34 Mayfair Restaurant London

34 mayfair Restaurant London


This amazing restaurant isn’t just on Grosvenor Square. It is Grosvenor square.

34 Mayfair sits on the pulse point of Mayfair and, as we discovered, is cheerfully dedicated to incorporating the vibrancy and complexity of it’s surroundings into every little nook, dish and cranny of it’s chic interior.

For a start, the grassy expanse of the garden square doesn’t stop at 34 Mayfair’s South Audley Street Entrance; the plush carpeting and cushions that adorn select table’s couch seating are alive and in bloom with eye-catching floral print — somehow funky and yet serene.
In the centre of this pristine flowerbed of a venue is an open kitchen, from which an enticing funk of smoke and seasoning enthuses the atmosphere with life. Here, the hefty Argentinean Parrilla Grill (a favourite of head chef Harvey Ayliffe) is firing up the shifting particulars of the seasonal menu all year round, but one thing, we are sure, holds true: the selection of meat, game, fish and vegetables that emerge from the fire could provide for every idiosyncratic soul in Mayfair.

An extensive wine selection can not be forgotten, sequestered as it is beneath bold neon lights at the restaurants boutique bar — but it was the bounteous barbecuing that really thickened the blood and warmed us from the inside out. For meat-lovers, 34 Mayfair restaurant could not offer more; rib-eyes from Scotland, Grass-fed Angus sirloin’s from Argentneia, a fillet prepared Japanese Wagyu style, or a spiced grill of Moroccan Lamb that melts into’s its smoked harissa coat perfectly. A selected Market fish on the bone keeps things fresh, and it was the vegeatarian options that truly blew us away — char-grilled chipotle avocado and toasted quinoa transformed a batch of mellow nutrition with an inferno after-kick.

But the diversity of it’s menu doesn’t mean Ayliffe and 34 Mayfair have let go of their grassroots. The history of Grosvenor is between the bricks, an echo of culture that this fine venue makes its bread and butter. Just peruse the Cocktail menu to see what we mean: each unique invention hearkens back to a year of note in London’s past — from the steps of Mick Jagger to Napoleanic rumour. We recommend the Three Kings Yard Fizz, which transforms the Italian Embassy’s delicately manoeuvred lease of British property at the square into a moreish hodgepodge of Euro-Anglican flavours, from the Italicus liqueur to the pomp fizz of vanilla prosecco.

34 Mayfair restaurant may be a landmark of its place and time. It so succeeds because it recognises the beautiful malleability (all those changes) that are borne on the movement of time. This restaurant makes art of remembering (there is truly a drink for every year) and forgetting (an ever-changing menu promises only to be as enjoyable as the last). Long may it continue.

(And make sure to celebrate your own time in true VIP style with the restaurant’s delightful 34 club special: champagne and a delicatessen chocolate finish cake served to anyone who turns up for their 34th birthday).

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34 Mayfair Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: European, Grill, Vegetarian Friendly

Dress Code: Smart Casual 

Area: Mayfair

Address: 34 Grosvenor Square Entrance on South Audley Street, London W1K 2HD England

Website: https://www.34-restaurant.co.uk

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