What to Wear to a Club

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London has some of the best VIP clubs in the world. The city’s luxurious lifestyle is clearly expressed in these opulent spaces, where people connect and dance with like-minded individuals. In places like these, you are surrounded by London’s elite, so giving out the best impression is essential. A lot of people, because of that, struggle with picking what to wear to a club. How high should your heels be, and is a polo shirt okay for entering these particular environments? 

Club night is one of the most fun weekend activities out there. A few things in life top the feeling of arriving at a place and sensing the music enter your body. Ordering drinks, chatting and dancing with friends and flirting with attractive people are definitely part of the deal. A lot of people wait the whole week to be able to move until sunrise. With the weekend preparations come opening the wardrobe and picking the ideal outfit for the night. Here we will help you with tips on what to wear to a club so that you are always stylish, no matter where you go.

What Men Should Wear to the Club 

What to wear to a club

Dressing up for men has always been easier than it is for women. Because of that, clubs usually tend to be stricter with them regarding dress codes. However, it should take a little time for a guy to figure out what he’s wearing to the club. For VIP clubs, the attire is always a bit more formal; most times, sneakers and a t-shirt won’t cut it.   

A men’s club attire is stylish and fits the club’s dress code standards. Depending on the club you go to, some regulations are applied. Make sure to check that out in case they require special attire like blazers. However, most of the time, clubs need a casual business look that is minimal and easy to find. 

For men who don’t want to invest much in preparations, a button-down shirt with jeans and dress shoes works just fine. Sometimes, even a simple v-neck shirt is enough. Adding a blazer makes the outfit ideal, and you will undoubtedly get in anywhere. Choosing a stylish and mature look gives the impression that you have plenty of money in your pockets, which clubs simply love.

Try to stick to solid colours to make it easier. Black, navy blue and grey usually blend well with any other colour, making it easier to pick what to wear. Darker colours are harder to stain, so you don’t need to worry about spilling drinks on your shirt.  

Avoid wearing athletic apparel and other items that break club dress codes, like sandals and flip-flops, graphic T-Shirts, and hats. However, they may let you in if you already announce that you’re buying bottle service at the door. 

On the other side of the spectrum, wearing too formal outfits can get you in. However, you are most likely to feel uncomfortable during the whole night, especially if you try to dance in a suit. 

What about Urban Fashion?

Urban fashion teethers in the line of acceptable, depending on where you go. Urban fashion is entering the realm of luxury. That’s thanks to certain brands that have opened the doors for casual attire to be seen as elegant and wealthy. These outfits depend a lot on the latest popular trends, and you always need to be on top to enter clubs. 

Certain clothes depend more on the brand than their style. A pair of Gucci high tops can get you into many clubs. You get a fresh and modern look if you pair it with a denim jacket and ripped blue jeans. 

Usually, clubs that cater to younger audiences will be the ones that let you in. More traditional venues still hold you accountable to the dress code, and a fashionable attempt might not be so welcome. Again, it all depends on where you’re going, and you can always check a place’s social media to see what people are wearing inside.

What Women Should Wear to the Club 

What to wear to a club

For women, picking an outfit for the club is a much more complex task. However, because women tend to be more adventurous and creative with their outfits, there aren’t many regulations about what they can and cannot wear. 

Even with looser regulations, choosing what to wear to a club can still be challenging for girls. Clothes that are too formal will make you feel overdressed, and you risk not getting in by dressing too casually. There also needs to be a balance between being well-dressed and cosy to look good but still dance all night long without feeling uncomfortable. 

Despite all the duality and grey areas, some essential clothing items will allow you to enjoy your night without worrying too much about anything. The most important thing is to dress upscale —  choose outfits that flatter your figure and look good with your body shape. Slim dresses, skinny jeans, wide-legged jumpsuits… these are all perfect for a night out at a club. 

Another essential aspect of what to wear to a club is the accessories, as these make a lot of difference by elevating any outfit. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can make your outfit look more elegant and even allow you to dress down a bit. Also, bring a nice bag with you, small enough to fit the essentials, so you don’t need to carry extra weight. 

As for shoes, heels, boots, and classy sneakers are always the best option. Heels are always the safest choice, as they are always classy. However, for those women who cannot stand on high heels for too long, a nice pair of boots or some trendy and elegant sneakers will allow you to dance all night long without any pain on your feet. 

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your chosen outfit. Having some essential clubbing looks is always a good idea, so you don’t need to overthink when it’s time to party. As for men, check out the social media of the club you are going to, and see what other people are wearing inside. This should guide you to how dressed up you need to be. 

What to Wear to a Club

Choosing what to wear to a club doesn’t need to be complicated. For VIP clubs in London, fancier and more elegant attire is usually mandatory, and dressing up can make you feel good about yourself. Above, we’ve given you a quick guide to dress up for going to one of these venues — fancy clothes, but not too fancy that you’re uncomfortable and can’t actually enjoy the night.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the club and how strict its regulations are. Check their social media accounts to see what other people wear, basing your outfit choices on that.

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