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Class is coming to Soho through a new club on New Oxford Street called Zinc. Located at the Centre Point, this new club is all high class and high fashion. What makes it a triple threat is that it’s actually quite a ways up, giving it another high as you’re given the opportunity to get a beautiful glimpse of London.

Zinc is not for the faint of heart, specifically those scared of heights. Located on the 31st floor of one of London’s most iconic buildings, passing through the queue here involves nerve and a ride on their fancy lift. But when those doors open you are transported to a swanky party city complete with full bar and a small intimate dance floor.

If you’ve got the cash you can take a seat on one of their plush white sofas that reflect and enhance the purple lighting, or you can take a look out the window for an amazing view of the city below. They have small booths for a close circle of friends or go VIP for a ritzy night out living the high life where you’ll enjoy magnums of Grey Goose and shots all night.

A view this great and a party this glamorous deserve the proper dress, so pick out your most stylish outfit before head out. There will be lots of beautiful people surrounding you, and you’ll want to fit in, and perhaps you’ll even catch someone’s attention. Well-known international DJs spin the best House music around, and we know that a posh dance party 31 stories up is the highlight to any weekend.

Come in on a Friday or Saturday for their hottest parties and enjoy a signature Zinc Julep, or have a taste of one of Zinc’s other fabulous creations. Zinc is the type of club that can elevate your social life and take you higher, so hop on the lift and prepare for a night out of beautiful people, great music, and fabulous drinks.

Zinc Guestlist

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Open: Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday
101-103 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1DD | Guestlist@capitalalist.com | +44(0)2072052245

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