The Ivy Asia Restaurant London

The Ivy Asia Restaurant London

The Ivy Asia is a restaurant that brings Pan-Asian cuisine to Chelsea and other seven locations spread across London (St. Pauls, Guildford, Manchester, Mayfair, Cardiff, Brighton, and Leeds). The restaurant offers you a full-sensory experience. Find dishes elaborated on the multiple cultures and countries of Asia. The cocktails are crafted to excellence, and the place’s bright and theatrical interior design highlights the experience. 

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu to suit those with dietary restrictions. The dishes are based on the traditions and culture of the multiple countries spread across the Asian continent, so rich in flavour and presentation is guaranteed. The Ivy Asia Black Shell seafood platter is the perfect example, with impeccable presentation and high-quality ingredients. Dry ice surrounds many of the dishes, adding flair to their display. 

The a la carte menu includes many sushi platters to share, including a Japanese-inspired Bonsai sharing plate. Find dozens of fresh sashimi, small dishes like tempura and dumplings, and large dishes with wagyu beef, fresh salmon, and roasted aubergine. Get the lunch stack, share a multi-course meal with your partner, or go for the house-famous crispy duck, served with imperial caviar. Special seasonal menus are available. 

Inside, find a colourful and not at all minimalistic decor and design. Bright shades of colour take over the space, with a green floor, pink cherry blossoms taking over the ceiling and some of the corner walls, and lavishing and eclectic furniture spread around the spacious dining room. Cobalt blue booths highlight the lively environment, and the colourful stained glass windows add to the flair of the place.

The Ivy Asia is anything but simple, which makes you fall in love with it. From fresh fatty sashimis to beautifully framed platters of food – eating at this restaurant goes beyond a simple dining experience. 

The Ivy Asia Bookings

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The Ivy Asia Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Chelsea

Address: 201-203A, King’s Rd, London SW3 5ED


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