Maroto Bar London

Maroto Bar London

Maroto Bar in London is an underground haven of elegance and sophistication. Located beneath Bossa, the acclaimed Mayfair restaurant by Brazilian superchef Alberto Landgraf, Maroto Bar offers an immersive experience in refined decadence.

Upon arrival, guests find a separate entrance next to Bossa, leading them down into a world of seductive luxury. The interior design of Maroto Bar is a testament to sleek, polished aesthetics. A stunning X-shaped formation of plush, velvety sofas complements the low-lit, moody atmosphere. They add an element of opulent comfort. This seating arrangement, mirroring the tables in the restaurant above, is under the light of gorgeous chandeliers. It all creates an intimate and inviting ambiance. The bar’s focal point is a lustrous marble countertop, where expert bartenders craft an array of exceptional cocktails.

The Food and Drinks Menu

The cocktail menu at Maroto Bar is a reflection of creativity and quality. Signature drinks like the Marotinha, blending Zeca de Matos cachaca with berries and lime, and the Sabia, a mix of Patron Silver, pineapple soda, passionfruit, and lime, offer guests a taste of Brazil’s vibrant cocktail culture. These drinks come from precision and flair; even their non-alcoholic versions maintain the same taste and sophistication.

Complementing the drinks is a selection of Brazilian-themed bar snacks. Guests can indulge in delicacies such as pão de queijo, beef tartare, and tapioca with mushrooms, each dish showcasing the culinary finesse that Bossa’s kitchen is known for.

Adding to Maroto Bar’s allure is the musical ambiance curated by DJ Shane Mac, the venue’s musical director. With a background of working with notable artists like Calvin Harris and Beyoncé, Shane Mac ensures that the auditory experience is as lavish as the visual and gustatory ones. The bar, open until 3 am, becomes a nocturnal retreat for those seeking an exclusive

Maroto Bookings

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Maroto Bar London Dress Code & Address

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 4 Vere St, London W1G 0DH


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