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We have chosen you to receive a complimentary month of our exclusive Capital A List Select membership. We hope you will enjoy the many exclusive benefits of being a Capital A List Select member. Just click on the button at the bottom of this page to activate your membership – you will need to provide your credit or debit card details however you will not pay any fee for your first month of the membership, then only £30 per month thereafter. You are free to cancel at any time without paying a thing.
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Member Benefits

The Capital A List Select Membership has been designed to suit the London luxury nightlife enthusiast who wants access to the most exclusive and in-demand venues in the city. Capital A List Select Members receive complimentary access to London’s top high-end nightclubs (typically you’d pay £20 entry at the door on the club’s guestlist) and other exclusive benefits including complimentary drinks at some venues.Members also get special perks at London’s top bars, restaurants and other luxury services – VIP treatment, complimentary drinks and priority reservations.

We ensure our members are the first to know about any new clubs, bars and restaurants in the city, and provide recommendations on where to go out any night of the week depending on our members’ specific requirements and preferences.


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Capital A List Select Membership Referrals – If you refer a friend who’s application is approved, both you and your friend will receive 50% off your next month’s membership (2 approved referrals would give you a full month free).


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