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The word on everyone's lips right now is 'Press'. This is not because of the newspapers or any other media faculty - no this is because there is a new mind blowing nightclub in town. Capital A list is more than honoured to provide guestlist at this exclusive nightclub that only the best dressed, best looking and just damn right sexiest people go to. The night club that attracts these people, including those on the exclusive Capital A list guestlist is the one and only nightclub - Press.

With its mysterious name, Press magnetises its club goers with the promise of charm and elegance - but not the drinking tea kind. Prepared to dance more than you have ever danced in your life but without the sweat! Press offers you an elite venue to let loose and get those built up dance needs you have been storing for the past week. Knowing full well the kind of club Press is and its management, it was only natural that Capital A list would collaborate to provide guestlist for the best kind of night clubbers out there. Press isn't just for anyone and everything - press thrives off its mystery and exclusiveness so make sure you get a spot on its guestlist!

Once on the guestlist, in finding the place you will find Press hidden in the enchanting depths of Piccadilly, London. The Press nightclub oozes modestly its ability to cater to every beautiful and stylish person out there in every possible way. No doubt about it, that in order to be a part of such a scenery, a smart dress code is tolerated to the highest degree - this is an affirmation from the guestlist of Press!!!!! Press will respect you if you respect Press - no trainers will be tolerated, save them for the gym! However Capital A list knows that people on its guestlist always gain entry to Press as we only have the most beautiful people! We can't tell you how exciting it is to be able to provide such beautiful people the wonderful opportunity to experience Press on our guestlist.

Once you have arrived to Press in your finest outfit, it is inevitable that you will not only be enjoying to the fullest extent the drinks menu but the music is bound to make you to dance the night away!!! Guestlist at Press opens you to a world that you deserve - an authentically classy new club, where only the best clientele are attracted to make the most of their weekend at and you could potentially be one of them!!!

Now you agree that it is only right that you belong on the guestlist with the other A listers at Press nightclub, Capital A list would love to tell you a bit more about the amazing night you are about to experience. With a 300 capacity, this intimate space creates the perfect atmosphere to allow you to show off your sexiest dance moves to the best DJ’s in London. Such DJ's will seduce your body to move to an array of commercial house, hip hop and R n B. With such an extensive mix of genres, there will be no stopping your night of fun - and why should it be stopped! Press wants you to have the best party night of your life and Capital A list agrees, that is why we are providing you the opportunity to join our limited Press guestlist too so that you may experience Press first hand!!!!!

What's The Dress Code?

Like most private members clubs Press adhere to a strict dress code. Make sure to get this right other wise it could be a cold night on the curb watching friends roll into the club. Girls must be wearing high heels whilst guys must be wearing smart shoes. No trainers or sportswear will be allowed. If you're not sure about a piece of clothing then play it safe and wear something else.

How Much is Entry Price?

Typically the club allow free entry for ladies before 11pm after which they are required to pay a £20 door fee. Guys will have to stump up the cash no matter what time of the night. Don't blame us, we don't make the rules!

What are the Drink Prices?

Drinks prices vary from the standard cocktail priced at £10 to the magnums of champagne at a hefty £1000. It's certainly easy to spend money here, but at least the drinks are nice and strong.

Press Guestlist

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Open: Thursday - Friday - Saturday
Closed: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Sunday
Press - 47 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7DH | | +44(0)2072052245

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