The Types Of People In Clubs Found In London

As someone who has dealt with all sorts of types of people at clubs I have found that no matter what night and where you are there will always be certain people you encounter on your evening. Whether you’re a party animal or just someone who enjoys a casual drink, one of the common factors everyone experiences, for better or worse, are their interactions with others enjoying the night scene. We are never sure where they come from or how they go from these night alter egos to functioning adults during the day time. All we know is that they truly enrich our clubbing experience.

Before even getting into the club you are forced to engage with one of the many types of people at clubs, the bouncer. Now you never know for sure how they will be, at times they are your best friends at others your worst enemy. I have found that being courteous, polite and most importantly not drunk helps with dealing with them. However sometimes it feels like you just have a target on your back and can’t seem to win. To make it in the nightclub you have to submit yourself to a thorough inspection of your ID, an invasive pat down and search and sometimes even an interrogation session. Then at  last you’ve made it through security and are ready to have fun with your friends. That is what you thought until it turns out your friend forgot her ID again. You are then introduced to the next type of person at a club or rather not at the club since she is never let in. She will always tag along with your group when heading out but never seem to remember that her baby face and youthful demeanour will set off alarms at security. Unfortunately there is always that awkward moment where as a group you have to decide who will accompany her back to her house which is inexplicably far away. Only to grab her ID and go back to the club and then be told that there is no more entry.

After having narrowly avoided ending the night in martyrdom buying a drink is the next priority. Here we can see two types of people in clubs that being the two gentlemen who are always by the bar. The one who seems to have a limitless flow of cash coming from his bank account and in the opposite end of the spectrum the guy who never seems to have any money. Even though they both thrive at hanging next to the bar they do so in very different ways. The first loves to buy drinks for everyone in eyesight, I mean why not he’s having a good time and so is everyone else. The sensible thing to do is to contribute to that with free drinks. Especially since he seems to have a bank account with more digits than an international phone number. The latter is more of a taker than a giver, he has perfected the art of happening to be at the bar when his friends are there. ‘I forgot my bank card at home’ , ‘It’s pay day tomorrow so I’ll pay you back then’ and ‘I’ll get the next round’ appear to be his catchphrases. He always seems to promise you he will pay you back at a later date yet he never seems to actually follow through with it. I mean, it is understandable we are living in a recession however sometimes we do wish he would just be honest and direct about wanting a drink bought for him. He’s nice to have around on a night out and that is definitely worth buying him a drink every now and then, right?


One of the many types of people in clubs are actually found outside. Have you ever gone out to the smoking area for the second or third time just to find the same exact person outside in the same position chain smoking cigarettes. The purpose for this type of person at a club to go out is unknown. They don’t seem to be out with friends since they are always alone, yet they seem to begrudge the atmosphere inside the club as they are never found in there. Avoiding loud music and crowded dance floors, they seem to prefer quieter more social areas. This is where they can converse and get better acquainted with the other guests at the club – who are just trying to sneak a quick cigarette before their favourite song comes on.

Speaking of the dance floor: that’s where the mass population of the club is found as well as the next type of person at a club. This girl is the first on the dance floor and the last one out. Without any formal dancing experience this girl’s moves on the dance floor are no joke. It seems that no one wants to be the one dancing next to her as she raises the bar on what is considered acceptable nightclub dancing. Even though some might think she is just there to show off her dancing skills ( much like any other Londoner) she is really there for much needed weekend dance therapy and is one of the exciting types of people in clubs.

Even though the dance floor is buzzing, you have to remember the more desolate region known as the ‘edge of the dance floor’. That is where all the older men who want to flirt with the dancing girls, but actually hate to dance, stand. They on look the masses watching to see if they can catch anyone’s eye. Of course if you are a pretty girl they are a source of free drinks however it can be hard to shake them off afterwards. Which is why the girls bathroom is always full since it is a sanctuary from the guys trying to chat them up. This is where you find the final type of person at a club, the girl who is always giving you compliments. If you ever need a self esteem boost – the best place to go is the girls bathroom. It exists in complete contrast to the men’s room, where silence is key and you only communicate through awkward head nods. The female bathrooms foster a sense of community and comradery. You see this girl isn’t just one person but rather just whoever happens to be in the toilet at that given time and compliments you on your appearance. She is the girl we should all aspire to be more like and is is much needed when it comes to the many types of people in clubs.

Nights out can be unpredictable however I find that we can always count on encountering these types of people at a club during our night out. Some of them are our friends, some complete strangers and sometimes they might even be ourselves. But the types of people at a club you encounter are what pushes your evening from fun to a great story to tell your friends the next morning.

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