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Asia de Cuba


Situated in St Martins lane Asia De Cuba welcomes its customers with enchanting architecture singling it out from other Asian Cuisines and a menu with everybody’s old favourites but with new twists experimenting different recipes highlighting its uniqueness.

The swanky restaurant places itself at the back of St Martins Lane Hotel so you’re able to have have a walk through and admire the architecture so carefully put together creating a cosy aura. The decor is asian inspired with posters covering the walls representing diverse designs and art works. The place feels ‘alive’ with its cuban themes music and dim lighting running through the restaurant.

The iconic restaurant is favoured by many; from critics, to those fresh travellers who have just got back from their holidays and have the blues from their favourite Asian traditions. The culinary magic is a twist of Latin and Asian ingredients carefully combined together by Chef Pous. What makes his dishes so special lies with his past and up bringing in Cuba. He originally trained there before coming to London and then carried his heritage through his food. Being a poorer country limits Cuba’s resources available to cooking so Chef Pous’s new menu captures what would of been if Cuba was able to evolve with new ingredients gathered globally.

The menu consists of five main sections ; Ceviches, Small plates, Salads, Wok and Plancha. Each dish is full of the exotic flavours of Asia and Cuba seasoned with herbs and spices you never even knew could exist. Starting with the breakfast menu  berries with yoghurt, protein shakes and even the traditional full English! Following on to the bottomless brunch on offer from Friday to Sunday because Saturday just isn’t enough! Finally on to the evening dishes the menu varies from all your favourites including   ‘The Spicy Thai Coconut, Lobster curry’ served with Udon Noodles. Gai Choy, Sofrito and Thai Chili. The restaurant caters equally incredible vegan varieties as well including ‘Egan Sofrito Pad Thai’ served with Shimje mushrooms, peppers, gai choy, bean shoots and peanuts. The variety of flavours and combination of the two cuisines creates dishes so different to anywhere else setting you back to the down town of the cosy cafes of Havana.

The drinks menu has also been rediscovered working closely with Havana to create cocktails that match well with the food you’re being served specifically the Ceviches. The sugar cane in the cocktails is said to be a natural immunity booster fighting infections!

Asia de Cuba is a treat in itself. A place to go with a thought provoking menu and a range of flavours that you wouldn’t dare combine in the kitchen but are made to work so well you will find yourself returning to go and try something new.


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Asia de Cuba Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cusine: Pan Asian

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Covent Garden

Address: 45 St Martin’s Ln, London WC2N 4HX


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