Jikoni Restaurant London

Jikoni Restaurant London

Jikoni is a restaurant in London that explores no-boarder cuisine. Here, you will find food inspired by diverse immigrant cultures, all blended to create a melting pot of flavor and aromas. South Asia, Middle East, Far East, East African, and British culinary traditions combine Jikoni’s menu. 

Playing with mixed-heritage cooking, the chefs in the kitchen celebrate the differences and similarities between all of these immigrant cuisines. The result is a merging of aromas like never before, an inception of senses that connect textures, smells, and flavors. 

Treating Jikoni as simply “home cooking” is an understatement. Warm, maternal cooking composes the menu. Family-oriented cooking and traditions are the centerpieces of every dish at Jikoni. The restaurant works with traditional methods of cooking that have not made it to modern western kitchens. This allows the venue to extract flavors and aromas from seasonal ingredients in a particular manner, highlighting the best of every produce. 

The interior design resembles a victorian tea house, far away from exotic decor. Different pillows, tablecloths, and napkins patterns follow a light pink and blue color palette. Comfortable booths and chairs surround tables inside a small and cozy environment. The entire ambiance is crafted to make you feel at home. 

Once seated, order king oyster mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, furikake seasoning, and pinenuts. Follow with a large plate of Delica squash and lime leaf pakoras with coconut curry and lemon rice. Enjoy a vegan apricot and orange-blossom cake with pistachios for dessert. Jikoni’s brunch menu includes sweetcorn pancakes with spicy creamed corn, a fried egg, and tamarind glazed back with waffled and fennel slaw. 

Explore exotic flavors mixed and discover an entirely new dimension of flavors. 

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Jikoni Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: South Asia, Middle East, Far East, East African, and British

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Marylebone

Address: 19-21 Blandford St, London W1U 3DH

Website: https://www.jikonilondon.com/

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