Rucola at The Conduit Restaurant Review: A New Eco-Conscious Experience in Covent Garden

Rucola is a Brooklyn-origin restaurant now atop the Conduit Club in Covent Garden. The venue introduces an eco-conscious dining experience that melds sustainability with Italian culinary traditions. Set against London views, Rucola is open to members and non-members, offering a refreshing take on plant-based dishes. Easy-going Brooklyn vibes inspire the restaurant’s ambiance. It features an animated open kitchen and a central bar, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests​​​​.

The culinary philosophy at Rucola emphasizes sustainability, with a menu that focuses on plant-led plates and utilizes low-carbon emission ingredients. Handmade pasta and focaccia are among the offerings. 

The venue has established a collaboration with award-winning expert Henry Rich, known for his work in neutral carbon operations and zero waste practices. Rich, who founded the original Rucola in Brooklyn, brings his expertise in creating a wine list that pairs perfectly with the restaurant’s ethos, featuring a selection of classic and natural wines made with minimal intervention​​.

Sustainable cocktails complement the menu, inviting guests to enjoy innovative mixes that stimulate conversation and thought. Rucola also embraces zero-waste practices by designing menus to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible, aiming for net carbon neutrality by offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions​​.

Rucola’s strategic location within The Conduit—a venue known for its commitment to social and environmental impact—enhances its appeal to those interested in sustainable dining within an urban oasis. The restaurant’s opening hours cater to both early and late diners, with special provisions for live entertainment on certain days. This new venture is a testament to the evolving landscape of London’s culinary scene, where sustainability, innovation, and tradition converge to offer a unique dining experience.

Rucola at The Conduit Restaurant London Bookings

Capital A List members can make bookings for Rucola at The Conduit below.

Rucola at The Conduit Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Italian

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Covent Garden

Address: 6 Langley St, London WC2H 9JA


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