Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in London

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London is a melting pot of different cultures, seen in its architecture, art, fashion, and, obviously, cuisine. The city is known for hosting some of the best chefs and restaurants globally. They always present visitors and locals with new and intriguing flavors. As international cuisines are common and famous in the city, so are the fusions they create with local culture and culinary customs. Asian fusion restaurants in London have something unique and extraordinary – the perfect combination and mixture of design, flavor, and vision.

The London palate is highly inviting to the fresh and aromatic dishes from diverse Asian countries. When those ingredients merge with English tradition, extravagant flavors come to the surface. On this list, we will provide you with 10 of the best Asian fusion restaurants spread across London. Here, you will probably find your new favorite cuisine. 


Inamo for best Asian fusion restaurants in London

Inamo is a visually stimulating restaurant with Soho, Camden, and Covent Garden units. They specialize in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean cuisine. The renowned TimeOut publication in the LoveLondon awards voted the place the best brunch in Central London. They use interactive technology to create projections over the customers’ table. While waiting for your meal, you can play games, draw and color graffiti-style images. Also, customize the table surface with your art, or even watch the chef preparing meals through a live camera feed. You can also order your meals on this projection system, designed by chef Stefan Markov. 

Here, the food is a pan-Asian mixture, where flavors from different Asian cuisines combine to create something new. The house sushi and sashimi are famous, especially their Dragon rolls. The Asian tapas include Yuzu Pork Belly. Chilli and Honey Tiger Prawns is a spicy dish with some lemon on the side to squeeze over it. There are also plenty of vegetarian dishes like the Bang Bang Cauliflower, toasted with sweet and spicy sauces. The Shishito Peppers with olive oil and sea salt drizzle are popular too. The interior design of all three venues highlights the caricaturesque image of Asia. Thin wood and marble walls, a beige undertone, and dim lighting are common. 


Mommi is where fusion cuisine encounters visual art. A mixture of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine submerged in veganism, this restaurant promises fresh flavors with a unique cultural experience. The exotic decor of the establishment already mesmerizes customers. It has plates and silverware imported from Japan and a bright outdoor terrace. The interior design makes you feel like you’ve landed between Latin exploration and classic Asian vintage. Small artistic images cover the walls. The lamps give yellow lighting to the dining room, filled with red-leather booths and wooden tables and chairs. The large bar showcases diverse Latin and Asian spirits used by bartenders to create famous and creative house cocktails. The Pisco Piña Picante, made with almond syrup and fresh aji chili, is a popular choice. The Sugar Mommi, with Limoncello and watermelon syrup, is also trendy. 

The menu has a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. It also includes the classics like ceviche and tacos. The plates always have a particular house twist to them, granting aromatic and zesty notes to the dish.  The Crisp-Fried Belly Pork Bites are a popular choice. It comes with caramelized agave and toasted sweet potatoes to balance the fatness and juiciness of the meat. Also, the bottomless brunch is a blast. Here, traditional brunch dishes gain a Latino spicy twist and an Asian aromatic add-on. 


Novikov introduces Pan-Asian and Italian cuisine, each represented on a different venue floor. After ten years of operation, it is still one of the most influential restaurants in the luxury dining scene of London, and,  judging by the fact that it hosts two completely distinctive cuisines, that is an impressive accomplishment.  On the first floor, you will find the Pan-Asian restaurant, designed to resemble an Asian market with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood exposed in the center of the salon. Cracked stone walls and bamboo chandeliers complement the decor without drifting the focus away from the food. Here you find fresh oysters, duck winglets, premium sushi, and dim sums, all carrying traditional flavors from Asia. 

Go upstairs and enter a Sicilian summer terrace decor, with charcoal textured white columns and small olive trees in the middle of the dining room. There are also fresh products exposed over wine barrels, like shiny red tomatoes and olive oil. Wooden tables and chairs match the leathered walls and brown-toned bar. A wide variety of salads, bruschettas, and fresh pasta dishes take over the menu, as well as carpaccios, meat, and fish. 


Sushisamba is probably the most beautiful restaurant on this list. It is where the Brazilian tropical feels of Copacabana meet the fresh and aromatic flavors of Japan. The environment feels like a bossa-nova video clip, with tropical plants decorating the dining room, an explosion of colors and textures on the walls and furniture, and bright daylight coming in from the large windows that cover entire walls. On the rooftop of the Heron Tower with a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, Sushisamba is a fusion restaurant that promises a lot of fun, music, and flavors. The bamboo ceiling covers the black and white tile floor, bright orange booths, and wooden furniture. Plants hover over the bar, with velvety blue stools in front of it. A large tree with red and orange leaves decorates the outdoor terrace.

Sushisamba blends Brazilian, Peruvian, and Japanese food to create sushi rows with unique flavors. The dish presentations are just as mesmerizing as the interior design, where contrasting colors complement each other. From Brazilian churrasco and moqueca to Peruvian ceviche and Japanese edamame – here you can find fresh and aromatic flavors. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, beautiful and fragrant cocktails, and sweet and balanced desserts. Samba performances are also typical!


Bintang doesn’t serve alcohol, but they allow you to bring in as much as you want, as long as you pay for corkage. But honestly, you don’t even need it. The food here is so good you wouldn’t want the flavors crossing with anything else. It started as an Indonesian and Malaysian restaurant, later developing into a Pan-Asian cuisine that celebrates classic eastern Asian foods and ingredients. They serve comforting noodles and curries in an intimate environment, exploring Filipino aromas and playing with spices. The restaurant doesn’t look fancy, with a small dining room and a humble wood bar on the back. The chairs are simple and white linens cover the tables, all surrounded by rustic brick walls. The place looks like an authentic Asian market, where you’d sit to grab a quick and simple bite. However, there is nothing simple about the food served at this family-owned restaurant.

They serve Beef Bintang dishes with an aromatic coconut and lemongrass sauce, and duck pancakes are perfect for sharing with the table. They also do Silogs all day long; breakfast skillets are served directly from the oven. The chef specials include braised fried ribs with banana barbecue sauce and the house dirty fried rice. Bubble tea is also available! 

Chino Latino

Chino Latino is a restaurant that mixes Pan-Asian cuisine with Peruvian elements, creating a multi-award-winning menu. It is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in London. Here, the exotic dishes are always complimented by well-elaborated cocktails made by professional mixologists who bring forward Latin aromas and flavors. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Park Plaza London Riverbank Hotel, and from there, you have a panoramic view of the River Thames from windows covering the entire wall. Inside, black furniture contrasts with the bright red lamps on the floor and mood lighting from candles. The seats and tables are low, lounge-styled, and there you can spend the evening tasting cocktails and sushi that melts in your mouth.  The bar is long and exposes plenty of international spirits and liquors that create the renowned cocktails of Chino Latino. 

The food is also out of this world. Praised for their black cod with spicy miso and sirloin steak served on hot rocks, the restaurant offers a Pan-Asian fusion menu that draws inspiration from Chinese, Japanese, and various eastern Asian cuisines. Different dim sum options are also available, from vegetable gyoza to stuffed red chili and soft shell crab. Duck breast with miso aji and lime, seared salmon belly with grapefruit miso, and wagyu are also part of the experience. Order a tasting menu if you’d like, and pair it with fresh Peruvian-inspired cocktails. Don’t forget about dessert. 


Dishoom is where Bombay found a home in London. With different units across the city, the restaurant attracts customers who end up having a fantastic time with quality Indian food, a cozy and homey environment, and friendly and welcoming staff. They’ve designed the famous King’s Cross unit to resemble an old train station. It has British colonial reminiscence and bright western Asian colors. Worn paint covers the walls behind the railway-like stairs, where you’ll find a large white clock on top. The furniture is purposely humble and brings you back to the 1920s, as people were bustling around to catch their train or have a coffee while waiting. Other units follow the idea of telling a story through its design and environment. Here, the bar serves cask and bottle-aged godown cocktails, bringing forward the Indian heritage of flavors. 

For the all-day lunch and dinner menu, pick from the chef’s special lamb-on-the-Bone stew served with naan, or choose from the wide variety of small and large dishes. Breakfast is served until 11:45, and here you can order traditional Indian and Irani cooked dishes like Kejriwal (fried eggs on chili cheese toast). Naan rolls are also a famous breakfast option. Dishoom is constantly paying tribute to classic Irani and Indian foods by serving modern versions of traditional Biryani (slow-cooked chicken on a pot), open-air marinated grills, samosas, or Roomali Roti rolls, which are prepared at the table. 


Nopi is a restaurant run by chef David Bravo from Ecuador, who brings his heritage and passion for cooking to the tables of London, fusioning his cuisine with Pan-Asian elements to create unique and bold dishes. The menu, which changes every season, embraces vegetarianism with options like the Roasted butternut squash, which comes with caramelized pumpkin seeds and green tahini. Here, elements of different cultures complement each other on the plate. The rainbow trout with apple labneh is elevated by the sweet flavors of macadamia and watercress pesto. As a main dish, the Lamb rump with the tang of cranberries surprisingly matches the roasted pepper, peanuts, and anchovies that follow suit. 

The interior is serene, not to overshadow the complexity of the flavors presented on the dishes. Cream-colored floors, white tiled walls, and large communal tables create a calm environment that welcomes any type of customer. The open kitchen also invites guests into the casual experience of healthy eating with ingredients from remote world regions. The cocktails are house adaptations of classics, where Asian herbs blend with tropical rums, and curry syrup adapts to chili jam. 


Kanishka is a Michelin-starred restaurant that celebrates the foods from North Eastern Indian states. When talking about the best Asian fusion restaurants in London, we could not leave this one behind. Here, humble dishes with elevated simplicity rely less on oils and spices, exploring the combination of fresh and quality ingredients. The result is various menus that bring forward aromatic and well-balanced flavors. For starters, pigeon breast with beetroot, amal asaar, and pistachio, or maybe a tandoori mixed grill experience. Main courses include lamb biryani with rice and pineapple or venison steak with apricot and blackberry raita. The tasting menu, which can come with wine pairings, offers scallops, chicken tikka pie with a berry compote, monkfish on banana blossoms, and goat curry with cumin. 

The restaurant has two floors and undeniable intimacy. Upstairs, turquoise decorates the bar and walls, contrasting with the black and white marble floor, countertop, and light gray furniture. Downstairs, a less formal garden-like environment can be found, with large tables perfect for group meals. The cream palate from the walls, chairs, and booths matches the green from the tables and plants hanging from the ceiling. Every dish is an explosion of simple flavors that come together to create something unique. 

Banana Tree

Banana Tree brings Pan-Asian street food to London, exploring cuisines from Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. A humble option if compared with other recommendations from this list, the restaurant has over nine units across England and keeps growing in popularity. Tailor-made for the younger crowd, they have boozy and creative drinks, hammock chairs, and DJs playing classic party hits. The restaurant offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian meals. Spicy eggplant with tamarind and coconut kari are two popular choices. If you’re a meat-eater, go for the Malaysian prawn kari or the crowd-pleaser Thai green curry. 

A laid-back and well-designed space welcomes customers. Terra-cotta brick walls match the wood tables, chairs, and stools. White bricks contrast with the green tiles on the countertops, and plants add to the tropical dry forest environment. No matter which venue you go to or the slight variations they may have on decor and design, the tables are large and can fit many people, perfect for big groups who want to come in, try some traditional eastern Asian food with beer, and have fun. Here, modern Asian food is served without taking away its original aromas and charm. 

Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in London 

London is where you’ll find some of the best Asian Fusion restaurants. The concentrated population of immigrants from Asian countries makes it the perfect spot for cultural expression, creating venues that thrive because of their aromatic dishes and modern approach to classic cuisine. 

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