Kapara Soho Restaurant London

Kapara Soho Restaurant London

Kapara Soho is a modern Israeli restaurant in London, in the heart of the Soho district. The restaurant’s sleek and stylish decor provides a perfect ambiance for diners to indulge in Israeli cuisine’s bold and vibrant flavors.

As soon as you enter Kapara Soho, the friendly and attentive staff welcomes you warmly and provides excellent service throughout your dining experience. The menu offers extensive dishes, and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Start with the hummus, one of the best you’ll have tasted. The hummus is creamy and flavorful, served with a generous portion of warm, freshly-baked pita bread.

For the main course, choose the grilled lamb chops with a succulent texture cooked to perfection. The lamb comes with a side of roasted root vegetables and a refreshing herb salad, which complements the rich flavor of the meat beautifully.

The interior design of Kapara Soho is sleek, modern, and inviting. The restaurant features a predominantly black-and-white color scheme, with pops of gold and natural wood accents throughout. The walls are adorned with intricate tilework, and the lighting is warm and atmospheric, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The space divides into several distinct areas, including a bar area, a main dining room, and a private dining room. Each area has a beautiful design, with comfortable seating and carefully curated artwork and decor. The overall effect is of sophistication and elegance while still feeling welcoming and approachable.

The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of drinks, including cocktails and an impressive wine list. Try the “Baba’s Martini,” a delicious mix of vodka, date syrup, and lemon juice. The cocktail is perfectly balanced, and the sweetness of the date syrup is a nice contrast to the sourness of the lemon juice.

Kapara Soho Bookings

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Kapara Soho Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Israeli

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Soho

Address: James Court, Manette St, London W1D 4AL

Website: https://kapara.co.uk/

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