CLAP Restaurant London

CLAP Restaurant London

CLAP restaurant in London offers an outstanding fusion of traditional Japanese fine dining with a modern twist. You enter a world of culinary mastery as you walk into the restaurant. The journey begins on the 6th floor, where the main space awaits. Here, live sushi and robata counters add an interactive and energetic dimension to your dining experience. 

Ascend to the 7th-floor rooftop to discover a bar, lounge, and terrace that offers a spectacular 180-degree view of London’s Knightsbridge. The Omakase menu is the pinnacle of CLAP’s dining experience. “Omakase” – meaning “I leave it up to you” in Japanese – invites diners to trust the chef’s expertise, embarking on a surprising culinary journey. Each course is thoughtfully curated, blending traditional flavours with innovative techniques to create a unique and memorable meal.

CLAP Restaurant began in Beirut in 2018 and has since expanded to key cities like Dubai, Riyadh, and London. At CLAP, contemporary Japan blends with the heart of London, creating dishes that challenge norms and embrace unconventional elegance.

The ambience is a rhythmic blend of sophistication and natural simplicity, where every flavour is carefully choreographed to echo the city’s movement. CLAP’s versatile spaces are ideal for hosting various events. The restaurant’s ability to customise these spaces to individual requirements, combined with seasonal menus, expertly paired cocktails, and special music and entertainment programs ensures every event is unique and memorable.

CLAP Restaurant London Bookings

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CLAP Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Japanese

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Knightsbridge

Address: Sixth and seventh Floor, 12-14 Basil Street, London, SW3 1AJ


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