Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

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London is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, where everything is elevated and worked to excellence. It is no surprise that the Chinese culinary scene of London is over the top. Especially in a posh and elegant neighbourhood like Mayfair. The English and Chinese already share a common passion for tea and the good life. The best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair explore all the connections between both cultures, while still elevating the traditional and authentic aromas of Chinese food. 

Here you will find restaurants that celebrate China’s complex and unique culture. From dim sums to honey-glazed pork, these are the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair. Indulge in their eccentric flavours and exotic decor while travelling to the other side of the world.


Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

Kai Mayfair is the highest-ranked and one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair. Serving lunch and dinner seven days per week, this venue is famous for blending traditional flavours and techniques with modern trends and technology. At Kai Mayfair, you can find light and aromatic dishes that transport you to luxurious eating in China and other Eastern cultures. 

With cuisine inspired by Southern China traditions, Kai Mayfair mixes the eastern and western worlds into its plates, with little touches of individuality that make its food eccentric. With a floral and light-coloured decor, the place remains delicate, even if being on the other spectrum of minimalism. Freedom of exploration is a mantra at this restaurant. Tradition never holds anyone back but instead gives them a north to which flavours should be created in the kitchen. 

Yee Sangs, which are raw fish salads, start the dinner menu. Find seabass with sweet plum and ginger vinaigrette, salmon and yellowtail with sweet chilli and pickled archar. For the main course, pick from a vast array of seafood and meat options. Taste tiger prawns with crisp curry leaves and a dressing of lemon, chilli, Indian and Chinese flavours. Maybe go for the soy and honey marinated roast lamb, lightly spiced with red chillies, shallots, garlic and coriander.

Afternoon tea is also a famous offer at Kai Mayfair. It contributes to its status as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair.


Art and ancient traditions inspired Hakkasan. Whether that’s in their wine philosophy, creative cocktails or delicate patisserie, all we know is that they excel at blending the old and new. Ancient gastronomy customs from the east inspire the dishes here, adapted to modern-day techniques and palates. Here, authentic Cantonese recipes embrace contemporary preparation methods and presentation, creating flavours that travel through time. 

Hakkasan is also a place for wine lovers. Here one can find over 400 wines from different parts of the world, from classics to exclusive vintage options. Not a fan of wine? That’s okay. The cocktails here are extremely artistic expressions of modernity, where the six-house options enchant everybody through all five senses. Regarding the food, be ready to try the patisserie techniques at Hakkasan. Chefs mix traditional preparation methods with modern technology to create distinctive pastries.  

Eastern sensuality has found a home in London. The interior design of the place complements its timely cuisine. Opulence and intimacy unite in dark wooden screens, dim lighting, and traditional Chinese motifs. Find blue and golden shades of light and decor. An extensive and rich bar and upbeat ambience music help you get in the mood for luxury.

Park Chinois 

Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

Park Chinois is opulence at its most refined expression. Inspired by the 1930’s Shanghai vibrant and colourful scenario, the restaurant brings experiential dining and eccentric Chinese food to your table. The restaurant is divided into two rooms, each displaying glamorous and lavish interiors. On the ground floor, find the Salon de Chine and dine with the company of live music and unique cocktails. Head down to the lower floor and experience Club Chinois, with late-night DJ sets, drinks, and incredible Chinese cooking. 

Explore authentic Chinese food and the many influences it has collected over the centuries. The menu, crafted by Lee Che Liang, is an expression of his world travels, paired with eastern and western flavours and influences. The result is a seasonal menu that only works with the freshest ingredients, always adding a bold and personal taste to the dish.

On the dinner menu, find salt and pepper squid with coconut flakes, a dish that explores the marvels that exist in simplicity. Order Wagyu, fish, vegetarian dishes, dim sums, noodles, and soup. Taste the Cantonese roast duck with champagne and orange sauce. Feel the skin’s crispness contrasting with the meat’s juiciness and the tangy break from the orange. Saturday brunches and special events are also worth the exploration.  

Min Jiang

Bill Granger Granger & Co Pavilion Rd Chelsea

On the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel, you will find the Min Jiang rooftop bar and restaurant. Here, indulge in a fine dining, authentic Chinese experience. In Min Jiang, you find a classic ambience overlooking Hyde Park, with stunning views of the trees and the London skyline. White cloths cover the tables, and oriental vases and sculptures decorate the red walls. The tasting menu allows you to taste different flavours from China during lunch or dinner. 

Here you have the opportunity to try the ancient Chinese recipe for wood-fired Beijing Duck. The duck is presented to the table in completely different cooking processes with two different servings. First, try a crispy duck skin dipped in granulated sugar, paired with pancakes with garlic paste and radish cabbage. Then, pick from four different options for your second serving. Minced duck in a lettuce wrap, fried rice with diced duck breast, vegetable soup with tofu and duck meat, or fried noodles with sliced duck.

Also, taste the roasted lamb with cumin and the famous house dim-sums in various flavours and colours. Wine and sake are also part of the menu, along with cocktails like the Midnight Lotus and the oriental Mojito.

Mimi Mei Fair 

Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

Mimi Mei Fair is one of the best-kept secrets of the London dining scene. It is nested inside a Georgian townhouse in Mayfair. Spread across three floors, the restaurant is a reimagination of empress Mimi’s house, the keeper of some of China’s most eccentric culinary secrets. Five dining rooms on the first and second floors capture the glamour of 1920s Shanghai. It blends oriental classicism with modern eclecticism. Heirlooms and antiques decorate every corner of Mimi Mei Fair, taking you on a travel through time and design. 

The menus at this venue highlight Mimi’s travels worldwide, as she captured flavours and essences from different cultures, merging them with traditional Chinese cooking to create something personal and unique. Order the caramelised crispy Mandarin beef with mandarin zest and sour hawthorn berries and feel the fruity tang break through the fatty and juicy meat. For vegetarians and vegans, the braised truffled ‘trio’ of mushrooms is a balanced blend of shimeji, shiitake and eryngii. 

An entire dim sum menu offers Peking duck baos, octopus Sui Mei, and Canadian scallop dumplings. For dessert, find a coconut and mango vegan sundae with toasted coconut flakes, fresh mango and coconut caramel. Explore the cocktail list and order house specials that blend western spirits with Chinese aromas. 

China Tang 

China Tang can be found inside the luxurious Dorchester Hotel, offering the finest Cantonese cuisine outside of China. The restaurant is celebrated for conquering the challenge of serving comfort foods with elegance and flair. Leading the kitchen, you can find the flamboyant personality of Sir David Tang, who impresses every sumptuous diner with his dishes, both in flavour and presentation.

Enter through the unpretentious park lane doors and descend into a pre-war Shanghai decor. Art shines in every corner of China Tang, and traditional Chinese ornaments decorate the walls. Dine in the main room and taste the authentic flavours of Chinese food. Fresh ingredients take over your plate in the form of dim sums, bronzed and juicy Peking duck, or lobster noodles. Sip on authentic Cantonese afternoon tea at the bar and listen to live music.

China Tang is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair because it knows how to blend tradition and modernity. Although they celebrate authenticity, you can still find house creations like a wagyu Taro puff with caviar or a lemon salted egg yolk custard bun. There is no limit to good flavour. The dim sums, one of the restaurant’s main points of pride, are served all day long, celebrating Cantonese culture and tradition.

Lucky Cat

Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

There is no mention of fine dining in London without uttering the name of Gordon Ramsay. With Lucky Cat, the celebrity chef explores Asian cuisine and blends it with British classics, creating something extraordinary and powerfully flavourful. With an interior design that drafts from Tokyo’s 1930s glamour and the drinking dens of Shanghai, the restaurant is a neo-cultural hub for the most elegant diners of Mayfair. 

At Lucky Cat, you are transported to the Asian dancing scene of extravagant clubs, where every dish is conceived for sharing. An open kitchen serves small plates, sushi, sashimi and Robata grilled foods. Start your meal with a selection of baos like the bonito fried duck leg with spicy hoisin and pickled cucumber. A salt and pepper fried squid comes with a pistachio crust, and monkfish and bacon skewers are glazed with honey kombu. A blend of textures and flavours dance in your mouth, and you know why this is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair. 

Frankensteinian versions of cocktails mix the best parts of classics to create something unusual and aromatic. The Matcha Picchu, for example, drafts the burnt-wine aspects of pisco, blending them with the earthy flavours of matcha green tea and the sourness from the lime and egg white combination. 

Ping Pong

Ping Pong has many locations spread across London. It is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair because it offers authentic dim sum and other buns, all crafted in the traditional Chinese manner. Taste dumplings and baos and feel your taste buds travelling to the old Chinese continent, exploring the authentic spices and aromas of classic eastern cooking. 

Handcrafting their buns each morning, the staff at Ping Pong knows how to cherish tradition. The fillings are always fresh and seasonal, and the dipping sauces always match what’s inside. Whether on the sweet and savoury contrast or tangy complementations of fat, every flavour always works together in harmony. Enjoy your dim sums with cocktails, and let the house creations mesmerise your senses. Seasonal ingredients again play a role in the aromatic properties of each cocktail. 

Take a journey through the dim sum menu, and taste wonders like the smoked chilli chicken wings made with cherrywood smoked chicken wings and a tangy tomato chilli sauce. For vegetarians, the Cantonese mushroom puff comes with casseroled vegetables and Chinese mushrooms in a honey-glazed puff pastry. Cocktails range from a pear, apple and cinnamon old-fashioned to an aromatic kumquat mojito. Everything is unique and tasty, as it was always meant to be.

Din Tai Fung

Best Chinese Restaurants in Mayfair

Din Tai Fung is the gastronomic legacy of Mr Bing-Yi Yang’s life journey from 1927 until the opening of one of the best Chinese restaurants in Mayfair. From China’s Shanxi province to Taiwan and then London, the mastermind behind delicious Xiao Long Baos and Steamed Chicken Soup has conquered one Michelin Star with his humbly and authentic cooking. By devoting its art to tradition and authenticity, Din Tai Fung entered the European dining stage as one of the voices of Chinese cuisine. 

With strict standards and impeccable service and preparation, the restaurant allows diners to taste beyond the food in front of them. They get to savour the real complexity of eastern cooking and culinary heritage. The infamous Xiao Long Bao classic house offer has at least 18 folds, hugging minced pork and soft dough. Steamed buns are spongy and soft, wrapped around chilli crab, pork, vegetables or chicken. Mushrooms and truffles are also filling options. 

Dine in a modern and spacious room that connects tradition to modernity. Wooden round tables and metal chairs are surrounded by greenery and natural light. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, with enough extravagance to make your dim sums glitter under the golden light. 

The Ivy Asia 

The Ivy Asia is a restaurant that brings Pan-Asian cuisine to Mayfair. The restaurant offers you a full-sensory experience. The cocktails are crafted to perfection, and the place’s bright and theatrical interior design highlights the experience. Find dishes elaborated on the multiple cultures and countries of Asia. 

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu to suit those with dietary restrictions. The dishes are based on the traditions and culture of the multiple countries spread across the Asian continent, so rich flavour and presentation are guaranteed. 

The a la carte menu includes many sushi platters to share, including a Japanese-inspired Bonsai sharing plate. Find dozens of fresh sashimi, small dishes like tempura and dumplings, and large dishes with wagyu beef, fresh salmon, and roasted aubergine. Get the lunch stack, share a multi-course meal with your partner, or go for the house-famous crispy duck, served with imperial caviar. Special seasonal menus are available. 

Inside, find a colourful and not at all minimalistic decor and design. Bright shades of colour take over the space, with a green floor, pink cherry blossoms taking over the ceiling and some corner walls, and lavishing and eclectic furniture spreading around the spacious dining room. Cobalt blue booths highlight the lively environment, and the colourful stained glass windows add to the flair of the place.

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