Geisha At Ramusake Wednesdays With Capital A List

Geisha At Ramusake Wednesdays With Capital A List

Geisha at Ramusake, in the span of just a few months, since its opening earlier this year, has come to build a reputation for providing a highly-coveted and culturally exquisite dining and nightclub experience in London. Established under the management of the creative and talented duo behind the successful Bodo’s Schloss and Mahiki, Piers Adam and Marc Burton who have given a whole new meaning to ‘festive dining’ and partying. Geisha at Ramusake is located in South Kensington and offers the perfect take on Japanese cuisine and culture.

Following what is truly a ‘festive dining’ experience is an exhilarating night of dancing, full of delicious cocktails made of vodka and, often sake that is symbolic of the club’s Japanese theme. Nothing can compare to Geisha at Ramusake’s bar which is well-stocked with a delectable range of alcoholic drinks, including a remarkable collection of wine and whisky. The spectacular performances by the Kabuki and Geisha performers is transcendental and certainly further contributes towards captivating and alluring guests towards the dancefloor. A night to remember!

You can feel the excitement in the air when first encountering the vibrant and mystical Geisha at Ramusake Blossom Room (pictured below) with its incredibly gorgeous decor where the ‘festive dining’ experience commences. Geisha at Ramusake thrives on a spontaneous, yet sophisticated vibe. The ‘festive dining’ sitting begins at 9:00 p.m. and is succeeded by dancing with the performers on the dancefloor around midnight.

Geisha At Ramusake Blossom Room

Each guest gets to witness and partake in the celebration and festivities right from the moment they are greeted by the friendly staff at the doors, followed by the waitstaff serving complimentary glasses of wine prior to the absolutely delicious meal that awaits guests. Subsequently, guests are offered an assortment of divine Japanese cuisine delicacies such as the Salmon Sashimi served with soy sauce and Wasabi, the crispy and flavorsome Izakaya style Edamame Beans and an impressive selection of sushi that is bound to leave you secretly lusting for more. And lastly, chicken wings marinated in garlic, sesame seeds and Japanese spices like yuzu. You cannot go wrong with the food and cocktails at Geisha at Ramusake as it is that good.

Guests enjoy their night, dancing away to a well-selected range of hip-hop, R&B and commercial music, joined by seductively clad Kunoichi (female ninja) dancers dancing in the middle of the dancefloor on raised platforms. That is bound to impress all who are in attendance.

Geisha at Ramusake is the place to be at for the ultimate and ideal combination of a unique dining experience followed by a festive and entertaining night out.

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