Scales Bar Review: A New Cocktail Experience Below Marylebone’s Streets

Scales Bar Review: A New Cocktail Experience Below Marylebone's Streets

In Marylebone and Mayfair, Scales Bar is a new cocktail experience that lures those inclined to meticulously crafted drinks and intimate conversations.

Officially opened in December 2023, this venture represents the culmination of five years of dedication and passion by mixologists Din Jusufi and Engji Shala. Their previous tenure at the acclaimed Farzi London provided a strong foundation for their latest endeavor​​​​.

Scales is beneath Drink with Sasha, behind a discreetly marked door in a wine shop. The venue offers an escape to a world where the art and science of cocktail-making converge. The dimly lit, chic interior sets the stage for an experience that’s as much about the ambiance as the beverages. 

The Drinks Menu

The focus here is on balance and chemistry. It is a theme that extends from the bar’s name to its approach to drink preparation. Utilizing an array of lab equipment, including a centrifuge for extracting and infusing flavors, Scales pushes the boundaries of traditional cocktail crafting. This innovative process produces clear, elegantly presented drinks. 

The menu highlights include the Shiso Apple. It is a mix of Desi Daru vodka, shiso leaf, green apple and bergamot. The earthy Fig combines Camus cognac with figs, citrus, pandan, and almond. For those participating in Dry January or simply looking for non-alcoholic options, Scales has introduced a special menu featuring Everleaf Drinks’ alcohol-free spirits, such as the refreshing Forest, a blend of Everleaf Forest, raspberry, and grapefruit soda​​​​.

Scales Bar is where every cocktail tells a story of innovation, precision, and balance. Engji Shala, co-founder, encapsulates Scales’ ethos as aiming to bridge the gap between consumers and the modern-day crafts of cocktails. It ensures that each visit is an educational journey as much as a gastronomic one​​​​.

Open Tuesday through Saturday evenings, Scales is an inviting proposition for those looking to explore the evolving landscape of cocktails. It is where tradition meets modernity in the heart of London.

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Scales Bar London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Dress Code: Business Casual

Area: Marylebone

Address: 25 Duke St, London W1U 1DJ


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