The Best London Clubs On Thursday

We always choose the best clubs every night of the week, so here are the best London clubs on Thursday. No more waiting for the weekend!



best London clubs on Thursday

Maddox runs some of the most infamous nights out in London, it’s signature night is on a Thursday, so it deserved a place on the list of best London clubs on Thursday! 

A venue fit for Royalty, literally. Maddox is one of the most exclusive clubs in Mayfair, it’s a place that anyone and everyone want to go.  The minimalist decor and many rooms mean whatever mood or type of night you are looking for, Maddox has got you covered. Getting inside can be challenging with their past guests, including royalty and countless A-List celebrities. The dress code for ladies is smart, so dresses and heels and for gentlemen, it’s also smart.

Maddox will treat anyone like royalty, give it a go, we guarantee you an amazing experience!



best London clubs on Thursday

Tonteria quite literally translates to ‘nonsense‘. As you may have heard, there is a tequila train for those of you who would like to board and embrace a night full of nonsense. Tonteria is one for tequila lovers, cocktails created with tequila at heart and many sharing cocktails such as ‘The Tequila Slammer’ (drink at your own risk).

Located next to Sloane Square station in the affluent and grand Chelsea area. Your night is guaranteed to be filled with sophistication, so heels and dresses are essential for ladies, and gentlemen should wear shoes and shirts to avoid disappointment and arrive early!

Tonteria deserves a place on the best London clubs on Thursday, it’s different, exclusive, classy and of course, who doesn’t want to party like they are in Mexico, just leave your flip-flops at home!



WYLD club London opened in late July 2021 as London’s first ecologically sustainable nightclub. It is also the first new VIP guestlist club in London to open following the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme of WYLD club is ecology, offering a unique feel all the way through. The decorative plants and shimmering silver glitter balls hanging from the ceiling encapsulate the club’s vibe, and the LED tree serves as the centrepiece of the venue. The magnificent snake-shaped throne, located towards the right of the entrance in its own area, also makes the club luxurious and special.

The cocktail bar offers a variety of uniquely themed drinks created by some of the world’s top mixologists. Under the bar is an eye-catching silver puma statue. The wallpaper covering the ceiling also features pumas and other floral designs. The VIP area at WYLD club is magnificent and is one of the main attractions in the club.



Reign Club London is the exclusive members’ nightclub that arrived in London in mid-September 2017. It features exquisite interior design built to impress, located at Piccadilly Circus. It is also London’s first ‘Showclub’, founded by the team behind other successful London high-end nightclubs Cirque Le Soir and Drama. The venue has been completely revamped and redesigned to fit the ‘Showclub’ description.

A night out at Reign Club London features performance artists, theatre acts, stage shows, aerial acts, dancers, fire artists, acrobats, musicians, a merchandise stall and much more, all with the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. There are 2 performance stages on which the acts take place.

The interior of Reign club is split into two levels – the main floor and the upstairs mezzanine level. Chandeliers adorn the ceilings, and an impressive spiral staircase rounds off the extravagant venue.



Tabu club London was founded by the team behind nearby Reign Showclub following their huge success in reinvigorating the London VIP club scene. The club is set over 2 levels, with each offering a different experience. The overall theme of Tabu is inspired by the gritty, seedy backstreets of some of Asia’s most populous cities, including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.

On entering Tabu London, you’ll see neon Tabu logos lighting up the staircases. Neon street signs hang from the walls and ceilings, complementing the back street vibe. Even the bathrooms can’t escape the theme, being decked out in black-and-white Manga cartoons.

There is graffiti across the walls bearing artistic displays. Newspaper and magazine cuttings decorate the pillars to truly make you feel like you’re hanging out in the back alleys. The crowd at Tabu club ranges from the elite to beautiful to A-list celebrities. Music is usually R&B, hip-hop, or other commercial music from some of the world’s top DJs.



Luxx debuted on the Mayfair high-end club scene in mid-September 2019 with an electrifying light show theme. The venue is located on the famous Berkeley Street, one of the most exclusive destinations for those looking for London’s top nightlife.

Luxx’s theme is light. Upon entrance, the staircase is adorned with cascading red lights that bring you into their world of electricity. The walls are decorated with moving light boards showing retro-style video arcade games and provocative LED imagery. Inside, find many horizontal and vertical neon strip lights.

The club is enormous–– there are large tables and incredible VIP tables situated on raised areas on each side of Luxx. The dancefloor sweeps between the tables and the DJ booth, with the bar on the club’s far side. Luxx plays a mixture of commercial R&B, hip-hop, and its unique brand of music. There’s definitely something for everyone here.



The Windmill Soho is a London club, restaurant, cabaret, and cocktail bar all in one. They offer an immersive theatre experience, a new way to define the “dinner and a show” venturing. Explore the menu crafted by Michelin-starred Andrey Mcleish and sip on a cocktail created by Andy Mill, a well-known mixologist. Pair your meal with a house cocktail. The blends here are highly creative, both in name and ingredients used.

Head downstairs and find Henderson’s, a secret and exclusive cocktail bar. It is an invite-only speakeasy venue with live music and plenty of entertainment.

On Saturdays, attend Windmill Soho’s bottomless brunch with a Cabaret show. Taste Scottish lobster with red chilli, tomato and parsley while sipping champagne and watching dancers take over the stage. Come back later at night and dance until dawn at the nightclub. Book a table and order bottle service as you listen to some of the best London DJs playing their sets. The Windmill Soho is a genuinely immersive experience made for the most exclusive crowds of Soho.


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