Rhianna has A dose of Whisky Mist

Capital A List – London club news – 15th November 2011
Now, we all know a little dash of whisky helps with a cold….but after a serious bout of the flu left her bound to an IV drip earlier this month, Rhianna decided to lose herself in a ‘Whisky Mist’ last night – despite warnings from her doctor to curb her partying lifestyle. All leathered up, the Barbados born superstar was spotted leaving the club sporting a rather frightening t-shirt! Never able to put a foot wrong in fashion, the talented singer looked as amazing as ever and has reinforced to us all that she is a star NOT to be messed with! She tweeted at 4am “What a night!!!!!! Felt like it was MY bday! Its not even my birthday, but he wanna lick the icing off…he want dat CAKE!!!!”.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


We’re sure there were a few strong words from her doctor come Monday morning.

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