Ministry Member’s Club London

Nestled in a repurposed Victorian printworks, the Ministry Member’s Club in London beckons—a contemporary fusion of work and leisure designed for 21st-century creative minds.

Emerging from the iconic brand Ministry of Sound, which redefined the clubbing scene in the 1990s, the Ministry is more than just a member’s club—it’s a tribute to a legacy. Ministry of Sound began as a nightclub and grew into an influential global music and entertainment brand. Venturing beyond nightlife, they recognized a gap in the market for a new shared workspace that would cater to the modern professional—a space that combined work, play, and wellness. Thus, the Ministry was born.

The Ministry offers not just desks and meeting rooms but also environments. Think bespoke workspaces bathed in natural light, with verdant terraces overlooking the city. The acoustic architecture, a nod to its nightclub heritage, ensures that while the venue may hum with activity, it’s always a space of focus.

For the moments in between, members can retreat to the club’s private cinema, relax at the lush outdoor terrace, or even indulge in the venue’s 70-foot bar carved from American copper. Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, the Ministry also boasts a state-of-the-art gym and wellness centre with various fitness classes to keep its members rejuvenated.

Then there’s the tequila bar, an underground sanctum offering the finest selections, making it the perfect spot for winding down or networking in a relaxed setting.

The Ministry is curated for those who think differently: the innovators, the visionaries, the storytellers. Its members span a spectrum—from music producers and filmmakers to tech entrepreneurs and fashion designers. It’s a hub for those who believe creativity doesn’t clock off at 5 p.m. Collaboration is the essence, and the club often buzzes with impromptu brainstorming sessions, workshops, and events.

In essence, the Ministry is not just a workspace—it’s a movement. It is a call to all those who believe in pushing boundaries, in the magic that happens when the right minds meet, and in building the future on a foundation of history and innovation.

Ministry Member’s Club London Dress Code & Address

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Southbank

Address: 79-81 Borough Rd, London SE1 1DN


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