OMG! Harry, Olly and Aston’s Boy’s Night Out

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 26th July 2012
Harry Styles, Olly Murs and Aston Merrygold joined forces to enjoy a boys night out at Rose Club this week, no doubt leaving a trail of swooning girls as they made their way through the dancefloor! Aston had been looking forward to the evening, tweeting earlier in the day, ‘Smurf, Styles and Merrygold 1st team night out!! Let’s get on it!! @ollyofficial @Harry_Styles BOSH Ax’.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Unfortunately it seems as though Harry wasn’t really in the mood – he only stayed a little while, quickly moving on to another club with a blonde female friend in tow. Looks like the One Direction dreamboat turned his back on the wolf pack!

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