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One a gym haven, now — amongst other things — a gin haven, Jack Solomon’s is a fantastic Soho bar notable for the way in which it matches the vibrant character of its surrounding area , toe to toe, swing by swing. A match made in heaven. One of the most interesting bar’s in London — Solomon’s is fashioned as something of a speak-easy, preferring to invest in the wonderfully eclectic Prohibition era of drinking and socialising, where every figure to the left of the bar had a story to whisper in the night. Despite its namesake (the iconic cockney boxer) this elusive, exclusive bar has somehow utterly transformed its old boxing gym interior whilst holding onto the core spirit of the ring. They won’t ask you to last a round, simply share a few to order.

The showstopping, preformative pantomime of the archaic version of the English sport of boxing is still present with plush stage curtains that frame low-lit dining booths. No cage fighting – not anymore, but the vast array of bottles are shelved into chic cage-blocks mounted on the wall behind the cosy bar, and blindingly illuminated from behind (perhaps the spectacle is part of the fantasy, something slightly pervasive about the presence of the drinks that recalls that illicit cheekiness of american speakeasy — if so, it works a treat!).

The rich, dark carpeting, hidey-hole tables and lamplight glow holds onto the mystique of the underground fight club but has all the elegance of a parlour. The enchanting interior plays host to a dazzling array of exclusive entertainment — much more pleasant than a bust-up but equally vivacious: DJ Optimus Funk and Kristy Harper are regular stars, and with Drag nights and retro nights available, you can bet there’s always something astonishing calling you to join the fray.

At Jack Solomon’s the drinks certainly pack a punch. There’s simple pleasures that keep to the theme (the Four Pure American Pale Ale, for one), but ask the mixologists about the real heavy hitters. The ‘knockout’ cocktail is a long favourite, with Chivas Regal 12, Licor 43, Baristo and Creme de Noisette. Meanwhile, the ‘Jolly Jack’ perfectly honours the Solomon Spirit with a bold base and sweet finishing sting (Pomegranate and Basil Tonic faced down Rosemary-Thyme infused Boxers gin and strawberry in a showdown where everyone wins).

For a thematic Soho night that honours old London while harbouring exciting new memories for every visitor, throw down your glove at Jack Solomon’s Speakeasy bar when you can.


JackSolomon’s Dress Code & Address


Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Soho

Address: 41 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7NB England

Website: https://jack-solomons.com/

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