Trivet Restaurant London

Trivet Restaurant London

Hidden in the bustling heart of Southbank, Trivet restaurant in London is a testament to the idea that true luxury is in the details. This fine-dining haven, brought to life by the culinary maestros Jonny Lake and Isa Bal, the former Head Chef and Head Sommelier of The Fat Duck, invites clients on a journey through culinary narratives that resonate with charm, elegance, and depth.

Step inside, and the interior instantly captivates. Trivet is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of sophisticated simplicity. Exquisite wooden finishes contrasted with muted, earthy tones lend the space a warmth that belies its urban location. The decor weaves the contemporary with the rustic, showcasing beautiful ceramic artworks, which not only elevate the ambience but subtly nod to the precision and artistry that define the venue’s culinary creations.

The menu at Trivet is a masterclass in balance and subtlety. Drawing inspiration from across the globe, each dish teases the palate and tells a story. An undeniable highlight is the ‘Hokkaido Potato with Butter and Roe.’ This deceptively simple dish is a dance of textures, the creamy richness of the potato juxtaposed against the briny pop of the roe, evoking memories of oceanic landscapes.

However, no visit to Trivet would be complete without delving into their wine repertoire. Curated by Isa Bal, the wine list is nothing short of a poetic expression. It doesn’t merely complement the dishes; it elevates them, turning each meal into a multi-layered experience.

And yet, what truly distinguishes Trivet is its underlying philosophy. It’s in the name itself. A “trivet”, a three-legged stand used for supporting pots or dishes, symbolizes the trio of food, wine, and ambience the restaurant prides itself on. It underscores the belief that a memorable dining experience is a trinity of impeccable food, wine, and environment. For those seeking a dining experience that is both intimate and transformative, Trivet beckons.

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Trivet Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: European

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Southwark

Address:  36 Snowsfields, London SE1 3SU


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