Bagatelle Restaurant London

Bagatelle Restaurant London


The Bagatelle Restaurant London cannot be faulted for harnessing the far-flung influences of it’s French and Mediterranean cuisine, and bringing them to a joyous collision deep in the centre of Mayfair.

European conscientiousness, that effortless Parisian swagger and the joy of cooking with the ideals of the world’s healthiest diet all ensure that the Bagatelle restaurant — from the breathless second one steps inside — is remarkably, and rightfully, proud of it’s cultural identity and it’s top quality as a dining experience.
At Bagatelle, we found ourselves feasting on the atmosphere before the main course even arrived. Luminescent, lavish lashings of blue and red took up the furnishings while a staggering sea-foam hue vector panning the ceiling left us feeling adrift in the Mediterranean sea in the best, most content way possible. As much as the venue — Bagatelle restaurant London — welcomes the city, it’s also keeping one corner in the clouds, and raising its guests aloft with it.
Finding ourselves seated just off from the glamorous bar at a secluded collection of candlelit dining tables — we were in for an inspiring meal at Bagatelle. The immaculate cream decor only set off the vibrancy of the dishes once they began to arrive — with food swanning over like continents of vivid colour; green pancakes here, and over there, in a savoury island of flavour — the vivid signature dish of Tartare de than Bagatelle. This yellow fin tuna tartat finished with a luminous green avocado salad and lime vinaigrette below golden taro crisps struck the senses before we had even tasted it.

And no wonder, Chef Dale Osborne trained at the Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferret in the south of France; a noteworthy and capable captain, then, to steer the culinary details of such a place to Bagatelle restaurant London. The food was so accomplished we made like the French and treated ourselves — eating there twice. First, partaking in the decadent sweetness of the brunch menu with the taste of Paris chocolate cream, almond and avocado. With no end to the temptation we then went for a sharing option (“To share or not to share” by order– proving that at Bagatelle’s there is no judgement in indulgence) and also enjoyed the Bagatelle pancakes with the pleasing freshness of the organic blueberries offset perfectly by a devilish caramel drizzle. Bagatelle’s even made breakfast into a party for us with the Joie de Vivre Cocktail (lime and pink pepper gin) exacerbating the sweet treats.
Thoroughly convinced, we could not help but return in the evening to try the Pomme frites with black truffle oil and Parmesan, with spectacular samples of good champagne to boot. The hearty, earthy Mediterranean richness of the truffle (also available on pizza) satisfied the palette and filled the stomach. As grounded as we felt from the ample dinner, the atmosphere itself kept the evening soaring — as a centrepiece of live DJ music grew both in energy and sheer vivacious volume throughout dinner — bringing the sparkling possibility of a night in Paris swooning through the room above the diners heads.

At Bagatelle Restaurant London, we found a day out in Mayfair lead us to a French-Mediterranean dream, with food and ambience as delicious as it was dizzying. This high-end restaurant is surely one of the best place to celebrate in London, even if you have nothing particular to celebrate — dining in this little pocket of happiness will leave you cheered enough. Bagatelle is infectious.

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Bagatelle Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: European

Dress Code: Smart Casual 

Area: Mayfair

Address: 34 Dover Street, London W1S 4NG, England


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