BiBo Restaurant London

Bibo restaurant London

Dani García, a Michelin-starred Spanish chef, brings the most Spanish cuisine, BiBo to Shoreditch. We can tell you what to expect from this top Spanish restaurant. We enjoyed the unique vision of Spanish gastronomy created by Chef Dani Garcia himself.

Flavours that are so special and distinctive that will let your taste buds explode at one of London’s best restaurants.

The Spanish restaurant is located at Mondrian Shoreditch, BiBo perfectly reflects the vibrant, eclectic and carefree space that illustrates the unique Spanish brand, in the same way that it characterizes the lively Shoreditch area.

Inside, it’s got a relaxed, modern Spanish countryside vibe, with clay walls, light decor, and a burnt-red tile bar all with plenty of natural light.

The centerpiece of the restaurant is the central island bar with high tables for tapas bookings. It’s built around a rather large cartwheel-sized round light housed in a giant, diamond-shaped cage of red spokes – the decor is even a must see.

Then, just outside, there’s a small courtyard filled with hanging plants, and conveniently covered in a glass roof with tons of natural light and just perfect for any occasion.

The menu, at one of London’s best restaurants, features famous tried-and-tested dishes from Garcia’s other BiBo restaurant London branches.

Expect BiBo favourite’s like oxtail brioche (a pulled oxtail brioche sandwich with thin mushroom slices), jamon mini croquetas and a Russian salad. Where main dishes include grilled sea bass and a Txuleta steak that comes from Basque cows (a definite if you are a meat eater).

To drink you’ll find a range of Spanish cocktails (of course) at the bar with their versions of red and white sangria. Also ‘rebujito’ (sherry & lemon-lime soda) and ‘agua de Sevilla’ (pineapple juice and whiskey).

Try the popular ‘Mrs Violet’ – comes in an elegantly tall and precariously slender glass filled with gin and elderberry syrup, all topped with a caramel brittle, while the Smoked Pumpkin Whisky Sour is served inside a smoke-filled glass dome for that drama effect.

On top of that the restaurant has a long list of Old World wines that are available by the glass.

BiBo Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Spanish

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Shoreditch

Address: 45 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3PT


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