and style — and there is nothing better than that for those who want lavish authenticism. Although food service starts at midday, the place opens earlier for coffee, cocktails, and an occasional business meeting.

The menu works with some of the best English ingredients and classic dishes. A ham hock terrine with spiced apricot chutney and seeded crackers are an excellent way to start your meal. An oven-roasted lemon sole with capers, samphire, spring greens, and a parsley dressing follows suit perfectly. 

Sit at the bar with a pint of beer and eat a salt-beef sandwich— even the most authentic experiences make up The Footman.

The Guinea Grill

Best Pubs in Mayfair

The Guinea Grill specialises in dry-aged, grass-fed British beef from an open grill. Say no more because the charred crust on the meat already speaks for itself. As one of the best pubs in Mayfair, the place has been a timeless institution since it opened its doors in 1952. 

The Guinea Grill works with two lunch and two dinner seatings, where you will be shown to your reserved table. Once seated, await the juiciness of the fillet. The meat is carefully selected each morning by the chefs inside the kitchen, you expect nothing less than perfection once you take the first bite. 

Order from the a la carte menu and taste smoked salmon, devilled kidneys, prawn cocktails, and oysters. The award-winning pies are worth a taste but leave plenty of space for any of the seven cuts of meat and their sides. 

Aside from the food, explore the Young Ale’s selection at the bar. The wine list is also rich, and you can order labels from all over the world. Book a room for private events and celebrate special occasions with meat-loving friends and family.

The Iron Duke

Best Pubs in Mayfair

The Iron Duke is a hidden gem in Mayfair. When the flowers overhang in the doorway, expect to see a crowded pub filled with people who want to enjoy a pint of beer and dwell in a cosy atmosphere. Serving classic pub foods, the place worlds with fresh and delicate ingredients, only doing the best versions of any imaginable dish. 

You can indulge in traditional British food here, from fish & chips to juicy burgers and tuna melt sandwiches. Try the Fuller’s Black Cab ham with beer mustard and Cheddar cheese toastie. For those who love to pair pub food with drinks, The Iron Duke holds a rich collection of cask-conditioned ale. Aside from that, you can also order craft lagers, cider, spirits, and exclusive wines. 

Take advantage of their private dining experience too. Whether you want to host a business meeting or celebrate a birthday or two, The Iron Duke has function rooms that allow you to have all the privacy you want. 

This place blends the traditionality of British pubs and the flair of Mayfair. Enjoy wood-panelled interiors and bright lighting coming in during the day. At night, sip on some ale and munch on toasties, all while sharing the experience with those you love the most.

The King’s Head

The King’s Head merges different experiences into a single space. It is a pub, a theatre, and a jazz club, combining the best of each to create a memorable experience. The first thing to notice is their great selection of craft beers, with automatically turns this venue into one of the best pubs in Mayfair. Secondly, dwell on the worldwide wines and G&T trees. Then, savour their picked goods and toasties, which go perfectly with the environment and proposal of the place. You get the idea. 

The King’s Head was founded in 1970, the first theatre pub in London since Shakespeare’s times. This place offers a unique adventure by blending theatrical jazz performances with classic pub food, drinks, and decor.  As expected from a jazz club, the cocktails here are house twists applied upon traditional drinks— they say the negroni is a must, and we believe it. 

Order snacks, toasties and sharing boards. Watch opera and rodeo-themed performances while drinking well-elaborate cocktails, or chat with friends over a pint of beer.  The King’s Head welcomes all vibes and tastes, and you will always find something to mesmerise you.

Coach and Horses

Best Pubs in Mayfair

Coach and Horses states it is the last remaining vestige of proper pub-keeping. The venue opened in 1744, the oldest pub in Mayfair. It is in a neighbourhood that hosts designer fashion houses and boutique shops, so it has a renowned and luxurious reputation. Serving fine ales to locals and tourists alike, COach and Horses are undoubtedly one of the best pubs in Mayfair. 

Inside the place, you can find many of its original features. An old-fashioned cold room holds on to the pub’s origins, and centuries-old cellars attract wine enthusiasts from all over London. The bar is charming and filled with character, decked out with dark wood and completed with a fireplace. There are comfy spaces in all corners, and the cosiness of the pub attracts those who want to feel warm and nostalgic. 

Savour a pint of beer or ale while catching up with friends. Although their kitchen is temporarily closed, the wide selection of drinks will keep you well beyond entertained. The historic building features a white façade that takes you back to Victorian times, and you will most likely feel like you’re in an episode of Bridgerton.

The Clarence

The Clarence is strategically located right in the middle of the Picadilly hustle. It is a few steps away from London’s 1960s counterculture scene, surrounded by some of the city’s most iconic attractions. Find the Royal Academy of Arts, the Photographer’s Gallery, Green Park, and many other landmarks. This is a small reason why The Clarence has become of the best pubs in London. 

Other reasons include the individual style and exciting stories behind the pub’s design; Amazing view of The Ritz; Great hospitality and service, working with the finest ale and speciality foods; A Beer Library that excites your afternoon, presenting literature, artefacts and engraved tankards. And that’s just to name a few. 

The Clarence is where you come if you want to explore London’s architectural history since the 1800s flair surrounds the place. But don’t be mistaken for thinking that’s all you’ll get. Once inside, dwell on the highest quality pub food you can find. The pies here are exceptional, served under creamy mash or buttery pastry. Order a perfectly poured casket ale, a whisky dose, or a G&T made with one of the many gins on display to follow suit.

Goat Tavern

Best Pubs in Mayfair

At the front door, you can spot the Goat Tavern by its signature goat statue. The place was built in 1686 as a famous public house for the British Navy, which launched the craze for pub food, drinks, and the environment. This is where officers would meet up with spies in the afternoon, hoping that a pint or two of beer would help them get information to sink enemy ships. 

Today, it is one of the best pubs in Mayfair. Run by the Green King company, the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer, Goat Tavern manages to serve some of the best ale and beer in the country. Aside from the fantastic fresh beer, the pub also serves classic foods that please the palate. You’d expect to find fish & chips, burgers, pies, and many other dishes in a pub. This is the place to come if you want an authentic and uncomplicated pub experience. 

However, the main catch here is the venue’s rich history, which attracts many locals and tourists who want to travel through time. Snap a picture in front of the goat statue at the entrance and enjoy an afternoon of good food, drinks, and stories.

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