The Best Clubs In London For Halloween

The most anticipated event of the year is coming soon, so don’t miss the opportunity to become anyone you want for one night at one of the best clubs in London for Halloween! Here are the most frightfully and fabulous Halloween parties in London 2017.

best clubs in London for Halloween

This year the holiday of evil forces will be no less colourful than in previous years. One of the best clubs in London for Halloween and to celebrate the most frightening night of the year is definitely The Box. The club is famous for its not ordinary performances, so you can imagine how shattering the Halloween performance in this club will be. A glamorous cabaret atmosphere of this playhouse will make your Halloween night even more perfect, while flowing red velvet, gold details and candlelight will transfer you to a real spooky house with a secret room. So you definitely don’t want to miss this party! With a strict Halloween dress code policy, there aren’t many better places to celebrate the scariest holiday.
As one of the most mysterious places, it’s very hard to get inside. The ‘Theatre of Varieties’ certainly prepares unforgettable shows for you where you probably won’t sleep calmly for a few nights after at least. So go and see what fantastic beasts are hiding in ‘the box’ this year.


The best clubs in London for Halloween, where you can try to chase ghosts or seduce a naughty witch is definitely Cirque Le Soir. One of the most talked about venues and a ‘must have’ to visit if you don’t want to miss out on all the Trick Or Treat action! Located on Ganton Street, this exclusive club is famous for it’s outrageous acts, VIP customs and memorable parties. Cirque le Soir is a home to London’s elite and international clientele, celebrities, singers and actors. So be ready to meet Lady Gaga or Lindsay Lohan in their Halloween costumes. While sipping your bloody cocktails, you will see the mystical and marvellous acts unfold. Be warned that this venue is difficult to enter, so table bookings are recommended. Be prepared for an unforgettable performance of burlesque dancers and a special Halloween show!
Don’t forget to wear something terrifying but at the same time sexy. Let’s see who is going to be wearing the most spectacular outfit and the scariest makeup! And if you survive after this party, let me know as I won’t believe you!


Whom you want to be this year stealthy vampire or a sneaky zombie decided by you, but the best club in London where you can show your nasty nature is Tonteria. Tonteria is not a type of venue to shy away from hosting a huge Halloween party. There is no better way to get into the Mexican Halloween themed party spirit than to celebrate the darkest holiday at this plays.
Expect the unexpected throughout the night and be ready to explore your spooky fantasies. No doubt that dress code is essential, so impress everyone with your sexy Halloween outfit!
It can’t be denied how good is the music there – commercial, underground hip hop and RnB.If you want to celebrate Halloween in a very posh and selective venue, Tonteria is a real hotspot of London best clubs. So put on your most ghoul-tastic outfit and head over to Tonteria.


Get ready for the fright of your life at one of the best clubs in London for Halloween which is of course, Drama. Once inside the club you won’t be disappointed as you will see and feel the nightmarish atmosphere of  Halloween. The night will turn around with huge Halloween DJ sets as well as RnB and Hip Hop music. Located in a heart of Mayfair, Drama is famous for its exclusive parties, secret London celebrity hangout and fancy nights. Last year a ‘Haunted Disney World’ was a theme for Halloween, let’s see what a dark surprise they prepared this year. So be ready, dress up and don’t forget your fake blood! Come party with us and book a table or join our guest list!
Drama is definitely a top recommendation for the best Halloween club nights in London. The venue has a 300-capacity and the dress code is smart and elegant. But it is Halloween, so don’t forget to put on your scary mask. This party for sure will ‘become a drama’ that you won’t forget.


Step into the darkness with one of the best clubs in London for Halloween, Mahiki. This place has the spookiest parties in town this year. Last year Mahiki transferred into a motel and presented ‘Mahiki Motel Massacre’! We are pretty sure that this year Mahiki won’t be less haunting on its guests and will prepare something more exciting and, of course,  more terrifying. If you want to be a part of it, don’t forget to dress smart and hauntingly sexy. Arrive early at 10.30 to get inside this mystical world. The cocktail menu has prepared something special for you on this night including Zombie cocktails and the staff will serve the drinks in ghoulishly delightful costumes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the most tasty cocktails served in Tiki mugs, coconut shells and treasure chests.
One thing is for sure, this is an ultimate party destination for Halloween 2017. So don’t forget to check the best haunted party in Mayfair! The venue is located at the corner of Dover Street and Piccadilly in the Mayfair. Get in touch with us to book a table or to join the guest list.


Then don’t miss out on one of the best clubs in London for Halloween which is definitely Toy Room! You can expect a horror show and be ready to explore a whole new Toy Room look. This boutique club will definitely create an elite clubbing experience for a Halloween night, which you won’t forget. Located just 2 minutes from Oxford Street station, it is an exclusive R&B club. Be ready to dance all night and drink fashionable cocktails. Fancy dress is essential for this one. So put your best dress, heels and, of course your Halloween accessories on. Due to demand, table bookings are highly recommended.
As one of Mayfair’s hottest destinations, Toy Room should be definitely on your list for one of the best Halloween club parties! There will be a top line-up of DJ’s and lots of scary goings-on all through the night. Also don’t forget to check the famous club symbol “Frank the Teddy”. If you want to have a memorable Halloween night out at Toy Room, contact us to book a table!

best clubs in London for Halloween

This Halloween will definitely not be boring at all, only spook-tacular. Are you ready? Join us for an extremely fearful and haunting night out!


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