Spencer Matthews £488k bar bill

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 23rd November

Spencer Mathews proved that he’s no stranger to big spending at his Aura birthday bash which he attended with girlfriend ex girlfriend Stephanie Pratt a while ago however, we have to admit we were shocked at just how much he spent when we saw the £488,000 bar bill from his night out at Mayfair’s 2&8 club.The Chelsea boy felt the need to share a pic of the receipt on twitter, appropriately captioned ‘Sh************t….’, but his move didn’t go down well with many people and he was criticized for spending so much on drinks when he could give that kind of money to charity.


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After the backlash Spenny was quick to set the record straight,turns out it was all a big misunderstanding. The MIC star explained that his drinks should have cost just £48 but somehow the bartender added a few extra digits and the total ended up being a little more.Spencer calls his decision to tweet the receipt a ‘schoolboy error’ and has since promised to donate the equivalent of what he actually spent on that fateful round of drinks to Typhoon Haiyan charities. A total of £48.Told you he was a big spender!

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