The Best Restaurants In Soho


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Capital A List recommends the best restaurants in Soho to take your friends to and dine in. There is such a variety of exclusive restaurants to choose from and we offer only the best places with exceptional service, cuisine and beverages.

You will definitely want to take your friends to one or all of these restaurants.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


The Palomar’s boutique blue face adds a splash of lustre to the already merry street: one of the best restaurants in Soho, this chic eatery with a sixteen seat dining space that looks out on the animation of the street corner outside, will leave you far from blue.

The Palomar’s low rise bar is complete with an extended accompanying shell of high bar seats, designed with space and comfort in mind, this rectangle enfolds the kitchen in its angles and, in the centre of the room, is one of the best kitchen bars in Soho. As diners and drinkers we all faced each other, yet still remained at a healthy distance over the marble-top with which we could enjoy our distinct meals from the versatile menu — the results was evocative of a summer street party. Delightfully, the prep and kitchen-work, open to everyone around the bar, is the beating heart of the room.
No wonder the food is so lively, the energy of the guests must diffuse over into the chef’s routine and vice versa. One of the best restaurants in Soho, to experience a truly unique palette — we enjoyed Palomar’s Levantine cuisine for it’s rich taste and exuberant presentation. Homemade pittas and creamy, indulgently oiled scoops of Baba Ganouch came with the provocation to ‘rip and dip’ — and with cracking cocktails that mirror the spice of middle-eastern delicacies such as the ginger, Beef eater and orange Bumblbee mix (a sting of the like we could only always wish for) the buoyancy of the evening and the energy behind our dipping may have become overtly merry; if you like to celebrate your food this is the place to go.
Finish with a sweet at the Palomar if you really feel like indulging: the Jerusalem mess (thick and luxuriously sweet labneh mousse) and spicy chocolate ganache are standout.

The Palomar is such a superlative, definitive Soho experience we had to keep a bit of it to ourselves – which is why it’s fabulously illuminating cookbook makes the perfect present for anyone wanting to emulate the finest dishes at one of the best restaurants in Soho.

The Best Restaurants in Soho


We would cross oceans for seafood pundit and flavour provocateur Randall and Aubin. Luckily, one only has to traverse the tide of visitors acorss Brewer Street to cast anchor at one of the best restaurants in Soho.

With lunchtime bookings that welcome all even up until the early evening, and a tight, faultless crew of wait staff that greeted upon arrival, Jamie Poulton and Ed Baine‘s Brasserie is definitely a pearl amongst the grains of standard Pret a Costa fair that encroaches too much on Soho’s shores.

We are in no way seafood experts – but the waiters are all something of sea savants themselves – so went on their recommendations and found every bit of Fruit De Mer more astonishing than the last. Any dinner at Randall and Aubin would be remiss without sampling their speciality crab cakes, whose freshness is belayed beautifully by the watercress salad and lime mayonnaise. Fascinating flavour combinations such as the peppercorn salsa and sherry vinaigrette pushed classic dishes like a cheese salad and Calamari fries into divine new territory – while the house icon of royal Baerri Cavier bought a salty, perfectly popped flash of the sea to mind when we tasted it (as cheerfully instructed by our waiter) from the back of our hands.
Randall and Aubin knows its place on the map; its one of the best restaurants in Soho for location themed beverages if you’re after a bit of character to your quality drinks. If the Soho Fizz cocktail (cassis and prosecco with a spritz of vodka lemon) doesn’t turn your tide than the King Soho gin on the rocks surely will.

Find Randall and Aubin under it’s nautical awning (ocean dark with parchment font lettering), seat yourself amongst the chandelier light that bounces artfully off pearl white tiling, and know that the friendly venue wont let you feel un-moored – but cast you away into a sea of first class taste.

The Best Restaurants in Soho


Andrew Edmunds is one of the best restaurants in Soho to romp in the area’s rich past. A haven of novel archaism – this 18th century townhouse, painted all night black – is the perfect tall, dark and handsome stranger to approach for dinner on a bustling city dusk. Specials scrawled in chalk along the walls boutique wooden seating and moody lighting pooling in globules over each table from candles twisted into the next of centrepiece bottles all sink the dining guests down into a dreamy recollection of the age of Enlightenment.

Your taste-buds will certainly be enlightened by famous (but thankfully accessible) wine list you can enjoy at Andrew Edmunds. No wonder the bottle decor theme continues along the outlying corner of the restaurant bar — with a striking amount of beatific green-hue magnums standing to attention along a ceiling shelf). Try something sweet to match the attractive decor, like the chateau Clemens or 1977 Taylor’s Port, and to soak up that indulgence, the selection of Neal’s Yard Cheeses can’t go amiss.

Like all the best restaurants in Soho, Andrew Edmund’s maintains the charm of it’s exclusive, unique identity without losing it’s connection to Soho — stop there for a sweet tipple before or after you dine out.

The Best Restaurants in Soho


Darjeeling Express doesn’t differentiate between guests order’s, and neither should you: with fantastic sharing platters of authentic Calcuttan recipes handed down through generations, each flavour is as compatible with the next — a well garnished tapestry made to pass along, over the table, to divvy, match, mix and trade with each other. This Indian eatery is one of the best restaurants in Soho to bring the people you want to share the good things in life with.

This is also one of the best restaurants in Soho for fervid vegan dishes. If you’re sick of plain old mushroom burgers, try Darjeeling Express’ spicy Channa Chaat chickpea and green chilli swirl, or ginger curry. The Betroot Riata with spicy yogurt is best weathered with hearty mouthfuls of the homemade flat-breads, too.

This restaurant’s regal bearing (it’s balcony view out over Kingly Court renders the comfortable, sofa-backed bench seating into monarchical like feast sessions) perfectly befits it’s liberal conscience. Every bill leads to the contribution of a pound to Lotus Flower for female survivors of ISIS — so bulk up your tab for that extraordinary cause. Maybe with a delicious steamed yogurt dessert or three, we promise you wont regret it.

The Best Restaurants in Soho


Soho is the district of a thousand faces; home to everyone and anyone who passes through. So it only makes sense that one of the best restaurants in Soho, Jacob Kennedy and Victor Hugo‘s Bocca Di Lupo, is a home – first and foremost.

This venue still operates as a family business — despite their booming success since 2008 — home baking their bread and bringing their hand-crafted pasta to boil to order so that Bocca Di Lupo’s air is always enthused with the warmth and solace of hearty Italian home cooking. With a menu that flits uninhibitedly between seasonal themes, you’ll need to go again and again to keep up ,the only thing you can count on is that everything is sourced from it’s native hillside: fritter options covered everything from courgette, to sage and anchovy parcels to tangy buffalo Mozzarella, and the personal (finally – a venue that knows sometimes, when food is this good, you just don’t want to share) multi-regional risotto gave us the chance to sample flavours from Lazio to Genoa.

Bocca Di Lupo is one of the best restaurants in Soho to work up a worthy appetite for your meal — a beautiful Chef’s counter (adorned with rivulets of yellow flowering, just like summer in Tuscany) gives guests an insight into the open kitchen. Perfect for perching with the indulgence of your choice — be it the Bocca Spritz or a calming Caffe alla Nocciola coffee enriched with hazelnut. This is family; all the comfortable transparency of your own kitchen during dinner parties. Come home to Bocca Di Lupo in Soho.

The Best Restaurants in Soho


Located on Regent St, Laurent at Café Royal is recognised as one of the best restaurants in Soho. This is proven as it currently ranks at number 1 out of 701 restaurants in Soho on TripAdvisor, and 25 out of 18,962 restaurants in London, which is bloody impressive if you ask me!

Found on the first floor of Hotel Café Royal, the setting is simplistic yet elegant. In the dining area with the bar, you will find dark oak wood walls on one side of the room which matches the dark furniture.

On the other side of the room there are big rectangular windows that lets the natural sunlight flood in, lighting up the room. Different shaped tables and chairs gives a juxtaposition effect, adding more character to the room.

A huge drinks cabinet covers the whole back wall at the bar, housing the best spirits, wines and champagne. Sit on one of the 6 chairs at the bar to watch the mixologist create you a beautiful cocktail.

If you’re a steak lover than Laurent will most certainly impress. Executive Chef Laurent Tourondel guarantees only the finest cuts of beef that have travelled as far as Australia, which is cooked to exactly how you want it on an open flame parrilla grill. We recommend the Aberdeen Angus rib eye steak for £36, but if you’re a true steak fanatic, then dig deeper into your pockets to try the Japanese Wagya Kagoshima sirloin steak for a pricey £75.

As well as incredible steak, their menu also offers a wide variety of dishes so you will be spoilt for choice. Another one of our favourites is the grilled poussin diablo which will definitely not disappoint. The price of the food is reasonable considering the quality of the food, so make sure to give Laurent a visit.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


If you are wanting to try Levantine food, then Ceru is the only place you should be heading to and one of the best restaurants in Soho. Found on D’Arblay street, this colourful restaurant serves delicious dishes that are just as colourful as the interior.

The dinner setting is refreshing as the light wooden furniture helps to brighten up the room and creates a relaxing atmosphere. You will find bright colourful prints on the back rests of the seats along the wall, as well as geometric wall lights which really helps to reflect the Levantine culture.

Ceru is home to chefs that are from Lebanon, bringing their traditional methods to make every dish incredibly authentic, and making it one of the best restaurants in Soho.

The food is seasoned with Levantine spices ensuring that each mouthful is packed full of Mediterranean flavours.

The vibrant colours in every dish will make your mouth water before you even dig your fork in. For starters, try the three in one dips with the fresh baked Greek pita bread, and although it is delicious, make sure to leave room for the next course. For the main we highly recommend the lamb shoulder which is a Levantine speciality. The meat is marinated with 12 different shawarma spices then slow roasted for 5 hours, making the lamb unbelievably juicy and tender.

It is then garnished with pomegranate, fresh mint and pistachio sauce to add the last bit of colours to the plate. If you still have room for dessert, then try the ginger and spiced pear ashta to finish off your Levantine experience. On a whole, the food is wonderful, the service is excellent, and the price is affordable, so what are you waiting for?



L’Escargot is a renowned French restaurant and bar which surely deserves a visit as it has been voted one of the best restaurants in Soho. This is because not only do they serve divine French dishes, they also have an incredible wines collection to compliment the food.

They are the oldest and most distinguished French restaurant in London and over the century they have gained great recognition. Welcoming famous figures is the ordinary for L’Escargot as they have hosted for guests such as Coco Chanel, John Gielgud, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Ralph Richardson, Judy Dench, and the late Princess Diana.

The interior of L’Escargot is somehow old fashioned, yet still looks stylish.

You will find that every room is decorated in a different theme however all still have an elegant ambience about it. Beautiful chandeliers, grand mirrors and tall table candles are main features throughout each room, providing a luxurious touch.

Known as one of the finest French delicacies, Snails are a speciality at L’Escargot as they were the first restaurant to serve snails in the UK, and they even used to farm them in the basement! Try 6 snails for £16 or if that’s not enough order 12 snails for £32.

They are cooked in a garlic and parsley sauce which is to die for! Other dishes worth a try is the lobster bisque and the Tournedos Rossini – beef fillet with foie gras and truffle, which will send your taste buds on overdrive as it is that tasty. They keep their menu interesting and up to date by changing it seasonally so you can expect to try new dishes every so often. Although the price may be more expensive compared to other restaurants, you get what you pay for as the food is that extraordinary, it will be worth every penny.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


What makes Temper unique and one of the best restaurants in Soho is the central 6 metre long fire pit, which you won’t find bigger in any other restaurant. This meat heavy based restaurant revolves around the concept of the whole animal being barbequed on top of the wood. As the roaring flame cooks the meat to perfection, the smoky meaty aroma travels around the room, leaving you drooling and wanting more.

If you’re not afraid to get a bit heated, then sit by the fire pit to get a front row seat as you watch the chefs work their magic. However, if the heat is too much for you then settle down on one of the tables or private booths where you’re far enough away from the heat to not get sweaty, but still close enough to see all the action.

As Temper specialises in meat, they have gone far and wide to carefully select their produce, ensuring that they are not only serving the best meats, but also not associating with mass production. As they buy and cook their meat whole, nothing gets wasted which reduces their cattle intake by averagely 65 cattle a week, adding up to 3,300 less cattle a year.

Our favourite dishes would have to be the smoked goat carnitas with kimchi or the red curry beef skewer.

For the side dish we recommend the beef fat potatoes with ogleshield which we can guarantee aren’t like any other potatoes you have tried before. They also have a large drinks menu to complement your meal, but we suggest you try one of their extraordinary cocktails, fifty shades of earl grey being our personal favourite.

The prices are average so you won’t feel like you have spent a fortune on a 10/10 meal.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


On Kingly Street in Soho you will find Jinjuu which is a stunning restaurant founded by Judy Joo, a celebrity Korean chef. What makes Jinjuu one of the best restaurants in Soho is that they have put a creative modern twist on Korean cuisine to create dishes like no other, while still bringing across traditional flavours. It is safe to say you will be spoilt for choice as there is such variety on the menu, however, that is why we are here to help.

For starters we recommend Jinjuu’s signature Korean fried chicken, and then the Korean poke bowl for main. For the side dish we highly recommend the Jinjuu carnitas fries which is packed with so many different elements that you will certainly be blown away.

They also have an impressive dessert menu that is so hard to resist you will end up ordering something even if your trouser button is ready to ping off! If you want to try a variety of the dishes, then consider ordering one of their set menus which ranges from £40 to £60 per person.

Jinjuu is spread over two floors which are designed so that their guest can choose what kind of dining experience they are after.

You will find casual dining on the ground floor where the atmosphere is very relaxed and buzzing from all the chitchat from the tables around you. If you are looking for a more stylish experience, then head to the lower ground floor where the atmosphere becomes more sophisticated.

Around the room your attention will be captured by all the beautiful art on the walls which were done by a very talented street artist, Victoriano Magdaleno. The vibrant wall art contrasts with the dark wooden tables and leather seats to give the setting an even balance.

If you are coming to visit Jinjuu on the weekend, then expect to hear R&B and smooth house tunes playing in the background while you are enjoying your food. The music adds to the chilled out vibe you will find here at Jinjuu and I bet you won’t be able to resist a little boogie in your seat!


The Best Restaurants in Soho


Kiln is well-known for their tremendously delicious dishes that is a fusion of Thai, Burmese, Laotian and Yunnan flavours, and over the years it has gained recognition as one of the best restaurants in Soho. When you walk in, the buzzing atmosphere hits you straight away. The record player by the bar fills the room with rock and roll music which sets a lively atmosphere. There is no doubt you will instantly be welcomed by the front of house staff who is very attentive and provides an excellent service to ensure your experience at Kiln is the best it could possibly be.

If you are a group of 3 or less you will be seated around the bar which overlooks bar area and kitchen, which is great if you’re someone that doesn’t mind sitting close to strangers for an even more unique dining experience.

Sit back and relax as you watch your food getting cooked by the chefs only an arm’s reach away. If you’re a group of 4 or more, you will be seated downstairs which provides a more cosy setting.

All the dishes are original and are nothing you would find in other restaurants. Our personal favourites are the clay pot baked glass noodles with Tamworth lardo and brown crab meat, the slow grilled chicken with soy and the fried curried monkfish, which are all incredibly flavourful.

Once in a while they change the menu slightly so if you go back more than once you may be able to try a new dish. What makes Kiln even more worth a visit is that the price is incredibly reasonable, with the most expensive dish coming in at only £14. Every dish not only looks authentic, but tastes it too!

Unless you are a group of 4 or more, Kiln only accepts walk-ins.

As they can get really busy, especially on the weekend, we advise you to get there early to ensure you get a table. You are able to leave your number and come back which is something to keep in mind as it can sometimes be up to a 2 hour wait.

However, the food and experience is that amazing we believe the 2 hour wait is worth it, just trust us!


The Best Restaurants in Soho


Are you looking for a place to eat for a pre-theatre visit? Or just somewhere to have diner before you head out in town? Well Dishoom is a vibrant 60’s inspired Indian restaurant situated on Kingly Street in Soho that is a great spot to start your night on a high and one of the best restaurants in Soho.

Inside this spacious restaurant you will find bright colours from the quirky interior which sets a fun casual atmosphere. Fairy lights hang from the ceiling to add a pretty element to the setting. Matching the attractive interior, you will find that the food is just as beautiful.

Each dish is that authentic you will feel like you have transported to the rustic regions of India. Unlike traditional Indian food where the dishes would usually be greasy and heavy making you regret eating it, the dishes at Dishoom are light and are full of healthy nourishing ingredients.

If any of your group is vegetarian, then don’t worry as there are a lot of vegetarian options on the menu so there’s something for everyone.

A firm favourite is the jackfruit biryani curry which is served with saffron’d rice. If you’re a meat eater, then try the chicken ruby which packs a punch.

You will be surely looked after as the waiter/ess are accommodating to your requests and has no problem on spending a moment to give you recommendations.
Dishoom goes that extra mile as for every meal bought they donate a meal to a children’s charity, earning themselves another brownie point and putting themselves up there as one of the best restaurants in Soho.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


Found in the heart of Soho on Wardour Street, Ichibuns is a funky contemporary Japanese inspired restaurant that serves mouth-watering comfort food that will have you planning your second visit before even leaving. What makes Ichibuns one of the best restaurants in Soho is the combination of incredible food, a visually pleasing setting and friendly service, and together delivers the perfect dining experience.

It is certain that you will go on visual journey while visiting Ichibuns as there is art all over the walls and ceiling. Newspapers fill the walls as well as toys and gadgets to create a colourful eccentric setting which also reflects the energetic atmosphere.

On weekends expect a busy environment as the DJ spins deep house tunes to get everyone in the mood to carry the party on until later hours. Ichibuns is the perfect spot for a fun night out or even a special occasion as it is ideal for large groups.

It is also a great place for predrinks and dinner before you head out into central as it is amongst the buzz of the city.

We highly recommend the Ichibun burger which conists of wagyu beef, cheese, caramelised onion and ICHI burger sauce, and oozes with juices as you sink your teeth into it. Other dishes worth a try is the spicy tuna tacos, prawn and garlice chive gyoza and the tempura teriyaki chicken udon noodles.

As well as the food, they serve the most incredible cocktails that you would be stupid to miss out on. Our personal favourite is the Azabu’s Sgroppino which has a strong kick to it, but not strong enough to knock you out for the night. If you are looking for a unique and swanky vibe, Ichibuns is the only place you should be heading.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


Take a visit to Blanchette restaurant situated on D’Arblay Street in Soho if you want to get as taste of a colourful French dining experience in the heart of London. Established in 2013 by three brothers, this French bistro serves simple traditional ingredients that’s put together in a way that creates impeccable dishes, making them one of the best restaurants in Soho.

They encourage the idea of sharing so you will find a lot of tapas style options on the menu.

Our personal favourites are the duck rillettes with smoked quince cheese and toasted sourdough, Crispy Frog Legs with Bois Boudran Sauce and Cheese Beignets with Onion Confit. For mains try the Braised Lamb Shoulder with Anchovy, Rosemary and Soubise Sauce.

And of course you couldn’t have a real French experience without trying a selection of the cheeses and charcuterie, which they do have a variety of. Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, they offer a steak menu where you are able to choose from three different steak options, with a side dish and sauce, and you would be missing out if you didn’t give it a try.

The meat has been dry-aged to ensure a tremendously tender texture while preserving all the natural flavours so you won’t regret your choice. Wash down your meal with one of their exquisite French wines or wonderful cocktails.

Along with the delicious food, you will find a charming setting at Blanchette. Although the restaurant is quite small, it creates an intimate feel which adds to the delightful atmosphere. The bare brick walls paired with the antiquity furniture and objects forms an outdated, yet visually pleasing setting.

However, if you have a special event to celebrate and want to dine in style then consider hiring out their jungle room event space. A stunning rainforest theme is painted across the walls by artist Aldo Gigli, so you really feel like you are dining in the middle of nature.

The room accommodates up to 14 guests and will definitely leave them amazed. The buzz of the restaurant is also kept at a high with the use of great music playing in the background.


The Best Restaurants in Soho


Social Eating House in a Michelin star restaurant located on Poland Street and is one of the best restaurants in Soho . It has become a well-known favourite as every course is done to perfection; in the way it is cooked as well as presentation. The attention to detail is what makes Social Eating house one of the best restaurants in Soho as you can see how the chef has careful thought about every little element he places on the plate.

The menu is very detailed as every dish is described precisely so you know exactly what to expect. There is even a section which provides details of where all the produce comes from. For starters, try the Lyme bay scallop ceviche with smoked avocado, raw artichoke, sunflower seeds and horseradish which is absolutely sublime.

For the main we suggest the slow cooked venison loin with chestnut mushroom butterscotch, pear, chervil root and venison salami.

However, if you’re a steak lover then make sure to try their 60 day aged native Cumbrian black angus rib-eye steak which is extremely succulent, and is served with mixed leaf salad, duck fat chips and béarnaise or peppercorn sauce.

The price is a little bit more on the expensive side but you do get good value for money. If your indecisive and want to try a variety of dishes, then opt for the sampler menu which is £65 for 7 amazing courses.

Make sure to order a glass of wine with your food if you want to be even more impressed.

Social Eating House is spread across three floors, and you will find the main restaurant on the ground floor. Contrasting with the sophisticated looking dishes, you will find that the atmosphere is informal and very relaxed.

Head to the first floor after diner to the Blind Pig cocktail bar to continue the wonderful experience with a few more magnificent drinks. If you are planning to visit Social Eating House, then prebooking is recommended to guarantee a table so you are not left disappointed.

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