JLS Aston Merrigold at Movida with new tattoo

Capital A List – London club news – 29th November 2011
It seems boy band singer Aston was intent on showing everyone his roots as he left Movida nightclub this week. Branded with a new tattoo of a cathedral in his hometown Peterborough, the 23 year old left this exclusive London club sporting nothing but a t-shirt to reveal his new body art to the excitable paparazzi outside the club. Proud to be a Peterborough lad, Aston tweeted: “I am only getting tattoos that have a meaning and I was thinking about what I could design to show where I am from…I may live away but I’m always going to be a lad from Peterborough.”


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


The loveable singer left Movida with no jacket to keep out the chill, but a proud marker of his Peterborough heritage on his arm…and no sign of a girl on the other! Good news ladies, he’s still up for grabs!

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