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Disco Club Guestlist & Tables

Don’t let the graffiti entrance fool you; the Disco guestlist is all about retro glamour. If you’re lucky to be a non-member and get their earlier enough and meet the strict door policy that get ready for a night of groovy beats, vintage drinks, and the best of 70’s fashion.

Once you step through the doors you are greeted by a Pan-Am stewardess as you hop back in time to an era where the Disco guestlist was king and everyone made love, not war. Complete with baggage and boarding pass check, when you step onto the floor of the club you see a carnival-esque bar and a giant disco guestlist ball booth where the DJ spins his vinyl records on an old-time record player every Thursday through Sunday. And what would a retro club be without the greatest LED lights to liven up the party? Décor-wise, the Disco guestlist is great if you want a club that has lots of intense colours instead of just multiple shades of brown, but the flashing lights make the place shine in greens, red, yellows, and really any other colour you could imagine.

Sit down in one of their animal-print and two-toned booths and have a chat with friends while admiring the clever and colourful wall art or hit the chequered dance floor and party the night away to some classic disco tunes.

Everyone on the Disco guestlist is always ready to party. Every Londoner knows that the real party starts at 11 o clock, and you either come in fashionable retro fancy dress or glamorous modern dress; there is no in-between. Put yourself on the guest list in advance and you could be one of the lucky ones to step through the doors and perhaps you’ll spot a celebrity or two; former Spice Girls Mel C and Mel B have both been seen on the Disco guestlist, proving that it’s slowly popping up on celebrity’s clubbing radar.

When you get thirsty you can sit on one of the Disco guestlist’s 70s-inspired cocktails out of either a glittering disco ball cup or a mug shaped like Michael Jackson during his younger years. Whatever your style, whether modern or vintage, Disco is the place to get down on the weekends.

Disco Guestlist

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Open: Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday
13 Kingly Court Soho W1B 5PW | Guestlist@capitalalist.com | +44(0)2072052245

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