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Do you have a hidden urge to travel into the depths of your imagination but just have not got the time to do so? Have you ever wanted to dance like the ancients did and travel to unknown destinations without really travelling anywhere at all? Fancy a little recap on ancient history whilst drinking the finest organic cocktails? Want some jungle jives? Anyway, if any of this entices or intrigues you in the slightest then Capital A list has got the perfect recommendation for you! We present the Chakana guestlist at London’s most exciting new club.

‘Chakana’ originally means the ‘tree of life’, a concept provided by the late Maya’s of Peru and this club definitely caters to the party tree of life! No jungle outfit is needed – Chakana is the only place where you can get rural whilst being a v.i.p. The guestlist will make you feel like a royal ancient queen or king as you party with the most exclusive guests in London. No advanced time travel technology is needed, Chakana has perfected the “Mayan” decoration and ambient atmosphere to the utmost precision. Capital A list gladly offers this unique guestlist knowing that its clients will never have such an exotic drinking experience as the one they will have at Chakana! Deep down, Capital A list and Chakana understand that it is a deep desire of human’s to party like their natural ancient selves. Well now through this special Chakana guestlist, the history orientated dance moves do not have to just stay in the bedroom!

If the decoration doesn’t ‘wow’ you enough then maybe a glance at the exquisite drinks menu will. The ancient concept doesn’t just end with the interior of the club, through the Chakana guestlist, allow yourself to be ultimately seduced by the extensive array of tongue loving cocktails. If you like to treat your taste buds to only the finest ingredients in life then Chakana is the place for you.

The Cocktails of Chakana use only the fines quality ingredients, all of there cocktails are there specialities. With roots from Mexico, the bartender will know how to shake up your senses with drinks that explode with authentic mayan inspired taste. The sensations of the cocktails at Chakana through the guetlist will allow you to experience a cocktail like you never had before – not entirely convinced? then check out just some of these key ingredients (they wouldn’t tell us the secret ones!) Ingredients in your historic, yet stylish drink include Chia seeds, maca root, Inca berries and coca leaves,usually mixed with piscos, rare tequilas and dark exotic rum. Who knew that partying in style with the past could be not only so taste pleasing but healthy too!

Let us now give you a glimpse into the music your ears will now be invoked with, whilst your eyes and taste buds are being catered too. Through the Chakana guestlist, all of your senses are completely satisfied to the highest extent – you will literally be blown mentally aware by the wonder the Chakana experience provides you! Although there will be no men or women in grass skirts and attire (unfortunately) there will be however the best DJ’s from around the world spinning decks to add to this lavish rural v.i.p experience through our guestlist. Lets face it no upmarket ancient ritual accompanied by the most stylish people of London sipping on the best quality cocktails around would be complete complete without the best kinds of deep house filling the air!

Chakana wants your body to move and Chakana knows that one of the most important elements to creating such a perfected vibe is with good music! Therefore in order to make sure the people of the Chakana guestlist agree with this, the venue allows for the most ear sensational beats of the world to illumine this new exciting club of London. Lets just say Capital A list has been waiting to have a guestlist at a place like this for a long time! Through the clubbing experience of Chakana, the past becomes physically eternal and people of our guestlist can experience this in all its glory! At Capital A list we believe that this new concept provided by Chakana is too extraordinary to just fully be implemented into your mind with just words, come and experience it for yourself! Furthermore the location also reflects its most recent clientele – elite and beautiful! So contact Capital A list today, get on the exquisite Chakana guestlist!!!!!!

Chakana Guestlist

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