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Situated between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road station in London’s West End, the Jet Black guestlist has re-established itself as one of the biggest and best nightclubs around. With something here for everyone, the club now has a 24 hour licence and is open 7 days a week.

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Set up by a group of girls who specialise in burlesque and dark entertainment, the Jet Black guestlist does its best to make their patrons feel at home in their unique bar. The hostesses entertain the crowd with spectacular flame acts all night long, and are even known to get quite intimate with some of the VIP guests. The entertainment however doesn’t just stay on the stage. Jet black guestlist acts can be seen dancing on the bar and hanging from the ceiling, holding on to bottles of spirit and pouring it down lucky party goer’s mouths.

The after hour’s hotspot has already attracted a number of celebrities on to its guestlist, with the likes of Pixie Lott, Lindsay Lohan and The Black Eyed Peas being known to of partied Saturday nights away here. The club itself has a dark and mysterious feel, with a rock and roll theme that makes it stand out from the other clubs in the area. The Jet Black guestlist is the perfect place to spend the early hours on a Sunday morning drinking and dancing, after the rest of London’s clubs are shutting down for sleep.

Like the club itself, the music played here is also unique and has a heavy emphasis on Rock n Roll. The crowd here are late night party lovers, who are mostly party addicts wanting to carry on the fun after dark. The Jet Black guestlist is an exclusive after party destination, meaning that getting inside is virtually impossible unless you are in the know and have the right contacts. If you find yourself wanting to carry on the party gone 3am on a Thursday night, then the Jet Black guestlist is definitely worth trying out.

Jet Black Guestlist

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Open: This club is no longer open
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday -Friday – Saturday – Sunday
18 West Central St, London, WC1A 1JJ| | +44(0)2072052245

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