Jess Wright’s Marbella Music Vid!

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 21st June 2012
After watching The Only Way is Marbs special, we’re missing those Essex lot more than ever and can’t wait for their perma-tans and pearly whites to grace the London club scene once more! Sam and Billie Faiers have in fact left Marbs for a trip to Las Vegas where they were given the special treatment, getting upgraded on their flight and picked up from the airport in a Hummer!


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Meanwhile, Jessica Wright has used her time in Marbella to film a (very cheesy) music video for her upcoming single Dance All Night, which she says is “all about when you first meet someone and you get those butterflies and then you go for it on the dancefloor”. Watch the video here. Almost as epic as Joey Essex’s effort. Perhaps stick to the ‘acting’ guys.

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