Katie Price Tucks Into Single Life

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 29th October 2012
Katie Price took her look from day to night like a pro last week. Katie took Rose Club in an outfit that had clearly been adjusted to flash more flesh. Katie obviously thought she looked too demure for a club because she tied up her shirt to expose her tummy as well as 2/3 of her boobs and 1/2 her bra. The ex glamour model had been spotted earlier in the exact same outfit but with the shirt un tucked and not yanked down to expose her boobs.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Such a classy lady! Like always, Katie had her eyebrows drawn on and her skin painted orange. Looks like Katie has also had a fresh dose of collagen. Gurlfriend is said to be single again and was probably on the prowl for a new man at Rose Club. All the best to her.

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