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Cafe Kaizen is the new venture by Jin Nilsson – former marketing director at Whisky Mist.”Please don’t think ‘themed’ and be expecting waiting staff in Samurai outfits,” says Jin. “We’re mixing a little industrial NYC cool with Japanese art and flavours.” This quote immediately addresses what Cafe Kaizen is all about, combining two cultures into one fabulous venue. Their hip, unique concept on Hanover Square are revolutionizing the way we eat, drink, work, relax and socialise. Taking over the space previously occupied by Jalouse nightclub and radicalising it by bringing East London’s energy into the West End. Under the influence of New York style cocktails and oriental cuisine, all in the midst of their zen garden market, it creates an undeniable unique experience of a Japanese restaurant and club within the heart of London. Their aim was to create an indoor market place for Londoners of today to feel like their in the hangout of their wildest dreams, by offering not only contemporary cuisine including fresh smoothies and cocktails laced with lavender and cherry but a wide range of music with an upbeat atmosphere. Cafe Kaizen is open from 3pm to 3am offering a tranquil cafe and juice bar by day and a cocktail lounge and nightclub by night to give it two contrasting settings.

Food-wise there will be a short menu of dim sum, sashimi and gluten-free cakes, macarons and desserts shots. The price is perfect as bao buns, dumplings, rolls and gyoza will be £4 and there is also salmon, tuna, yellow fin tuna and sea bass sashimi at £5 which can all be washed down with either a delicious smoothie or cocktail. The food will not only fulfil your hunger but definitely make you ravenous to return this truly one of a kind place. The chef’s in kitchen are professional and eager to cater to your hungry expectations and will not disappoint. The authentic oriental cuisine combined with the New York inspired drinks infuses the taste buds beyond comprehension as it is like no other as the concept derived from a completely unique inspiration, this inspiration being two very different cultures. The act of combining two different cultures was a risky decision as different cultures don’t always tend to combine well but this was a decision that has pulled off remarkably well as it is loved by everyone who attends this venue.

As for the music, you can expect music that caters for all to include anything from jazz, rock and blues to club nights filled with deep house and retro. The music is usually the main contributing factor which determines whether you have a good night out and this place you definitely will not be disappointed as it does provide for everyone. Due to the varied genres of music it allows Cafe Kaizen to be more than just one kind of venue, it is neither a cafe nor a nightclub but a magical twist of both allowing it to cater for more than just one occasion, whether this occasion is to be a relaxed afternoon or a memorable night out with your friends. If you desire a cosy drink with your friends or hitting the dance floor, both are possible at Cafe Kaizen as it offers such a variety of experiences and each time you go will be different depending on what you want in your night as it will cater for your needs.

Being located in Mayfair, one of London’s classiest, sophisticated and, most importantly, exclusive locations you can already predetermine what night you’re in for, a night of elegance and class. The place will be alive with people and music due to it’s popularity and unique way of partying. The reason the club has gained such a popular status is because of the atmosphere, the location and experience. Experience is probably the most important thing when in London and going to Cafe Kaizen is certainly an experience you don’t want to miss out on and definitely will not forget. Mayfair is renowned for having London’s finest clubs and this is most definitely on par with all those clubs London already loves, or infact better. We always say that the finest cocktails can only be mastered with the finest spirits, look no further as Cafe Kaizen has everything you could possibly imagine to compensate your drinking cravings. It will have a quick rise to fame as it is a good example of a nightclub in London doing it right. Whether you are looking for the finest food, music or drink you can find it all under the Cafe Kaizen roof. Need we say any more?

What’s The Dress Code?

Like most private members clubs Cafe Kaizen adhere to a strict dress code. Make sure to get this right other wise it could be a cold night on the curb watching friends roll into the club. Girls must be wearing high heels whilst guys must be wearing smart shoes. No trainers or sportswear will be allowed. If you’re not sure about a piece of clothing then play it safe and wear something else.

How Much is Entry Price?

Typically the club allow free entry for ladies before 11pm after which they are required to pay a £20 door fee. Guys will have to stump up the cash no matter what time of the night. Don’t blame us, we don’t make the rules!

What are the Drink Prices?

Drinks prices vary from the standard cocktail priced at £10 to the magnums of champagne at a hefty £1000. It’s certainly easy to spend money here, but at least the drinks are nice and strong.

Cafe Kaizen Guestlist

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Open: Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Sunday
Cafe Kaizen – 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HU | | +44(0)2074936411

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