Roka Restaurant London

Roka Restaurant London


At restaurant Roka, it’s all in the name. No, we aren’t referring to word of mouth or the power of a brand’s reputation (although, as a first-class and widely renowned chain with footholds through-out the city of London, Roka has plenty of that too.) But, rather more uniquely, the syllables of Roka — when parted and defined — literally spell out friendship (Ro) and warm, positive energy (Ka). It’s not dissimilar to the perfect amalgamation of ingredients (X seasoning compliments X meat); each part of this restaurant is working in tandem to produce a delicious atmosphere — partly social and bustling, and partly relaxed and comforting.

As a result, Roka makes one of the best places to eat in Canary Wharf. Floor to ceiling windows offer a spectacular view of Canada square, and the metropolis that sprawls out underfoot in piazzas and upwards in shining high-rises.

Not one to be overshadows by the buzz of the city, Roka’s cosmopolitan-chic interior had us feeling just the perfect amount of enclosed within it’s space. Touches of bamboo and glossy swathes of fatsia-like foliage pay a stylish homage to the restaurant’s Japanese ‘robatayaki’ cuisine, while providing a lovely foil to the urban skyline outside: somewhere to nestle down over solid, caramel-hue dining tables and slate serving platters and enjoy food that we felt privileged to be able to witness first hand — along without fellow diners. Yes, Roku takes the open kitchen to the next level — with a showstopper of a suave kitchenette taking centre-stage in the heart of the restaurant floor-plan. The meticulous preparation of eastern cuisine, in small, gastro sculptures, is made to be admired.

Thanks to the astonishingly fast service, (perhaps the efficiency of the corporate towers that loom over the square has filtered indiscriminately into the restaurant below) we had only mere moments between admiring the construction of our dinner choices and actually finding them places before us, ready to relish.
We would have felt bereft without trying out Roku’s tasting menu: a seasonal easel filled with flavours of the moment. Beef dumplings warmed us from the inside, accompanied as they were with a touch of ginger that het up the meat to perfection. Afterwards, the mini dessert platter allowed us to cool our taste buds with a whimsical array of sweet treats like almond brulee, miso and cherry blossom ice cream with the stand-out mango toffee.

The abundance of Sushi and Sashimi at Roku can’t be overlooked either. For fans of this staple Japanese speciality, try the jalapeno mayonnaise which, when paired with the classic (and gorgeously prepared) vine-grad rice (and fresh, spicy tuna, in our case) certainly lived up to the restaurant’s titular promise of warm energy.

Roka restaurant sparked up our senses with it’s deliciously picante menu. But, due to the hypnotic showcase of it’s chefs at work and an undeniably homely atmosphere — also mellowed us in body and mind. No easy feat, while sat within one of the capital’s most lively and thriving public squares. That’s what makes Roku one of the best names to look up near you in London.

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Roka Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Asian

Dress Code: Casual Elegant 

Area: Canary Wharf

Address: 4 Park Pavilion 40 Canada Square | 40 Canada Square, London E14 5FW


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