The Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

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Notting Hill is a haven for movie buffs and antique hunters and a paradise for wine lovers. This picturesque neighbourhood in West London has seen a blossoming of wine bars in the last few years. The best wine bars in Notting Hill offer a unique experience. They blend the area’s bohemian charm with a sophisticated selection of wines from around the globe.

In this eclectic corner of London, wine bars are more than just places to sip on your favourite red or white. They’re social hubs where people gather to unwind, celebrate, and explore the extensive, often artisanal, ranges of wine. These establishments pride themselves on their inviting atmospheres, knowledgeable staff, and their meticulously curated wine lists.


Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

Caia emerges as a culinary gem that transcends the traditional dining experience. At its core, Caia champions a philosophy where exceptional food takes centre stage. It comes with an exquisite selection of wines, cocktails, and an unparalleled vinyl music program.

The menu at Caia offers simple and elegant dishes designed for sharing and savouring. Drawing inspiration from global travels, nostalgic takeaways, and cherished childhood memories, the cuisine boasts bold flavours, rich textures, and an undeniable element of fire and fat. Wine enthusiasts will delight in the restaurant’s meticulously curated wine list. It features an impressive selection that caters to varied palates and preferences. Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, the wine offerings at Caia promise to complement every dish perfectly.

Music is special here, with a carefully chosen vinyl collection that spans genres from rare jazz and funk to tropical and disco to contemporary, soulful selections. The venue’s exceptional acoustics ensure that each record is heard and felt.

For those looking to host private events or intimate gatherings, Caia offers versatile spaces that can accommodate groups of varying sizes. From the semi-private Wine Room, ideal for groups of 8+, to the Green Room and the option to hire the entire venue, Caia is equipped to make every occasion extraordinary.

Website: Caia

Address: 46 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PR

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Equivalence stands out not just as an Espresso and Wine Bar but as a beacon of advocacy for Human Rights. With its mission deeply rooted in promoting justice, equality, and inclusion, the place represents a movement towards a more compassionate and equitable world.

This unique venue prides itself on serving organic fair-trade coffee. It goes alongside an extensive selection of wines by the glass sourced from around the globe. Here, a portion of all profits are donated to international organizations. They work with Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Equivalence’s interior exudes warmth and welcoming vibes, with decor that includes lush plants and soothing colours. Patrons can indulge in some of the best matcha lattes in London, made with ceremonial-grade powder. They can also savour the rich flavours of hot chocolates with varying cacao percentages. These are acclaimed for their delicious taste and balanced sweetness.

Their wine selection garners praise for its brilliance and diversity, featuring bottles from intriguing regions. The outdoor seating offers a spot for soaking up the sun, while the cosy indoor space provides a charming retreat. This is the kind of place people stumble upon and find exactly what they are looking for and certainly one of the best wine bars in Notting Hill. Encounter a phenomenal little spot that exceeds expectations.

Website: Equivalence

Address: 212 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1NR

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Tappo Enoteca Wine Bar

Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

Tappo Enoteca embodies the true essence of Italian wine culture in London. This enchanting wine bar and shop has a curated selection of Italian wines. It ranges from the well-loved classics to the hidden treasures of Italy’s diverse wine regions.

The interior design of Tappo Enoteca blends contemporary elegance with rustic Italian charm. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages conviviality and leisurely dining. The walls are adorned with shelves showcasing an impressive array of bottles. Each tells a story of heritage, terroir, and craftsmanship. The setting is perfect for casual visitors looking to explore Italian wines and connoisseurs seeking rare finds.

Tappo Enoteca’s menu splendidly complements its wine selection. It features a variety of small plates, artisanal cheeses, and cured meats that highlight the richness of Italian gastronomy. The knowledgeable staff at Tappo Enoteca is always on hand to guide guests through the wine list. They offer recommendations tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

Tappo Enoteca hosts regular wine-tasting events and workshops. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone looking to indulge in the pleasures of Italian wine culture.

Website: Tappo Enoteca Wine Bar

Address: 299 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2QA

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Franklin’s Wine

Franklin’s Wine is not just a wine shop; it’s the heart of the community. It invites people from every walk of life to come together in a welcoming atmosphere. Since opening its doors in 2020, Franklin’s has quickly become a staple in the local community. It is known for its exceptional service, exquisite selection of wines and cocktails, and the unique sense of hospitality that greets every guest.

This cosy establishment is a venue where memories are made. Whether it’s a first date, a special celebration, or a casual evening out with friends, they will conquer your heart. The in-house Sommelier is always on hand to guide patrons through an extensive selection of wines. The cocktail menu features the house special Franklin’s Fizz and a selection of non-alcoholic mocktails. It provides alternatives for those looking for something different.

Franklin’s also offers a curated selection of light bites, cheese, and meat plates. These perfectly complement their wine and cocktail offerings. These culinary delights and the option to enjoy a range of Cuban cigars make for an unparalleled drinking and dining experience. As a part of the fabric of Notting Hill and Portobello Road, Franklin’s Wine embodies the spirit of community and the joy of shared experiences.

Website: Franklin’s Wine

Address: 305 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2QA

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Jeroboams is a name synonymous with excellence in wine and cheese. The place has woven itself into the fabric of London’s affluent neighbourhoods since its humble beginnings as a cheese and wine club run by founder Peter Rich. This passion project, initiated in 1985 with a shop in South Kensington, quickly expanded into a revered business. It specialises in a curated selection of quality cheeses, oils, vinegar, and, most notably, wines, marking the commencement of an enduring legacy.

Over the years, Jeroboams’ journey has been marked by expansion, acquisitions, and a relentless dedication to quality. The incorporation of Laytons Wine Merchants and the historic acquisition of Milroy’s of Soho highlight its significant growth. Laytons, established in 1934 as a cornerstone in the UK wine industry, bolstered Jeroboams’ robust reputation. This alliance fortified Jeroboams’ portfolio, adding prestigious wineries such as Château Latour to its list.

The team, guided by Peter Mitchell MW, prides itself on direct relationships with producers worldwide. It embraces a shared ethos of producing high-quality wines for those who value them. This dedication has earned Jeroboams accolades such as Decanter Magazine’s Italian Specialist of the Year and the Outstanding Wine Retailer of the Year awards.

With ten shops across London’s most prestigious areas, Jeroboams has become a beacon for wine enthusiasts. From Mick Jagger to Meghan Markle, Jeroboams has charmed various notable figures alongside its loyal local clientele.

Website: Jeroboams

Address: 13 Elgin Cres, London W11 2JA

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Cépage[s] Wine Bistro

Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

In the Westbourne Village of Notting Hill, Cépage[s] emerges as a beacon of French culinary and oenological artistry in London. Established in 2014 by the dynamic duo Dan and Geoffray, Cépage[s] reflects a shared vision celebrating the exquisite interplay between gourmet food and exceptional wines.

Cépage[s] distinguishes itself by offering a dining experience that marries the conviviality of French tapas with the sophistication of fine dining. The menu, a creative twist on French gastronomy classics, celebrates the richness of seasonal ingredients. The essence of French cuisine is reimagined through a selection of tapas. They each crafted to evoke the flavours and aromas of France’s diverse regions.

As wine importers, Dan and Geoffrey curate an exclusive selection of boutique and fine wines. It emphasizes wineries that honour the integrity of their Terroir and exhibit a profound respect for their vineyards. Cépage[s]’s wine list is a meticulously assembled collection showcasing the best of what small, independent wineries offer. The thoughtful selection emphasizes wines that tell a story of place, process, and passion to make this one of the best wine bars in Notting Hill.

This is a place where food and wine are celebrated for their taste and ability to bring people together, creating moments of joy and discovery.

Website: Cépage[s] Wine Bistro

Address: 69 Westbourne Park Rd, London W2 5QH

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Golborne Deli & Wine Store

Golborne Deli & Wine elevates the concept of a traditional deli and wine shop by blending the finest sustainable wines with organic produce. Here, the ethos of quality and sustainability transcends every aspect of its operation, from the curated selection of wines and craft beers to the artisanal cheese, charcuterie, and seasonal produce that grace its shelves.

Patrons are invited to explore a meticulously selected range of organic, biodynamic, and sustainably produced wines from renowned and artisanal winemakers. This selection celebrates classic and innovative offerings. It includes smooth reds from Bordeaux, crisp whites from Campania, sparkling wines, rosés, and craft beers and spirits.

The deli component of Golborne Deli & Wine is a treasure trove of organic and sustainable produce. They are all sourced from independent and artisan producers. The deli’s offering spans artisanal cheeses, carefully curated charcuterie, a bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables. They also have a wide array of vegan and vegetarian options.

Online ordering and UK-wide delivery services allow customers to enjoy their exquisite wine and produce selections from the comfort of their homes. Golborne Deli & Wine is more than just a place to shop; it’s a community hub where sustainable living, exceptional taste, and the joys of discovery converge.

Website: Golborne Deli & Wine Store

Address: 100-102 Golborne Rd, London W10 5PS

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Made In Little France 

Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

Made in Little France is a testament to the enduring passion and dedication to the French “terroir” and its rich culinary heritage. Maxence, a proud descendant of a Parisian shopkeeper family, brings the legacy of French craftsmanship and tradition since the 1950s to the streets of London. The inception of Made in Little France’s first London shop in 2013 marked a new chapter in this storied history, introducing Londoners to an exquisite collection of wines and produce directly imported from local French producers with whom Maxence and his family have nurtured relationships for decades.

With full respect for their customs and ensuring fairness in cost, Made in Little France curates a selection that reflects the depth and variety of France’s wine regions and agricultural bounty. The shop is more than just a retail space; it’s an immersive experience of French culture, offering patrons wine and a journey through the flavours and stories of France’s countryside.

Beyond its retail offerings, Made in Little France is also a hub for events, wine tastings, and personalized services such as wedding planning, corporate gifts, and expert advice on food and wine pairings. The team, knowledgeable and passionate about French wines and produce, offers personalized service, including free in-store tastings. Made in Little France bridges the gap between French producers and London’s cosmopolitan residents and serves as a vibrant community space where the love for French “terroir” is celebrated.

Website: Made In Little France 

Address: 38 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH

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The Kensington Wine Rooms

The Kensington Wine Rooms is a celebration of viticulture. This establishment prides itself on a meticulous selection process that ensures each wine reflects its origin, capturing the essence of the grape, the soil it grew in, and the winemaker’s vision. With wines ranging from accessible delights at £3.00 a glass to the esteemed Bordeaux first growths at £65 a glass, there’s something for every palate and occasion.

Housing an impressive collection of 150 bins and offering an extensive array of 40 wines by the glass, The Kensington Wine Rooms invites guests to explore the vast world of wine with the help of a pre-paid card, either independently or with guidance from knowledgeable wine specialists. The selection doesn’t stop at wine; guests can enjoy sparkling and sweet wines, carefully brewed beers from Greenwich, and spirits distilled in Hammersmith’s Brackenbury village.

The food menu perfectly complements the wine tastings, with British cheeses and Spanish meats, perfectly aged Scottish beef, and Gressingham duck. The Kensington Wine Rooms also hosts regular wine classes, inviting guests to deepen their understanding of wine and find new favourites. For those who wish to enjoy their discoveries at home, all wines are available at take-out prices.

Website: The Kensington Wine Rooms

Address: 127-129 Kensington Church St, London W8 7LP

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Flora Fine Wines

Best Wine Bars in Notting Hill

Flora Fine Wines, another of the best wine bars in Notting Hill, was established in 2018 by Abbi Moreno, a third-generation vintner with deep roots in the industry. The place blooms on the historical site where her grandparents, Juan and Salome Moreno, embarked on their vinous journey in 1968. Abbi, bringing with her 28 years of experience from Moreno Wines and her son Dillon, a fresh University of Leeds graduate turned wine aficionado, have continued to weave the family’s passion for wine.

Transitioning with the times, Flora Fine Wines has evolved from a traditional bottle shop to a wine and tapas bar, offering patrons exceptional wines to enjoy at home and the opportunity to savour these selections on-site, paired with a curated Spanish Pintxos menu.

Abbi and Dillon curate the wine selection at Flora Fine Wines, showcasing their commitment to quality and diversity. Specializing in Spanish wines imported directly from the wineries, the shop also features a broad array of international offerings from countries such as France, Italy, Hungary, and Greece. Flora Fine Wines symbolizes the Moreno family’s rich heritage in the wine industry and stands as a beacon for wine lovers and food enthusiasts alike.

Website: Flora Fine Wines

Address: 11 Marylands Rd, London W9 2DU

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