Los Mochis Elevates Dining with New Rooftop Restaurant in London City

April 6, 2024

Los Mochis Elevates Dining with New Rooftop Restaurant in London City

Los Mochis restaurant is famous for blending Mexican and Japanese cuisines. Its new rooftop venue, which will launch in London City in April 2024, is set to elevate London’s dining scene again. Following the acclaim of its Notting Hill outpost and the exclusive omakase counter, Jumo, Los Mochis is reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively, with this latest expansion.

Find the new restaurant on the 9th floor of the 100 Liverpool Street building. This new location boasts a 3,000-square-foot outdoor terrace that affords diners spectacular views of London’s skyline. This ambitious move reflects the city’s growing appetite for dining venues that offer more than exceptional food but also a memorable ambiance and stunning vistas.

The menu celebrates the fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisines. It includes favorites like Tuna Poke Tostaditos and Trailer Park Chicken Taco. It also reflects Los Mochis’ quality, creativity, and the bold flavors that have become its signature. The restaurant will also offer an extensive selection of rare tequilas and mezcals, enhancing the dining experience with authentic touches.

The concept of Los Mochis stands out in London’s competitive dining landscape. It does so not just for its food but also for its approach to creating a holistic dining experience. The new rooftop restaurant in Broadgate, London City is envisioned as a destination where food, culture, and panoramic city views converge. 

As anticipation builds for this new opening, Los Mochis is poised to set a new standard for rooftop dining in London. It will surely become a landmark destination for food enthusiasts, blending two distinctive cuisines that surprisingly work very well together.

Los Mochis Restaurant London City Bookings

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Los Mochis Restaurant London City Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Mexican/Japanese

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Spitafields

Address: 9th Floor, 100 Liverpool St, London EC2M 2AT

Website: https://www.losmochis.co.uk/lc/london-city

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