Best Bars in Mayfair 

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Mayfair is one of the most luxurious and famous neighbourhoods in London, and the best bars in Mayfair reflect all the elegance that takes place here. The beauty of a cocktail is its capability of bringing us incomparable joy and lightness of spirit. A well-crafted cocktail does that, but it also brings a touch of creativity, uniqueness, and aesthetic pleasure. However, an excellent bar goes beyond the exceptional quality of its drinks. It also counts on impeccable service and a well-designed environment, transporting you somewhere new and exciting.

Here, we will introduce you to the best bars in Mayfair. Whether inside a 5-star hotel or on the corner of a busy street, these bars will provide you with the best experience possible, rinsed in luxury and splashed with elegance. 

Claridge’s Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Inside the 5-star Claridge Hotel, you will find the Champagne bar. It is one of the best bars in Mayfair, working with only the best quality ingredients and the best service imaginable. Inside an art-deco interior, you can taste premium bottles of champagne and well-crafted cocktails. The place has an extensive menu. It showcases rare labels of champagne and spirits so you can gift your tastebuds with unique flavours. 

The cocktail menu offers a mix of timeless classics and house originals. Order a negroni or an old fashioned and sense the attention to detail on the temperature and dilution of the drink. The bartender can also craft any of the world-classics your request. As for house specials, taste The Mayfair cocktail. It is made with Hennessy VSOP, Carpano Antica, Laphroaig 10yo, and Amaretto Dissarono. The Coconut Drop is a blend of Bombay Premium Cru, St. Germain, Dry Vermouth, coconut, and lime for something a little fresher. 

The Claridge’s bar also carries a rich collection of prohibition whiskeys. Very few selected American distilleries produced these bottles during the prohibition era. Take a sip and sense flavours you’ve never tried before. Visit the Fumoir and the Painter’s Room for different environments and enjoy an exceptional flavours and design evening.

Donovan Bar

The Donovan Bar is a cocktail bar inside Brown’s Hotel in London. It is the place for those who genuinely know how to appreciate a well-crafted cocktail. Salvatore Calabrese, a leading name in the cocktail world, created it. Blending timeless classics with his original combinations, the expert has created an exclusive menu that explores impeccable flavours and aromas. Today, customers can indulge in some of his original creations. 

The Donovan Bar is intimate and sophisticated, with dim lighting shining over wooden floors and teal seats. In a 1960s photography-themed room, you can lounge on velvety booths by the windows. Lose yourself in deep conversations and complex drinks. Photographs by Terence Donoval decorate the grey walls. Labels of some of the best spirits and liquors in the world stand behind the L-shaped bar. 

Order the fresh and vibrant Wilde Nights. It is made with Black Bush Irish whiskey, green Chartreuse, homemade apple vermouth, a spray of absinthe, Acqua Bianca, and a splash of Champagne. To get close to the classics, go for the Breakfast Martini, where you’ll taste Bombay Sapphire gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, and orange marmalade. The menu features many unique and creative cocktails and some well-known classics like Aviation, Negroni, and Brandy Alexander. We recommend The Donovan Bar as one of the best bars in Mayfair.

10º Sky Bar 

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste the smokiness of a mezcal cocktail while staring at the sunset over the London skyline? Well, 10º Sky Bar is the place to live that experience. Located on the 28th floor of the Hilton hotel in London, 10º Sky Bar offers a unique sensory experience. 

Aside from the view of the city, there’s the place’s interior design. Large windows that cover the floor-to-ceiling walls let plenty of natural light in. Over the black marble and terracotta tiled bar, greenery dangles from the ceiling. In the dining room, velvet booths and sofas with different colours and patterns illuminate the environment. They dance with the cream walls that turn red under the dim nighttime lighting. 

Cocktails like the Only Us carry flavours of sweet wine, Kinobi gin, Suze, jasmine, and peach soda. Others are more bitter, with Cocchi Dopo Teatro vermouth, Campari, and mezcal, a different take on the classic Negroni. Enjoy the weekend afternoon tea and become part of one of London’s most authentic traditions. Order a scone or other sweet treat and savour classic teas or beverages spiked with gin or champagne.

Dukes Bar

The Dukes Hotel, famously beloved by Princess Diana, is home to the iconic Dukes Bar, one of the best bars in Mayfair. For the past 35 years, Dukes Bar has redefined the martini and crafted it to become a modern classic. Dukes’ martini and the atmosphere within which it is prepared and served epitomises the suave, timeless and sophisticated characteristics of James Bond.

Dukes Bar London exudes a traditional British ambience decorated with a mahogany panelled bar, intimate lighting and walls covered with portraits and prints. With a cocktail in hand, guests can sink into an emerald green velvet armchair and feel the warmth emanating from the marble fireplace. 

As expected, martinis are the heart of the cocktail menu and come in the most cinematic way imaginable. Guests get their martini with their choice of 15 different types of gin, but also actively engage in the process of its creation. Choose from one of seven signature martinis, like the Vesper Martini made of No. 3 Gin, Polacki vodka, Angostura bitters and Sacred Dukes Exclusive Amber Vermouth. Another favourite option is the ‘Miss Moneypenny’ comprised of Russian standard vodka, triple sec, lime and mixed with passion fruit juice instead of cranberry juice which traditionally accompanies cosmopolitans.

The Connaught Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair 

The Connaught Bar is one of the best bars in Mayfair, inside the Connaught Hotel. It was designed by David Collin’s studio in reference to Queen Victoria’s 7th child, Arthur, Duke of Connaught. The walls are textured in platinum leaf, and its design is based on English and Irish Cubist art of the 1920s. 

Here you can witness first-hand your martini being crafted for you. Connaught’s Martinis are always ‘quietly stirred’ and never shaken and are made especially fitted for your tastebuds.

The cocktail menu is made from tradition, history and innovation. It takes limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs all mixed carefully to create a unique experience for every sip. Some of the Connaught Classics include ‘Fleurissimo’, which takes a champagne cocktail and adds a refined twist with ingredients such as Remy Martin Vsop, home-made Connaught bitters and Laurent-Perrier Champagne. 

The Essence menu is designed by the mixologists of Connaught bar and is split into three different sections taking you through Foundation, Finesse and Flair. It’s been inspired for over ten years and takes you on a sensory journey into what makes the Connaught Bar.

Mr Fogg’s Residence

Mr Fogg’s Residence is one of many bars that tell the story of Mr Phileas Fogg and his journey around the world. The fictional bar adds a light-hearted feel to the city as it tucks itself off Berkeley. A doorman greets you in a long coat at the entrance to take your reservation. Mr Fogg’s resembles the cross between a living room and an old boy’s club with a Victorian feel. 

Décor consists of bookcases, a gramophone and random objects layering the walls and furniture representing Mr Fogg’s adventures. His hot air balloon spreads itself over one of the corners of the room, which you can drink in the form of a cocktail. The informal atmosphere leaves your mind to fly with the fairies and imagine your own stories behind each artefact. 

The cocktail menu has a story of every country Mr Fogg managed to visit on his 80-day trip. With his highly in-trained staff, you can summon up exactly the drink you want with the base of your choice with all the classic cocktails available to be whipped up. Brewed ales are also available, and Mr Foggs has teamed up with Hendricks gin and Veuve Clicquot champagne to provide the most exotic range of flavours.

Le Magritte at the Beaumont

Best Bars in Mayfair 

Le Magritte at the Beaumont Hotel is a reflection of the American tradition that took place in London and Paris in the 1920s. One of the best bars in Mayfair, this bar was taken over by ex-pats who diluted sadness and art in coupe glasses. These bars have become a staple of poetry, literature, and well-crafted cocktails.  Le Magritte carries the essence of Hemingway, Picasso, Fitzgerald, Sinatra, and many other revolutionaries in the world of art. Adopting walnut-panelled interiors and early 20th-century paintings, the bar takes you back to when everything was possible. 

Le Magritte specialises in bourbon and American whiskeys, crafting aromatic cocktails or simply serving them neat. Lounge on the terrace among greenery and rattan armchairs. Snack on light dishes that harmonise well with the wooden flavours of your drink. Indulge on a cuban cigar and have deep conversations with people who share the same interests as you. 

Order classics like the Old Fashioned, Negroni, Boulevardier, and Martini. For something unique and creative, go for the Pilgrim 1966. It is made with aba pisco, yellow chartreuse, muyu chinotto nero, lime juice, and passion fruit. The Speak Whisky to Me is a blend of lakes no.5 whisky, amaro lucano, red wine cordial, and Angostura bitters. In no time, you will also become an artist. 

Dickie’s Bar

Dickie’s Bar is one of Corrigan’s famous and elegant venues. It is also one of the best bars in Mayfair for its luxurious environment, impeccable service, and creative cocktails. The menu here is simple, seasonal, and sumptuous, as the bar describes itself. Find the quietness and nature of Ireland in the bustling neighbourhood of Mayfair, and play with flavours that dance in your mouth. 

What used to be a hunting lodge is now a cosy and welcoming bar. With wooden interiors and leather seating, this place feels like a winter paradise for those who enjoy a whisky neat after a day of hunting. The extensive bartop separates customers from the vast selection of spirits and liquors from all over the world. 

Taste the house Sticky Toffee Old Fashioned for a unique interpretation of a classic. Roasted Pecan infused Remy Martin 1738, fig, toffee, and chocolate combine to create something unusual and extraordinary. The Vermouth and Tonic highlight the beauty in simplicity with chamomile-infused Mancino Bianco, St. Germain, and tonic. All cocktails explore home-grown ingredients from the British Isles, and the seasonal produce grants a fresh and special flavour to the drinks. 

The Luggage Room

Best Bars in Mayfair 

There’s no such thing as too many Speakeasy bars in the world. Especially if they are located inside the old luggage room of the Marriott Hotel. Hence the name of the place: the Luggage Room bar. It is a secret worth sharing, according to them. As one of the best bans in Mayfair, this is an elegant spot to grab a drink and feel the energy of the American prohibition era.

Inside, find an intimate and dimly lighted place. Cream walls, leather booths and dark wooden floors take you back to the classic decor of hidden bars from the 1920s. Marble details on the stairs and the floor complement the design. Juleps, cobbles, and fizzes are a strong suit at the Luggage Room. 

Aside from that, find well-balanced cocktails that work with different spirits and flavour profiles. A rum-based punch is fruity and robust all at once. The whisky Nog is the perfect solution for a cold winter night. The Pink Lady, a clever twist of the classic White Lady cocktail, delivers gin, grenadine, applejack, lime juice and the creaminess of the egg white foam. Behind the bar, there’s a rich display of spirits and liquors, as well as renowned champagne and wine labels from different parts of the world. 

Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Comptoir is a cafe by day and a wine bar by night, offering us the best of both worlds. This is one of the reasons why it is one of the best bars in Mayfair. The other reasons don’t fall shy behind: different rooms offer unique and elegant designs, the wine list is extensive and extremely well-curated, and the food is mouth-watering, to say the least. 

The wine shop at Comptoir is Mayfair’s best-kept-secret. On the lower-ground floor of the restaurant, you can find a collection of over 1,000 bottles of rare and premium wines. A selection of vintage Madeiras, numerous bins of champagne, and labels from around the world decorate the place. Purchase one to take home, or drink it upstairs with some food to make the experience even more memorable. 

The place looks like a Mediterranean wine shop, with an open space, tiled floors, wooden tables, and plenty of natural light. Sit outside with a portion of jamon Iberico and feel like you’re enjoying your vacation time in a small spanish town. Take part of wine tastings and learn about specific grapes and regions, discovering how each one impacts the final flavours of wine. 

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