Rockwell Restaurant London

Rockwell Restaurant London

Within the iconic Trafalgar St. James, Rockwell restaurant in London isn’t just a bar or a restaurant—it’s a sensory voyage. Here, every concoction and dish exists not merely to satiate but to spark curiosity, ignite delight, and celebrate London’s vibrant spirit.

The ethos of Rockwell centres around innovation, identity, and sustainability. Each cocktail tells a tale drawn from our rich local heritage and the vivaciousness of the modern city. Embracing a chef’s approach to mixology, Rockwell goes beyond the traditional, deconstructing and transforming humble ingredients into an array of mesmerising drinks. Each sip embodies the essence of Rockwell, captivating with its play on colour, texture, aroma, and taste.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for them; it’s an inherent part of their philosophy. They celebrate locality with a focus on using every element of our ingredients. From fruit peels transformed into decorative leathers to pulps evolving into emulsions, they ensure that their creations are as eco-conscious as they are delightful.

And then, there’s the pièce de résistance: the Tipple Tea. It’s afternoon tea with a Rockwell twist. Pairing the allure of cocktails with the love for food, they present a tipsy teatime adventure. Whether it’s the Earl Grey nuances of the ‘Victoria’ cocktail or the rich cacao essence in the ‘Twelve Buckingham Street’ cocktail, every drink is a nod to classic afternoon tea elements with Rockwell’s signature flair.

Much like their cocktails, their culinary creations blend art and identity harmoniously. Drawing inspiration from European cuisine, their dishes are fresh, dynamic, and unmistakably modern. With a staunch commitment to seasonality, their kitchen is dedicated to procuring the freshest local produce.

Rockwell Bookings

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Rockwell Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: British

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Covent Garden

Address: 2 Spring Gardens, St. James’s, London SW1A 2TS


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