The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair

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London is home to some of the most exclusive, luxurious Private Members Clubs. Mayfair is home to many that are included in that list. Below we have listed the 10 Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.

The Savile Club

Established in 1868, The Savile Club is one of Mayfairs exclusive Private Members Clubs. Found in one of London’s 18th century houses, The Savile Club is rich with Victoian influences, creating a desirable, relaxed ambience.

The Savile Club Members have access to some of the best facilities found in a members club in London. A wonderful aspect of the Members club is their Courtyard and Terrace, a social area for Members to interact with one another or relax in a tranquil environment. Situated on the ground floor of the Members Club, The Courtyard and Terrace is a also a space used for receptions, barbeques and private parties during the summertime. A unique feature of The Savile Club is its Ballroom, a feature not usually found in London’s Private Members Clubs. A beautiful space flooded with daylight used to hold special events. The Ballroom is connected to the ‘ old staircase’, commonly used in films, this addition to one of the best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair is simply beautiful.

In Regards to food, The Savile Club’s Michelin Star Chef Michael James upholds the creativity of the Private Members Club within his exceptional Menus, The Club and A La Carte menus. The Wine List at the Savile Club displays the very best wines from the very best countries in regards to wine production. Each month there’s a new hand-selected ‘House’ wine chosen by the Wine Committee through a blind taste test, so each month a new ‘house wine’ is determined through this process, so Members can expect new flavours and tastes every month.

For those who wish to stay the night, The Savile Club has 25 bedrooms, refurbished to a five-star standard. The six newest rooms ‘The Mews Collection’ are innovative rooms inspired by The Savile Club’s comfort. Image source

The Conduit

The Conduit is a Private Members Club with a social purpose found in Mayfair. Aimed at bringing together Social Entrepreneurs to tackle the social problems we each face in our day-to-day lives. The Conduit opened in September 2018, set across eight floors, designed to bring together Members in different social settings, whether that be the basement (an intimate venue with live entertainment) or the 6th floor Terrace (featuring a bar and comfortable seating for members)

In regards to dining, The Conduit sources their produce from sustainable sources, ensuring the majority of their food is from in and around The British Isles, upholding their ethos of tackling social problems. The All-Day dining menu for The Conduit was designed by Leonardo Pereia (two-michelin star chef), full of delicious dishes, suited for all desired tastes. In regards to drink, The Conduit has three drink menus, each with different themes designed by Walter Pintus, one of the most respected Mixologists in London, each as sustainable as the other reducing waste and further enhancing The Conduit’s ethos to tackle social problems.

With over 3000 members The Conduit is a private Members club with a unique ethos to attract new Members. Even though the Private Members Club was founded and is based in London, Members come from 84 different countries, each striving for social change. The Conduit organise Community Talent Partnerships with two social enterprises Brigade and Good Hotel, both work with those who have experienced homelessness/long-term unemployment etc and teach them crucial skills in hospitality, which has led to 7 hires, whether that be chef’s or front of house staff.

The Conduit is certainly a Private Members Club with a difference, with the aim for social change and its unique ethos makes it one of The Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.

The Arts Club

Founded in 1863, The Arts Club was established to provide a space for those who share a passion for the Arts Literature and Science. Since undergoing a renovation in 2011, the club remains a social place for those interested in the contemporary cultural life in London. Since the opening of The Arts Club, with the vision to create a social space for people who had professional or amateur relationship with the arts, it has welcome a variety of names such as Charles Dickens, Joseph Rudyard Kipling and Oscar-Claude Monet through their doors.

A unique aspect to The Arts Club is Lanserhof. A state-of-the-art health and wellbeing facility, offering Members preventative medicine, rehabilitation, nutritional, physical and holistic wellbeing. The facilities available include MRI scans, Doctors Appointments, physiotherapy sessions etc – also featuring a private members gym, equipped with innovative equipment to enhance a members training/performance.

Hidden below The Arts Club, on the ground floor of the venue is Leo’s, a discreet, exclusive nightclub for Members. Members can dine from 7:30, with their meals accompanied by live performances throughout the night, the venue later turns into a nightclub, where members can dance the night away with live, headline performances. As Well as acting as a restaurant/nightclub, Leo also hosts the weekly events – aimed at influencing, inspired and furthering the knowledge of their Members. The venue is also available for Members to hire from Sunday-Wednesday.

The Arts Club operates three membership types. The first is The Full Membership, open to applicants over the age of 30, this provides access to the full privileges of the club, the annual fee is £2000, and there is a joining fee of £2000 also. The second is ‘Second Person Membership’, to qualify for this, applicants must have a spouse/partner that is already a member of the club – this membership has an annual fee of £1250 with no joining fee. The final Membership is ‘The Young Person’ Membership, for those under the age of 30, The Young Person Membership is an annual payment of £1000 and a £1000 joining fee.

67 Pall Mall

In regards to fine dining and fine wines, 67 Pall Mall is the ideal Private Members Club for this. 67 Pall Mall aims to share their passion and fascination of fine wines with their members. 67 Pall Mall offers a diverse wine menu, offering 4,440 wines from 42 different countries.

Formerly a Banking Hall, 67 Pall Mall has been transformed into a 21st Century haven for the oenophile. Throughout the three floors, the interior highlights the wealth and sophistication behind 67 Pall Mall, providing an ideal space for members to share their passion for the world of wine.

67 Pall Mall’s Members have access to a variety of different facilities throughout the club. The first being ‘The Members Lounge’, furnished with historic oak-paneling and beautiful south-facing windows, The Members Lounge has the perfect, relaxed ambience for Members to enjoy over 500 wines on offer ‘by the glass’, aiming to entice new Members by having some of the rarest and finest wines in the world. At the rear of the Members Lounge is The Wine Library, holding thousands of bottles of wine, stored in bespoke cabinets, held at the optimum temperature.

Members can book informal tasting sessions for up to six guests. ‘The Lutyens Room’ is a private dining room which can seat up to 14 guests. Similarly, ‘The Marlborough Room’, seating a maximum of 14 guests, can be used for private meetings or private dining. ‘St James’ Room’ is a large, contemporary events space found in the downstairs of 67 Pall Mall, Ronan Sayburn MS is Head of wine at 67 Pall Mall, The St James’ Room is often used to host his regular wine tastings and wine masterclass events. This space can also be used for private hire to accommodate wine tasting events held by Members – seating 60.

Found in the basement of 67 Pall Mall is their state-of-the-art Wine Cellar. This space holds thousands of both the Clubs collection and Members wine collections at the perfect temperature of 13-14 degrees. Within the Cellar is an aspect known as the ‘Strong room’, built in 1934, the Strong Room is a space where some of the finest and rarest wines in the world are stored, ensuring the safety of longevity of the wines.

24 Mayfair

Open for 24 hours a day, 24 Mayfair is one of Mayfair’s newest business clubs. Incorporating oriental influences with a western style – inspired by The Golden Age of Hollywood, to create a beautiful interior, in keeping with the excellence of the new addition to Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.

The Bar at 24 Mayfair is open 24 hours a day, allowing Members to socialise in a relaxed ambience, across a beautiful array of wines and spirits in one of London’s exclusive Private Members Clubs. The Restaurant at 24 Mayfair provides Members with cuisine from across the world, showcasing the very best of international cuisine using the finest ingredients. The Restaurant also features a Teppanyaki Bar, known for being ‘a theatre of live cooking’, creating delicious small plates for Members to enjoy.

24 Mayfair have recently added a new addition to their club. The new Colony Club is an area for Members to experience gaming at its very best. Open 24 hours a day, The Colony Club features Gaming favourites such as Poker, BlackJack etc, providing Members with a beautiful new space to enjoy gaming in one of the Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair.

University Women’s Club

For the past 130 years, The University Women’s Club has acted as an escape for women from the stressful London life. Founded by the pioneers of Education for women, University Women’s Club has provided a space for like-minded women each coming from different social backgrounds, with different interests, to have access to a library and intellectual events, as well as being able to Network with each other.

The University Women’s Club features The Library, which is a space for Members to have access to a comfortable environment, ideal for working, or an escape from day-to-day life with to read. Members have access to the resources available in The University Women’s Club’s Library. The Club also features a dining room, located on the ground floor which opens out across their tranquil terraced garden. Throughout the year The Head Chef prepares and creates fresh, seasonal courses, each bursting with a unique combination of flavours.

The ClubHouse has 22 bedrooms, all designed to suit an individual’s requirements. The University Women’s club has always focussed acting as a retreat for women to come and escape from the busy, stressful lifestyle that comes hand in hand with London life. Providing a traditional British space for working women to relax and unwind, producing intellectual events, designed for different age groups, to enhance and build their knowledge on different influential topics.

Marks Club

Since 1973, Marks Club located underneath Hix Soho has welcomed both men and women through its doors, acting as a retreat from the City of London, providing outstanding service and facilities for their Members. Known for hosting fashion events, Marks Club has been used as a venue to host launches of some of the biggest names in British fashion, for example in October 2014 Vivenne Westwood launched her Autobiography at the club.

Head Chef Ben Hughes serves a traditional English Cuisine to Members, whether that be an exceptional afternoon tea display, or an item from the A La Carte Menu. Acting as a venue for both Business and pleasure, Marks Club has a Drawing Room, three, beautiful private Dining Rooms and a covered Terrace. Members are able to hire these rooms for private functions/dining, three unique rooms. The Garden Room, decorated in a forest green, with a display of The Marks Club art across the walls.

The second room for private hire is The Indian Room, located on the second floor of the Private Members Club. Featuring its very own ornate bar, the walls are decorated with artwork commissioned in 2015 from artist Sarah Graham. The third private dining space, located on the third floor is The Circus Room, decorated with soft yet vibrant colours, The Circus Room seats up to 12 guests around its central oval table. Image Source.

For simplicity and sophistication, Marks Club is certainly one of the Best Private Members Clubs in Mayfair to consider.

5 Hertford Street

A relatively recent addition to the prestigious enclave of Mayfair’s members’ clubs, 5 Hertford Street opened its doors in 2012. Despite its young age, this club has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best member clubs in Mayfair, rivalling historic institutions.

Walking through its doors, one instantly enters a world of luxury with rich velvets, magnificent fabrics, and antique furnishings. The interior design showcases meticulous attention to detail, a perfect amalgamation of modernity and classic British aesthetics. From candlelit bars to cosy lounging areas, every corner tells a story, providing an intimate ambience.

Among its many amenities, the club is home to the famed ‘LouLou’s,’ one of London’s most sought-after nightspots. From elite gatherings to after-hour soirées, LouLou’s sets the tone with eclectic music and a lively dance floor. The club offers a culinary journey with exquisite dining options for the gourmets, celebrating both international and traditional British cuisines.

But its sense of community sets 5 Hertford Street apart. Beyond the glamour, it’s a place where like-minded individuals from art, fashion, and business converge, making it a hub of creativity and collaboration amid Mayfair’s elegance.

The Twenty Two

With its cobbled streets and historical charm, Mayfair often hides treasures known only to a select few. One such gem is The Twenty Two, a private member’s club that offers an unusual blend of the classic and the contemporary.

The lineage of The Twenty-Two traces back to the storied past of Mayfair’s 1920s golden era. Named in a nod to its discreet address, the club celebrates the roaring twenties in more than just its name. The atmosphere inside whispers of an era gone by, with Art Deco influences mingling with plush, modern comforts.

Its private cinema stands out among the many amenities that The Twenty-Two boasts. Screenings of both classic films and contemporary releases provide members with a cinematic experience like no other. Additionally, its rooftop terrace, offering a panoramic view of Mayfair’s skyline, is a haven for those looking to escape the bustle of the city.

Regularly hosting art exhibitions, literary talks, and music sessions, the club has become a sanctuary for London’s artistic and intellectual elite, further cementing its status as a bastion of culture in Mayfair.

Allbright Mayfair

In the heart of London’s upscale district lies Allbright Mayfair, a unique institution that is more than just a member’s club. It’s a vibrant celebration of female empowerment and a tribute to women’s strides in the business, arts, and societal arenas. Founded as a response to the traditionally male-dominated private clubs, Allbright is an oasis for ambitious women looking to connect, collaborate, and create.

The club lies within a stunning Georgian townhouse, a nod to London’s architectural legacy. Inside, the interiors are a delightful blend of chic sophistication and warm femininity. Delicate pastel hues, art pieces celebrating womanhood, and intimate, well-lit spaces stand with the modern woman in mind.

Allbright Mayfair offers an extensive professional development offering. From masterclasses to mentoring sessions, the club is dedicated to equipping its members with the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, its wellness spaces, including a fitness studio and spa, emphasise the importance of a balanced life. It’s not just about exclusivity or luxury; it’s about building a community of strong, like-minded women who uplift each other.

Dining at Allbright is an experience in itself. The club’s in-house chefs craft delicious and nutritious dishes, focusing on fresh, local produce.


Among the hallowed lanes of Mayfair, Oswalds offers an experience steeped in tradition yet vibrantly contemporary. Named after Sir Oswald Mosley, this club embodies British sophistication and life’s finer pleasures, mainly catering to those inclined towards wine and art.

Oswalds’ crown jewel, without a doubt, is its extensive wine cellar. Specially designed for lovers, the cellar offers some of the world’s rarest vintages and provides members with personal wine storage. The curated wine list is a testament to the club’s dedication to providing the best from vineyards across the globe. The club also boasts a fine dining restaurant that serves culinary masterpieces, blending British classics with modern twists. 

Distinctly, Oswalds has an art studio and a dedicated space for exhibitions, encouraging artistic discourse and appreciation among its members.

Upstairs at Langan’s

Sitting above the iconic Langan’s Brasserie, Upstairs at Langan’s stands as a testament to Mayfair’s timeless allure and the evolution of London’s social scene. It’s a spot where the past and present dance in harmonious steps, paying tribute to the vibrant legacy of its ground-floor counterpart while introducing contemporary touches that make it distinct.

With its rich history from the 1970s, Langan’s Brasserie has seen everyone from rock stars to royals grace its premises. Upstairs takes this legacy to a new height, quite literally. The space is intimate yet airy. Artworks, a mix of modern pieces and classic prints, pay homage to Peter Langan, the maverick restaurateur who started it all.

However, where Upstairs truly shines is in its culinary offerings. While it nods to Langan’s Brasserie’s classic dishes, the menu also introduces modern twists, showcasing the best British produce. The bar’s eclectic mix of classic cocktails and innovative concoctions ensures that every member’s drink preferences are catered to.

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