Muse Restaurant London Review: Tom Aikens’ Life Story On A Plate

Muse restaurant in London, by Tom Aikens, offers an intimate fine dining experience as much about storytelling as food. With only 25 covers, the restaurant in Belgravia provides a personal and immersive culinary journey inspired by Aikens’ life and career.

The restaurant occupies a charming Georgian mews house at 38 Groom Place. Rebecca Korner designed the interior, which combines eclectic furniture with jewel-toned marble and rich wood. The space divides into two floors, each featuring an open kitchen where diners can watch the culinary team at work.

One of Britain’s most acclaimed chefs, Tom Aikens, crafts the menu by drawing inspiration from his childhood memories and pivotal moments in his career. This approach results in a series of tasting menus. They evolve with the seasons and emphasize a single key ingredient or element in each dish. 

The dining experience at Muse is immersive and engaging. The open-plan kitchen allows guests to observe the preparation of each dish. The intimate setting and personalized service ensure that every diner feels like a valued guest. The restaurant also features a Chef’s Table, offering an exclusive dining experience with a front-row view of the culinary action. 

Muse Restaurant London Menu

Muse exclusively offers multi-course tasting menus, showcasing Aikens’ creative and meticulous approach to cooking. Some of this season’s highlights include “Conquering the Beech Tree”. This is a dish inspired by the chef’s childhood adventures, featuring smoked eel, beetroot, and horseradish. “The Sea, The Sea” is a seafood dish with scallops, seaweed, and finger lime, reflecting Aikens’ love for the ocean.

Another popular option is the “Shellfish Garden”, a stunning plate with lobster, cauliflower, and curry, presenting a harmonious blend of flavours and textures. There’s “Playtime”, a playful dessert with elements of chocolate, hazelnut, and salted caramel, inspired by Aikens’ playful nature as a child. 

Muse takes pride in sourcing its ingredients from local British suppliers and farmers who share the restaurant’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Notable suppliers include HG Walter, an independent family-run butcher, and Flying Fish, which delivers fresh seafood to the restaurant within 48 hours of being caught. 

Since its opening, Muse has received critical acclaim and was awarded a Michelin star in its first year. The restaurant’s unique approach to storytelling through food has resonated with diners and critics. 

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