The Best Business Clubs in London

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London is home to some of the most exclusive business clubs, providing Members with professional, innovative facilities to enhance their Businesses. Below, we have listed the Best Business Clubs in London, each with unique elements designed to act as a home-away-from-home for businessmen and women.

12 Hay Hill Mayfair

The Best Business Clubs in London

In terms of exclusivity, 12 Hay Hill Mayfair is the only name to be considered. 12 Hay Hill is a luxury business club designed to help businesses grow and develop through work and entertainment. This Private Members Club is designed for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to work alongside 5-star service with innovative facilities to enhance each business.

Situated in a beautiful 6-storey building in the heart of Mayfair, 12 Hay Hill Mayfair is a wonderful venue where Members want for nothing. As a member, your private office space is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will also have access to fast internet access, conference call facilities, a fully-staffed reception, and cleaning and postal services.

12 Hay Hill Mayfair recognises the importance of entertaining, growing, and developing a business. Members can access The Main Restaurant, The Fourth Floor and The Bar. The Main Restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Members have access to bring their clients to the restaurant where they can experience fine dining at whichever time suits them, an ideal location to impress. The Bar is also an ideal place to relax and unwind, with a selection of Beers, Wines and Cocktails. The Fourth Floor is home to ‘The Lounge’. An area where Members can pick up light snacks such as Croissants, Refreshing Salads and fresh Juices throughout the day.

The Lounge is also an area which can be transformed into a stylish event space, which can be adapted to suit the size and needs of the event. With Panoramic views across Mayfair, situated on the top floor of 12 Hay Hill, The Lounge features a DJ Booth and AV equipment, as well as having retractable partition walls – a wonderful addition which can personalise an event for Members, making it either an intimate or grand event, depending on the member’s requirements. The Lounge is ideal for Networking events, Presentations and Launches, as it can hold up to 120 guests.

In Terms of Private Dining. 12 Hay Hill Mayfair understand the importance of impressing your clients; therefore, they have three exclusive options for their members. The Lower Ground Floor (holding a maximum of 15 guests), The Ground Floor (holding a maximum of 12 people) and the Fourth Floor (holding a maximum of 6 people).

We have shortlisted 12 Hay Hill Business Clubs as one of The Best Business Clubs in London as they acknowledge the finer details to enhance a business and understand the importance of entertaining and the requirements for a business and its staff.

Website: 12 Hay Hill Mayfair

Address: 12 Hay Hill, London W1J 8NR

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The Argyll Club

The Argyll Club, is one of London’s most discreet Business Clubs. With locations across Central London, situated in 38 of some of London’s finest addresses. The Argyll Club provides its members and their businesses with serviced meeting rooms, workspaces, and offices across Central London, with businesses instantly gaining credibility for being associated with one of these addresses.

The Argyll Club has three tailored Memberships designed to help businesses grow and develop differently. Within these Memberships, members have 24-hour access, seven days a week, to dedicated offices, workspaces and meeting rooms designed to benefit members and their businesses, offering exceptional facilities, such as in-house receptionists who handle both mail and personal phone calls, the offices are also furnished with top-quality furniture, ensuring Members are comfortable in their working environment. The Club’s staff go above and beyond to ensure that the requirements of both Members and their clients are exceeded.

The first and most popular type is residential membership, which is suited to small and large businesses. Members will have access to Premium office space (24/7), professional receptionists (who will deal with mail-handling and telephone answering), stationary facilities, daily cleaning services, and the ability to hire Meeting Room space. The Second Membership type is the Portfolio Membership this is where Members have 24/7 access to seven of the locations across London (pricing varies depending on the business’s use of the club) – all with serviced lounges, hot desks, meeting rooms and shower facilities. The final is the virtual membership, where a business can be registered at one of London’s ‘Finest addresses’ – Members will receive mail and call handling support, and meeting rooms are available to hire by the hour.

The Argyll Club have locations in some of London’s most exclusive areas and buildings, some being Grade Two listed. This is an opportunity for businesses to locate and associate themselves with some of London’s most exclusive locations, which is why we have included The Argyll Club as one of the Best Business Clubs in London.

Website: The Argyll Club


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AllBright Member’s Club

AllBright Members Club is the new, exclusive Business Club for Women found in Mayfair, Rathbone, and West Hollywood, USA. Typically, Private Members/Business Clubs were designed for Businessmen to use as a home-away-from-home whilst working and Networking. However, AllBright Members Club is designed for Businesswomen to do the same, providing them with a dedicated, elegant space to act as a second home.

AllBright Mayfair, located on Maddox Street is one of London’s most exclusive Members Clubs for Women. The Townhouse is designed to cater to the needs of a businesswoman, extended across 5 floors, with beautiful facilities to enhance their Member’s lifestyle, with aspects included to enhance and relax them also. AllBright Mayfair has two rooftop terraces, where Members and their clients can enjoy views across the Mayfair Rooftops, the club also has a Restaurant which seats 80, and two Bars, both perfect for informal meetings, or a place to treat Clients. AllBright Mayfair also has Private event space and Dining Rooms where Members can host functions or events at an additional cost. Aside from the Business Aspect of the Club, AllBright Mayfair has Wellness Rooms, offering a selection of fine Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Treatments from 58 Wellbeing and a state-of-the-art Fitness Studio, as they recognize the importance of self-care whilst managing business. AllBright Mayfair also has an in-house art collection and provides ‘Small Bright’, a childcare service available on a Saturday. The unique aspect to AllBright Mayfair is that they recognise the aspects of a businesswoman’s life and provide solutions to ensure that they can continue working.

AllBright, Rathbone, found in the heart of Fitzrovia and extended across five storeys, is the second AllBright Branch in the United Kingdom. Featuring an in-house restaurant on the ground floor and a wonderful Bar on the top floor – it provides members with areas to entertain their employees and clients whilst dining from the seasonal menu in the restaurant or enjoying a drink at the bar. Aside from these features, AllBright Rathbone also has private event space designed for Members to host exclusive events to enhance their business – an addition welcome at one of the best business clubs in London. There is also a Cinema Room and a beauty and wellness studio, ‘Beauty and Bloom’. This unique feature offers Members a variety of beauty treatments designed to act as a breakaway from the everyday stresses of work.

Aside from these perks of becoming a Member at AllBright Mayfair and Allbright Rathbone, the Club also has Cultural Programming events in which members can get involved. These events range from Intimate Dinners, Book Clubs, Panels and many more.

AllBright also has an academy that helps women recognize and work towards achieving their career goals, a unique aspect that makes AllBright one of the best business clubs in London.

Website: AllBright Members Club

Address: 24-26 Maddox St, London W1S 1PP

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Eight Club

The Best Business Clubs in London

Eight Club is one of London’s most exclusive Business Clubs. With a third branch opening soon, the already existing Eight Bank and Eight Moorgate provide their Members with a beautiful, private venue to work, network and socialise. A membership with Eight Club allows access to Eight Bank and Eight Moorgate, and soon the third branch.

Eight Moorgate is the more Sophisticated, private Club of the two. Eight Moorgate has a beautiful restaurant, Quartier, serving members a combination of European flavours – the perfect setting to host informal business meetings or treat clients to a delicious meal. If you require a professional, formal space for Meetings, Eight Moorgate has five high-class Meeting Rooms available for hire and a larger event space where Members can hold Corporate events, Workshops and Large conferences. For a more relaxed environment, Members have access to the Manhattan Loft-style Lounge, which opens onto a beautiful Terrace with spectacular views across the City of London, serving food and drinks throughout the day, Monday-Friday.

Eight Bank, located in the heart of the City of London, is the ideal business club for those who require a social, exclusive environment. Within Eight Bank features a Lounge Bar, perfect for informal meetings and a relaxed break, serving food and beverages throughout the day, also featuring Pool Tables for those who need enjoy a quick break from work. Eight Bank also has six professional, sophisticated meeting rooms and a cinema equipped with comfortable, plush seating, a unique aspect available for both presentations and film nights held at the club. Aside from their most popular Membership, Eight Bank have an ‘evening Membership’, where Members have access to ‘Blind Bee’ – an intimate, underground drinking den where Members can experience Live performances and Live Music, a unique aspect to impress both Members and their Clients.

Eight Club ensures that members are surrounded by luxury whilst acting as a second home. Eight Club is one of the Best Business Clubs in London because they recognise the requirements businessmen and women would expect from a Business Club and go above and beyond to exceed these expectations. Image source

Website: Eight Club

Address: 1 Dysart Street, London, EC2A 2BX

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Club Workspace

Club Workspace is a network of 19 professional co-working spaces across London. With a continuously growing number of Members, Club Workspace allow entrepreneurs with like-minded ideas to grow into successful businesses.

Club Workspace have designed various packages, each with flexible terms to revolve around individual business necessities. For a monthly fee of £330, Members gain access to The Educational Workshops designed by Club Workspace to enhance Businessmen/women’s knowledge of the world of business, aimed at providing unique experiences for Members and further educating them into understanding different techniques that are key to a business’s success. Club Workspace also has meeting rooms that members can hire, each designed to accommodate both small or large groups, fitted with superfast business-grade Wi-fi to ensure that members can perform at the highest of their abilities with innovative technology that will enhance their performance.

Being one of London’s most convenient, accessible business clubs, Club Workspace provides its members with excellent, professional facilities to conduct their work in and unique educational workshops, but the club also provides funding advice for its members and their businesses. This feature ensures that if Members of Club Workspace endure Financial troubles, professionals can advise and formulate a plan to enable Businesses to recover and reform into well-established businesses. Not only are the Financial Advisors at Club Workspace useful for dealing with financial troubles, they also advise of different funding options which businesses can undertake to gain more money to grow and develop their business, an excellent idea which ensures Members aren’t facing financial queries alone.

Website: Club Workspace

Address: Multiple Locations

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With five locations across London, Co-Work is a unique alternative to an office space. Offering entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated workspace, fully-furnished meeting rooms and office facilities at a significantly lower price to big offices in Central London. Co-Work Business Club is designed to be a creative, social environment with a dedicated workspace across five locations within the heart of London. It is located in Angel, Borough, Cannon Street, Moorgate and Soho.

Co-Work, Angel has dedicated desks from £549 per month; this includes your workspace, a designated lockable storage unit integrated into your desk (ideal for storing personal belongings or private business documents), ready-to-use VoIP phones and access to the Hi-Spec, sophisticated Meeting Rooms and conference facilities. Co-Work, Borough begin their Membership fee at £649 per month; this includes the Member Benefits listed above at Co-Work, Angel, plus office services such as Printing and Scanning. Co-Work, Cannon Street, is priced at £749 per month. Featuring all of the above, Co-Work Cannon Street also provides businesses with a dedicated leased line broadband and Wi-Fi. Co-Work, Moorgate has a monthly price of £699 per month, with all listed features above. Finally, Co-Work in Soho is priced at £799 per month. For this price, Members have access to all of the features listed above, situated in an ideal location, two minutes away from Oxford Street Station.

Co-Work is the alternative solution to an office within the heart of London, providing its Members with professional facilities to start up a business or further strive to reach business goals, making it one of the Best Business Clubs in London.

Website: Co-Work 

Address: Multiple Locations

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The Mayfair Network

The Best Business Clubs in London

In regards to widening a business’s contacts and knowledge of different sectors, networking events allow businesses to meet new people in similar or entirely different markets, introducing them to new opportunities and contacts.

The Mayfair Network is a unique networking/business club in the heart of Mayfair, London. It aims for Members to build new, strong relationships with each other, gaining a new understanding of the different sectors and how different businessmen and women manage their businesses. The Mayfair Network is open to any entrepreneur, CEO or employee from any area of the world of business, eg. Marketing, Models, Fashionistas, photographers etc.

Each month The Mayfair Network hold events in prestigious locations in and around Mayfair, Members are welcome to attend each one, these events are held in social atmospheres, usually Cocktail events, promoting a relaxed, informal ambience for Members to feel at ease when networking and socializing with one another. The Mayfair Network Members also benefit from monthly business development sessions aimed at understanding the elements of their business that need improvement and development to ensure that they can reach both personal and business goals.

The Mayfair Network is one of The Best Business Clubs in London, providing Members with unique networking opportunities designed to enhance each Member and business success.

Website: The Mayfair Network Club

Address: level 1, Devonshire House, One Mayfair Pl, London W1J 8AJ

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Home Grown

Home Grown, in Marylebone, stands out as a premier private members’ club specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. This club is a meeting place and a dynamic hub where visionary entrepreneurs connect, grow, and transform their business ideas into reality.

Under the guidance of Andrew Richardson, Managing Director, Home Grown focuses on nurturing new talent by providing access to a network of experienced professionals and industry experts. This community is rich in mentorship and offers invaluable business growth and innovation resources.

The club boasts an impressive roster of Home Grown Ambassadors, including notable figures such as Richard Farleigh and Helen Brocklebank, whose diverse experiences offer members unique insights and opportunities for mentorship.

Beyond networking, Home Grown is dedicated to providing a holistic business environment. It hosts events designed to stimulate thought and debate, addressing key business needs from leadership to finance. These gatherings are incubators for forward-thinking strategies and collaborations. Home Grown offers luxurious accommodations, sophisticated business lounges, and a British restaurant in a Georgian building emphasizing seasonal, locally sourced cuisine.

Website: Home Grown

Address: 44 Great Cumberland Pl, London W1H 7BS

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Soho House

Soho House, synonymous with creativity and exclusivity in the business world, offers a unique environment for media, arts, and fashion professionals. Founded in 1995 by Nick Jones, it began as a modest club above Cafe Boheme in London’s Greek Street and has since evolved into a global network of exclusive venues.

Each Soho House is designed with comfort and character. They are about creating spaces that inspire and facilitate creativity. The club is particularly famous for its business-friendly atmosphere. It offers private lounges perfect for members-only gatherings, fostering an environment where ideas can be exchanged and collaborations flourish. This aspect is crucial for professionals in creative industries, where networking and sharing ideas are key to success.

Soho House’s curated art collection, numbering over 8,000 works, plays a significant role in the aesthetic of each location. The club’s amenities include fitness classes, spa treatments, creative workshops, and private cinema viewings. With locations spanning from London to Barcelona, Milan, and Miami, each Soho House offers a unique yet consistent experience. The versatility of these spaces – from rooftop terraces perfect for events to cosy in-house cafés – makes them ideal for a range of business and social interactions.

Website: Soho House

Address: 76 Dean St, London W1D 3SQ

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The Conduit Club

“The Conduit” represents a unique take on the concept of a members’ club, diverging from the traditional models of exclusivity and leisure to focus on social and environmental change. Founded by Paul van Zyl, a famous human rights lawyer and activist, The Conduit aims to be a hub for impactful change-makers.

The Conduit is designed as an invitation-only space in London’s Mayfair. It boasts top chefs, sustainably sourced ingredients, and a late-night speakeasy, but what sets it apart is its program focused on social and environmental change. This program includes a series of talks and events addressing vital issues like economic opportunity, education, health, women’s empowerment, and sustainability.

The club has attracted a diverse and influential membership base, including prominent business leaders like Paul Polman of Unilever, philanthropists such as Sir Ronald Cohen, media figures including Christiane Amanpour, and notable individuals from the non-profit world. This is a space where members can interact and collaborate on impactful projects. The ethos is further reflected in the club’s planned £100m impact fund, aimed at investing in causes chosen by the members.

While substantial, the Conduit’s membership fees are designed to be inclusive, offering concessionary rates and emphasizing the value of the impact over exclusivity.

Website: The Conduit

Address: 6 Langley St, London WC2H 9JA

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The Club at The Ned

The Ned, in London’s banking district, exemplifies a blend of historical grandeur and contemporary business acumen. As a multi-faceted establishment, it has successfully navigated the post-pandemic landscape by transforming itself into more than an after-work drink destination. Originally a Midland Bank, the building has been meticulously refurbished, preserving its historical essence while infusing modern comforts and style.

Inside the hotel is its exclusive membership club, Ned’s Club. With an annual membership fee exceeding £4,000, it offers access to various high-end amenities, including the rooftop pool and the historically rich Vault Bar. A membership at the Ned’s Club is an excellent way to network and connect with powerful and visionary individuals.

The Dining Hall and the seven restaurants within the establishment are ideal places to hold business meetings. These spacious and quiet eateries reflect the professionalism of those who engage with the space. Membership includes a spa and wellness centre.

Website: The Club at The Ned

Address: 27 Poultry, London EC2R 8AJ

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 The Twenty Two

The Twenty-Two is a hotel-slash-members club in London, quickly making a name for itself as a premier destination for business deals and connections. Grosvenor Square’s allure has attracted the likes of Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez, Tom Cruise, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, and a host of other high-profile names.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by a marble foyer with a mirrored ceiling and a grand chandelier. The Twenty-Two prides itself on impeccable service, ensuring guests’ seamless and indulgent stay. Rooms like the blue Artist’s Studio cater to the needs of long-term and high-maintenance guests.

The restaurant boasts an extensive and adventurous wine menu, curated by a knowledgeable sommelier, and a menu that includes exquisite choices like Lindisfarne rock oysters, burrata, and a shared rib of steak. There’s nothing better than that for a first and impressive business lunch.

The private members’ room, reminiscent of the famous Maxim’s de Paris, adds a touch of historical glamour to the modern setting.

Website: The Twenty Two

Address: 22 Grosvenor Sq, London W1K 6LF

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