Tulisa Bleary Eyed and Badly Dressed

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 29th October 2012
Tulisa was spotted at Aura last week looking rather worse for wear upon exit of the club. The singer has copped a bit of flack from media bullies and celebrity bloggers, not too dissimilar to myself, for her unusual dress choice on this particular night out. Tulisa chose a bizarre metallic teal green dress to party the night away in. Tulisa is often seen in questionable ensembles, leaving it hard to understand exactly why she was chosen to launch her own fashion line with high street store, Bank.

Let’s be honest, Tulisa is hardly inspiring when it comes to fashion and was even recently branded a ‘chav in a tracksuit’ by fellow X Factor judge, Louis Walsh. Thank god her yellow blonde hue was short lived and she is now back to brunette- much classier.

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