Frankie Cocozza invades Mahiki

Capital A List – London club news – 24th October 2011
Frankie Cocozza’s a cheeky monkey. Whilst the rest of his X Factor bandmates were seen entering a somewhat painful and boring evening at the theatre with Louis Walsh, Franki apparently back doored it and re-appeared at Mahiki in Mayfair. Looks like he and The Risk had a sneaky surreptitious night out at Mahiki where he got acquainted with a bunch of female students, three of whom he later seen heading home with. The naughty teen made his way to the X Factor studios in the morning looking surprisingly fresh faced given his late night high jincks.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


The Risk were nowhere to be seen though, which leads us to believe they were probably feeling a tad more vulnerable than Frankie!

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