All’Onda Restaurant London: Elevating Risotto to Fine Dining in Fitzrovia

April 17, 2024

All'Onda Restaurant London: Elevating Risotto to Fine Dining in Fitzrovia

All’Onda restaurant in London will open its doors on May 2nd, 2024, in Fitzrovia. It represents a unique fine dining experience centred around making risotto. The restaurant’s name translates to “on the wave” in Italian. It is a nod to the risotto-making technique that emphasizes a smooth, flowing texture reminiscent of waves through the gentle tossing of rice in the pan. This concept celebrates the traditional Italian dish and uses it as a canvas to explore an array of seasonal flavours and textures​​.

Cordula Schulz and Andrea Granzarolo, a former chef at Hélène Darroze at The Connaught, founded the restaurant. All’Onda aims to elevate the risotto dining experience. Granzarolo’s rich background includes stints at notable establishments such as The Greenhouse and The Square. This ensures a menu showcasing the best seasonal British produce.

All’Onda Restaurant London Menu

The menu will feature diverse risottos, from spring green risotto primavera to innovative creations like pumpkin and shiso risotto. Starters like beef tartaccio, a unique blend of tartare and carpaccio, celebrate Italian modernity. The mains, such as Cornish turbot with verbena, matcha, and green asparagus​​, will regularly rotate.

All’Onda’s 42-cover space is designed to reflect the care and attention to detail that goes into making risotto for someone special. The interior will feature dark wood surfaces complemented by elegant detailing and warm lighting. True to its name, subtle curved touches throughout the restaurant will echo the ‘onda’ or wave. It embodies the essence of the risotto-making process​​. Situated at 67 Charlotte Street, All’Onda is not just a restaurant but a celebration of risotto, aiming to highlight the versatility and sophistication of this beloved dish. With Schulz’s passion for risotto and Granzarolo’s culinary expertise, All’Onda is poised to become a distinguished addition to London’s fine dining scene.

All’Onda Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Italian

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Fitzrovia

Address: 67 Charlotte St., London W1T 4PH


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